Behind the Curtain 14 – Business Is Booming At Humboldt Bake – April 1, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello, Humboldt Bake,” Caitlin answered the phone in the hallway.

“Yes, we have Kush,” she responded to an age-old question. “Woody Kush? No, I believe they grow that out 299 way for Mr. Harrelson. Yes, he does have very good taste. Would you like to book a tan in one of our two glow rooms? Would you like a tray of treats in the room? We do have Royal Kush, Bubba Kush, Master Kush… Romulan, rolled? Yes, one or two? Two it is.” Caitlin jotted down the order. “Sorry, we’re only open in the evening. Great, Friday, 8 o’clock. And a bottle of Moonstone Crossing’s Nebbiolo – yes, we have the 2004. OK, thanks for thinking of us for your tan and bake. see you Friday! Bye-bye.”

A customer roasted in the SoHum room tanning while another one waited in the living room for his turn under the lights.

She had just 10 minutes to ready the College Cove  room, and was beginning to wish Jake would return from picking up the laundry at Emerald City Laundromat in Arcata.

“Thank goodness they fluff and fold!” she said to herself.

Since she and Jake transitioned their grow room to a “glow room,” business was booming. Who knew? “That ad in the Eye paid off, even though it felt so weird writing a check to them,” Jake said when the calls started pouring in.

“And we thought the silliest ad in the North Coast Journal was dropping off old grow soil at Freshwater Farms,” she thought.

Caitlin glanced at the clock, entered the College Cove glow room and removed the tray of half-eaten Cypress Grove Chevre’s Humboldt Fog, a seeded Brio Breadworks baguette and a roach of O.G. Kush, better known as “Ogre.”

She placed  a newly replenished wooden tray on the table with a custom order, called in by the customer now waiting in the living room. “Can I please have the pipe and bud package with Mr. Nice?” the lady requested over the phone.

Caitlin always threw in a pack of matches with “Humboldt Bake” printed on the cover. “That should do it,” she said looking around the lushly planted room.

She had learned long ago what a great tan you could get in here, and was happy to share it with others. But, no time to waste, customers were waiting and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

“Hello, Humboldt Bake! Yes, this is the place to tan your Kush,” she laughed with the caller.

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