Letters to the Editor – April 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The state of the potholes

[The following letter was sent to Public Works and the Transportation Safety Committee, and cc’d to the Eye. – Ed.]

Here are many street potholes, some of which I have repeatedly reported via e-mail and in writing to your department and which have not been fixed:

1) 1162 Buttermilk Lane. THIRD notice. Loose gravel now on street and very deep.

2) Buttermilk Lane bus stop at Bayside: several places on both sides of street

3) northbound Samoa near Crescent: THIRD notice. Breaking up, loose gravel on road, very deep

4) west of 1082 Buttermilk Lane, eastbound

5) 1322 Buttermillk Lane, very deep

6) 1342 Buttermilk Lane, very deep

7) Bayside Road in front of driveway near the Coffee Break cafe.

8) 1045 Crescent Way

9) Corner of Chester Ave and Beverly Drive, on the crosswalk, gravel on road and quite deep

10) Central Arcata: J and Ninth Ave, loose gravel, deep.

11) Other Arcata: Intersection of Alliance and Foster (several, SECOND notice).

During a visit to Eureka this week, I noticed that the condition of Eureka City streets is catching up with us (i.e., they have many unfixed potholes). I don’t think we want to be competing with Eureka on that level. Might you discuss with City Staff and Council members how these potholes can be noted AND fixed before a cyclist, motorist, or pedestrian is hurt and some legal or insurance people get involved? Pencil, notebook or GPS to start, perhaps?

Thank you in advance for your prompt or overdue attention to these matters.


Daryl Chinn


Wake up and smell the Gestapo

The I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) is obviously a defacto Gestapo-style criminal organization using extortion, spying, harassment, intimidation, and unjust imprisonment in its’ decades old war against the U.S. Constitution and us, the American people, and is obviously the anti-American domestic terrorist psycological warfare organization of last resort when the other agencies of government have failed to whip us into line.

I speak from experience when recently, after an entire lifetime of no tax problems, the S.O.Bs (Senior Operating Bureaucrats) at the I.R.S. harassed me for over a year with threatening letters, fining me repeatedly for not paying the $3,500 to $1,700 (the stated amount changed for some reason) they said I owed, which I denied, until I finally caved in and paid close to $2,000 (Borrowed at interest money – (I’ll never get that interest back) and they cashed the check.

Less than two weeks later they sent me a letter stating that they were refunding the money, in two weeks, since I didn’t owe it after all! (that was a month ago and where’s my money ?)

I’m informed that they’re doing this to thousands of people apparently in an attempt to extort more money from us and we shouldn’t let these highway bandits get away with it.

We must demand that congress DUMP THE I.R.S. into the trash bin of history and prosecute the guilty, or we will reap the whirlwind of this kind of Gestapoism.



Ed Nemechek


Dogs, kittens and cigarettes

In his response last week to my March 17 So-Called Thoughts column, Glenn Reed asserts that pets and cigarettes offer benefits to homeless persons. But think cost-benefit.

Taking on a companion animal is a commitment that even people with adequate means should carefully consider. Animals require food, shelter, vaccinations and, inevitably, costly veterinary care. Having these animals’ health and well-being be dependent on the largesse of strangers is unconscionable. It’s a prescription for more of the animal suffering and abandonment we see almost every day in Arcata. The prospect of future pet ownership should be one more motivation for a person to improve her or his lot in life.

The last thing that someone without shelter needs is a costly, health-degrading addiction like cigarettes. It diverts money from genuine life necessities and makes illnesses and accidents more difficult to treat.

Encouraging pet ownership and cigarette dependence to people who lack basic shelter is terrible advice.

Glenn also says that my column (which he erroneously calls an “editorial”) was used “as still another opportunity to trash the North Coast Resource Center.”

That’s not accurate. The column simply pointed out that the City has met all of the NCRC’s recent demands for its own building and to provide lunch service.

The column stated that in addition to pulling people out of need, Arcata is entitled to regulate predatory behavior in selected public places. That’s it.

It seems we have reached the point where even alluding to the promises and actions of the NCRC leadership in anything other than a reverential light amounts to “trashing” it, at least to some of its more enthusiastic adherents.

Kevin Hoover


Please, wash the photo first

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