DA candidate Allison Jackson’s Campaign Announcement – March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Note: The following is a press release issued by the Allison Jackson campaign following her candidacy announcement last Saturday. – Ed.

EUREKA – With more than 100 people who turned out in support, attorney Allison Jackson formally kicked off her campaign in Eureka Saturday afternoon to be the next Humboldt County District Attorney.

Campaign chairman Ron Pierre said the district attorney position is the most important in the county and called for strong leadership in that post.

Pierre noted that the crowd who came to support Jackson was a diverse mixture of residents from across the political spectrum.

Fifth District Supervisor Jill Duffy, who also attended the campaign event, said that Jackson alone possesses the experience and tenacity for the job.

Jackson is a partner at the Eureka-based Harland Law Firm where she has worked since 2004 representing clients in civil litigation, land-use, employment, and other areas of law. Jackson has also worked in the Humboldt, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county district attorney offices.

Jackson said that as district attorney, she will show leadership and get results–not just give lip service.

“When I am elected you will finally have a district attorney who actually runs the office and who actively works to make sure that the laws are enforced,” Jackson said. “People will be charged and their cases will proceed based upon the evidence of what they have done and not who they are.”

Jackson said she will treat victims and witnesses of crimes with simple human dignity, adding that her core values and principles of law and order were instilled in her by the three generations of formidable women who raised her.

Former Humboldt County Administrative Officer Loretta Nickolaus called Jackson a veteran prosecutor who knows what it takes to administer the district attorney’s office.

Nickolaus said Jackson knows the Penal Code, can give clear jury instructions and gets sentences that fit the crime. She also gave a stern warning to those who might break the law.

“Allison won’t fool around here,” Nickolaus said.

Nickolaus said Jackson is a fierce and effective prosecutor who will represent everyone. She said Jackson brings a wealth of experience and will be there for the victims of crime and their families.

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