Behind the Curtain 11 – Dad’s Grow Has a Surprise Supplier

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ed carefully removed the hood from the halide light. Outside, he could hear the neighbors pulling into their driveway.

“It’s gonna cost five grand to replace it,” he hollered to his wife who was standing just inside kitchen. “Three grand on Craigslist.”

Barbara looked worried. “Ty said the FBI…”

“Well what else are we going to do? They are nearly ready!” he raised his voice, cutting her off.

“Shhh, the neighbors! She scolded. “Tyler said the FBI poses as growers, that’s all I’m saying,” she whispered leaning into the garage.

These challenges were nothing new. Ed had been through tough times before, and the grow kept going. It had to. The mill closed and Social Security wasn’t exactly secure.

“This put Ty through school,” he droned on, muttering to himself. “It kept us from losing the house, put food on the table, and your brother…”

Barbara finished drying the evening dishes when the phone rang. She had learned to tune him out years ago. She knew how important replacing the light was, she just wished he wouldn’t get so worked up.

“Hello?” she answered the phone.

“Hey, mom is your boyfriend around?” her son Tyler chided.

“Oh, hi sweetie, he’s in the garage, you know, the light and all,” she said in a lowered voice. “He’s a little upset.”

“Yeah, I know what a little is. Tell him not to worry, me and the guys got him covered,” he said in a hurry.

“Gotta run. I’ll be by after midnight.”

Tyler put his cell phone away. “Sounds like he’s in a mood over that light,” he said to his partner. “How many do we have?”

“Eight, not counting the one John dropped,” his partner replied pulling over to the curb. “Mike’s Property Officer tonight, I told him you’d buy him a case of Great White.”

The shops in Old Town were closed and the “two legged predators,” as Tyler referred to them, were beginning to come out of the woodwork.

In the doorway of Eureka Books two young, pale, thin teens with hoods were squatting in front of the elegant antique book seller watching the police car’s approach.

Tyler rolled the window down and asked, “What are you two up to tonight?”

“Nothing officer,” one said before both bolted down the street.

The two officers laughed. “Tweakers,” Tyler said with disgust.

“Let’s go get the light,” his partner said, driving toward the station.

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