Letters to the Editor – April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A letter from the editor?

OK, I know the Eye is quirky, but I found it odd to see printed a “letter to the editor” written by the editor of the Eye to himself responding to a “letter to the editor” from the previous week which had been written in response to an editorial (er, I mean “So-Called Thoughts”) written by the same Eye editor the week before that.

It just seems odd that the Eye editor’s letter used “letter to the editor” column space to dismantle opinions expressed in a “letter to the editor.” Isn’t a major function of the “letter to the editor” component of newspapers to serve as a forum for readers to express views on what they read in their newspaper that they do or don’t agree with (in this case the letter-writer whom the Eye editor’s “letter to the editor” targeted had written a “letter to the editor” thoughtfully disagreeing with “So-Called Thoughts” expressed by the Eye editor).

Was the Eye editor writing his “letter to the editor” as his plain old citizen self and not as the Eye editor in his letter to himself? Will people now think twice before writing a “letter to the editor” to express an opinion on something they read for fear that they may get a direct response printed the following week from the editor himself, posing as his citizen-self, dismantling their letter? (And isn’t the blog forum better for this sort of ping-pongy banter anyway?).

As Dr. Seuss said: “So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”

Melissa Kraemer


Note: It’s simple: anyone can write a letter to the editor. And speaking of letters, you probably won’t like this, either. Every so often a letter or press release comes in so lazily creatively punctuated that fixing it would amount to rewriting the damn thing. Since the writer of the letter below didn’t prioritize basic syntactical propriety, we, being quirky, don’t feel obligated to spend five minutes as his punctuation janitor. Enjoy. – Ed.

The raw feed from Fieldbrook

Up-date on the Trikke trickster; I was going to call this rant. “Compassion for the Police”

Well, after talking to a few citizens. The Un-official poll results are in. Most people feel the police of Arcata should have better things to do than “create laws” by abusing the “Color of Law”. That is a “law enforcement agent” should not “suggest” that their judgement about what is a crime is actually forbidden.

I have heard a few stories , where as the police frequently use intimidation in their dealing with the public. I would make a few assumptions. One, the job attracts petty tyrants with a over blown sense of what’s “Right” . And given the power to intimidate, they frequently lose control.

This is where “Compassion” comes into play. We must feel sorry for these people who originally joined the force to do good. Ya know “Protect ‘n Serve” but corruption is a real danger. The point is , and I do have one, they are suffering. And we feel the pain.

Now, that the Farmer’s Market is back, I look forward to doing more research. Feel Safe?

george kirkpatrick


A gathering for Allison

Please join us in a meet and greet gathering for Allison Jackson, candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney, on Tuesday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Dale and Rachel Barnett, 2522 Dragonfly Lane, Sutter Ranch Estates, McKinleyville.

This is your opportunity to meet and support Allison.

Thank you,

Debbie Barnett

For the Barnetts and The Quigleys


Problematic politicians

Elections are being held in the coming months and many critical issues needing attention have not been addressed. In the last decade, I have spent considerable time lobbying locally and in Sacramento, founded a non-profit, volunteered thousands of hours, spent thousands of dollars of my own money; have been educating the public via my radio show on KMUD on animal welfare issues, and was responsible for the State Attorney General Elder Abuse Task Force investigation of the Mesa Lundberg case. Despite all this, there obviously seems to be a lack of appreciation and attention by those who serve us as our District Attorney, Second District Supervisor and elected Sheriff.

What I find interesting is since our District Attorney came into office in 2003, there has NOT been one animal abuse case prosecuted out of the Second District. To be fair, no one in the Second District can recall any animal abuse case prosecuted in this area for over 25 years. It is also fair to note that there has been no Elder Abuse Task Force formed by our current District Attorney as was promised in his first campaign. But then again a politician who makes over $130,000 a year would say anything to get support from well-known activists like Jan Lundberg and Vernell (Spring) Lundberg. Mesa Lundberg is now dead and her house in Arcata was sold off and our District Attorney refused to intervene though it was his duty to do so! And I must note I have a laundry list of issues which will be brought to light in the next few months which Gallegos has failed to do.

Clif Clendenen has also failed to step up to the plate as Supervisor and many ways has become a liability to the Second District by his refusal to acknowledge his constituency and the issues which impact our daily lives. The Second District has tons of wonderful volunteers who have spent thousands of hours of their own time without a paycheck, medical benefits, or compensation. This man is being paid over $80,000 with full benefits and he can not even return a phone call. Clif lacks an understanding of government process which is indicative of his misplaced priorities which do not coincide with the average American Family. Sitting on a train committee and focusing on the Community Park is not why the taxpayers elected him.

Focusing on Animal Abuse and current laws which predicate oversight and enforcement, looking at my own copy of the California Penal Codes starting with section 597, Animal Cruelty and the duty of our Sheriff’s Department to enforce public safety, all I can say is that there seems to be a contingent of law enforcement individuals which resent that I can read and bring animal welfare issues to the forefront in a way which will require them to act in addition to bringing about absolute change!

Lastly, I have been the victim of political retaliation and have decided to be silent no more. Those in leadership positions please be advised that there are those of us who do not need to be employed by the government to understand what your duties are. And that there are those of us who have no qualms challenging you to make you do your job and make you earn your salary.

Barbara Shults, R.N., L.N.C., Director

North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center

Nurse and Labor Activist

Host of Animal Advocate on KMUD

Shelter Cove

NHUHSD doing its homework

The Northern Humboldt Union High School District has been approached by members of the community who have expressed an interest in Northern Humboldt investigating a bond to potentially address some facility needs at Arcata and McKinleyville High Schools.

At the August, 2009 Board of Trustees meeting during public comments, community members spoke in favor of pursuing a bond. Based on that input, a representative from a bond company presented information regarding a general obligation bond at the October, 2009 board meeting. This information along with continued discussion regarding the needs of the district led the Board of Trustees to direct the district administration at the December, 2009 board meeting to formally investigate the process for pursuing a bond as well as to clarify what needs exist that proceeds from a bond could address.

Since the December meeting, the district administration has met with site administrators, teachers and staff to identify facility needs at each school site. As needs have been identified, the district administration has assigned a cost for the projects by working with local firms who have shared their expertise in determining what the potential projects would cost. Some of the facility needs that have been identified include updated technology for students, a fine arts facility at AHS, multi-use physical education field improvements at both schools, expanded solar power systems and modern media/career centers in our libraries.

The district is continually adding to the list and seeking more information as new needs are identified. As of this date, no decision has been made on what projects to possibly pursue through the use of a gen

eral obligation bond.

On Tuesday, March 30, the Board of Trustees approved the selection of a bond company to assist the district as it determines whether or not to pursue a bond in the November 2010 election. The selection of a bond company does not obligate the district to pursue a bond. The decision to pursue a general obligation bond for facility needs will be made by the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

The Northern Humboldt Union High School District in its 116 years of existence has never previously pursued a bond. The Board of Trustees and district administration recognize the difficult economic times we are experiencing and are attempting to complete a thorough and complete investigation of both the needs in the district and how those needs can possibly be addressed.

We welcome community input and would appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions that members of the community may have regarding facility needs or the process we are following. The district administration can be reached at (707) 839-6470. Thank you.

Kenny Richards, District Superintendent

Brian Stephens, Assistant Superintendent


Plan It Green thanks

The Plan It Green conference organizers would like to thank the countless volunteers (too many to list) and the visitors – about 1,000 – who helped make the fourth annual Building Green Communities Conference a rousing success.

We would also like to thank the sponsors and exhibitors that helped finance this event and keep it free and open to the public.

We would also like to acknowledge the inspiring “visions of the future” provided by students of Fuente Nueva Charter School, Coastal Grove Charter School, and Jacoby Creek School in the form of artwork or poetry. Thank you students and the youth of our community – next year’s conference, the “Next Generation,” will be about you!

Steve Salzman, P.E.

GreenWay Partners, Inc.