LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles – May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ARCATA – The use of the drug LSD, or commonly referred to as “acid,” appears to be increasing especially among young adults in Arcata, according to an Arcata Police Department press release issued yesterday.

On April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unable to locate the subject’s testicles. He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained “monsters.”

The victim, who police say had a Tennessee address, was with several friends when he began to experience negative feelings. He was dropped off at the Jay Street residence, to which Arcata Police responded at 4:18 p.m. that day.

“We just thought it was an isolated incident,” said Police Chief Tom Chapman. He said calls to aid people having a bad experience with LSD or psilocybin mushrooms are “not uncommon.” But a flurry of subsequent incidents represent an unusual surge in LSD-related calls for service.

On May 8, a 21-year-old male subject took LSD and wandered away from his residence. He left his shoes, adequate clothing, and cell phone behind and did not tell anyone where he was going. He wandered around the forest for days while concerned friends and family looked for him. He eventually returned a couple days later.

On May 9, officers responded to the Mad River Hospital to assist with a combative 19-year-old male subject who was undergoing “flashbacks.” The subject had ingested LSD two weeks ago. Today, officers found him standing in the field being held by three friends who were attempting to get him into the emergency room. The friends were requesting police assistance and wanted their friend to get help. The officers detained the subject and held him for psychiatric evaluation by Humboldt County Mental Health.

Last night, officers responded to the 900 block of H Street where an 18-year-old male subject, who was under the influence of LSD, was throwing himself on the ground in the middle of the street. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Also last night, May 11,officers from APD assisted officers from UPD arrest a subject who was under the influence of LSD.

Officers from the Arcata Police Department also had two additional contacts with unrelated subjects undergoing “flashbacks.” Both were cared for by friends and family. One subject was taken out of the area and back home by his family.

The Arcata Police Department would like to remind you that the effects of LSD are extremely unpredictable. Many LSD users experience flashbacks long after initially using the drug. It is difficult to determine how long the effects of the LSD will last. The physical effects include dilated pupils, higher body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth, and tremors.

Some LSD users experience severe, terrifying thoughts and feelings, fear of losing control, fear of insanity and death, and despair while using LSD. Some fatal accidents have occurred during states of LSD intoxication.

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131 Responses to “LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles – May 12, 2010”

  1. Gurt

    Lance Armstrong Aint got shit on dis.

  2. Terrence McNally

    Drew’s successfully transitioned from policing the wider narrative to typographical errors. But “Good luck” probably needs some punctuation, too.

  3. Thanks Drew. Now that’s some practical assistance.

  4. Hey Now

    It’s interesting to see people criticize this press release and even deny it as propaganda. I personally have connections with two of the guys (testacle-guy and lost-in-forest-guy). The stories really happened and they were told it was LSD. They are not groove right now.
    This info is extremely newsworthy not fear-mongering propaganda. It’s publication may very well help others to not go the same route.
    Whether it was really LSD or something else called LSD doesn’t change the immediacy of publishing this story. C’mon you guys-it sounds like you’re more interested in protecting LSD’s reputation than warning these kids about what’s really happening out there.
    That said- I don’t think it was the real deal(LSD). I’d like to see the police track it down, analyze a sample and bust the suppliers. Only seems right.

  5. Tom Chapman

    Kevin, thank you for correcting the punctuation on the press release I wrote. I have a personal policy of not responding to anonymous posts but I think I must clarify a point. I appreciate all the suggestions of what was defective about the press release; but, all I was trying to do was simply inform the community of an important safety issue that may help others avoid a similar fate. Nothing more, nothing less.

  6. The punctuation errors were common and trivial. I just like to observe a modicum of style standards to minimally earn the “editor” title.

    Blog commenters like to extrapolate all kinds of far-reaching meanings from straightforward news, usually impugning the source with various sinister aspersions. I don’t know what this is. Maybe just another facet of human nature related to Internet poisoning.

    That said, I think there are things to think about and be conscious of in what Drew said. I’ve read much more delirious commentary.

  7. Gurt

    RE hey now,

    Thats how I feel about the situation too, whatever it is it is dangerous, is my point, but I still think that both of those guys are bad asses. I don’t believe the story is propaganda, i just feel that honestly in this situation, once again I could do a lot better than the APD could on finding the peeps who are dealing this shit. It’s not rocket science, and the community should be helping, otherwise it does seem that things will get worse. As far as protecting the reputation of LSD goes, I wasn’t trying to do that Either, and do not accuse you of saying I am, but i believe that I as well as most others think that these people were told they were getting LSD, and were actually getting something else.

    APD should feel shameful for not figuring this out yet, and disrespecting people who are only trying to help. Then again… it is APD HARDY HAR HAR

  8. Jesse

    To me it sounds like a research chemical being sold on blotter as acid. The castrating seems a little extreme for an LSD user. About the guy who spent 2 days away from home, LSD lasts 12 hours. I could see him spending about a day in the woods on acid but once it wares off I personally would probably start wandering back. A research chemical with a longer “trip” would be more likely.

    To my understanding, piss tests for LSD only really work while the person is under the influence. Why werent these kids tested? Or were they?

  9. On the Beach

    The good news from this story is that the 31 year old won’t have the ability to pollute the gene pool.

  10. Rat

    What happened to the good shit? The quality is just not there anymore.

  11. Josh

    Don’t trip solo, folks!

  12. Dr. C

    Whoever reported this story should’ve recognized that they didn’t know enough to report on this subject. It is irresponsible and thoughtless, in our current climate of drug paranoia vs. recent progress in academic research to simply repeat verbatim (from the police/users) that this was LSD. At the very least, this article should’ve drawn attention to the fact that this was most certainly another substance sold as LSD, and that the subjects (both police and users) are most likely mistaken about its identity. Anyone with even a nominal understanding of this subject (say, good enough to report on it) would know immediately that the effects described and the pattern of incidents makes it clear that this was most certainly NOT LSD. As a reporter, you have a responsibility to be objective and note uncertainty and a lack of objective data when appropriate, such as in this case. I hope they figure out what it was and shut it down, because it sounds pretty bad, but this most definitely is not LSD or even a chemically-related substance. Once the culprit is found (or even in the meantime) I hope everyone who picked up this story will do the responsible thing and print a retraction/amendment. If you want a little tip, consider the average dose size for LSD and then ask the individuals involved about the format and approximate size/volume of the pill/powder/liquid they ingested. I suspect that the answer you’ll get will be far larger (weight or volume) than the numbers you’ll see quoted for any and all seized or sold LSD dosages. Simple question that should’ve been asked before you printed something like this. In addition, read up on case reports of overdoses. The only event in the literature that fits the above description off the top of my head (as a PhD neuroscientist of 15 yrs) is amphetamine overdose, however that appears not to be the case here due to the short timelines involved. Perhaps then another substance is to blame. If I had to guess I would say a designer stimulant, but not a genuine hallucinogen and certainly not anything in the same classes as LSD or psilocybin. Or quite possibly some old-fashioned PCP could be to blame here.

    Inaccurate and inflammatory reporting on drugs of abuse is irresponsible and socially damaging in the present day. This hurts us all, whether you’ve ever come into direct or indirect contact with any drug of abuse or not. Please stop and think next time.

  13. Terrence McNally

    Dude, doc – yer a way late to this party. Check out all the previous comments before commenting. Most of your questions and statements have already been made. Start at the top. This is a press release. From a police department.

    But where, in your 15 years as a neuroscientist, did you pick up your expertise in street drugs? What is your name beyond Dr. C and where do you practice? Just asking for the sake a objectivity and responsibilty.

  14. Jay

    no sir officer the “monster” wasn’t in the testicles…….It was just right above them.

  15. Anonymy

    In response to “Dr. C”, et al,

    Actually, it is entirely possible that what was ingested was indeed LSD. As someone who experimented very heavily with “acid” in the 80’s and early 90’s I can, as an “accredited” individual, claim that LSD effects individuals differently, and is relative to the dosage. I consider myself very, very, VERY lucky that the poor decisions I made as a young woman have not presented themselves in a negative manner (not yet at least!). Thus far, and post drug-abuse, I’ve conceived perfect children, completed a master’s degree, and live my life as a caring, worthy individual who adds a good element to society. That said, I’ve lost more than a couple of friends who just ‘checked out and never checked back in’ while taking the same acid, at the same time, and the same dosage, as I was. Some get flashbacks, some don’t, some never speak again, some do, some cut of their testicles or wander in the forest for a few days, and, some don’t.
    Unfortunately, taking LSD and experiencing its effects are left to the luck of the draw. Bottom line, don’t do it; it isn’t worth it.

  16. Braunch

    Sounds like he literally baked his balls off.

  17. MossMan

    Set and setting.

  18. C

    Going to have to come back here and add in my two cents for “Dr. C”… yes, in fact, it’s quite possible that this was LSD. I’m all for responsible use of psychedelics and spreading sound, factual information on effects – and consequences. I certainly had a few disagreements with how the APD worded their description of LSD’s effects (which was basically lifted from anti-drug use websites; not that I want to open that debate back up.) But psychedelics undoubtedly have the potential to be dangerous. I’d be a bit surprised if this was in fact unadulterated LSD, but you, as a self-proclaimed neuroscientist, should know that LSD can very much cause acute psychotic episodes, and can also greatly exacerbate psychotic symptoms in people with underlying disorders. The people in this story may or may not have had such underlying issues – we can’t tell from the information that is given to us. A combination of factors may have been at work here. But you’re practically denying that LSD can cause these kinds of unpredictable psychotic reactions, which is blatantly untrue – LSD certainly can, even if it is working in concert with other underlying factors in the individual.

    The fact remains that psychedelics can be very dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands, and it is perfectly reasonable and understandable to discourage use by the ignorant and careless. Anyone who is responsible enough to be taking psychedelics in the first place will look further than an Arcata Police Department press release when doing their research on their drug of choice.

  19. elvis

    In response to the “good Dr.” I can tell you with a couple years of narcotic work under my belt and nearly 100 subjects who use Methamphetamine daily and excessivly, the individual who removed his testicals “may” have been under the influence of amphetamines. It could possibly be “Meth physcosis” but he would be a cronic user. The forest wanderer is also possible and that does NOT have a chronic use pattern, I have seen one time of use have that effect. The possibilty of LSD use is more “probable”

  20. possibly inappropriate

  21. old minogue

    Fear mongers! Kids need a better acid connect

  22. Terrence McNally

    Those two sentences need a better connect.

  23. jay p

    here is a great informational resource for entheogens. i suggest anyone interested in these substances conduct one of the most exhaustive databases regarding these materials. it is run by a 501(c)3 and i have no connection to this organization (so i have nothing to gain from this post, other than feeling better that i shared such a rich resource with others).

    while there remains little evidence (at least from the story text) regarding the chemical composition of the consumed substance, it does not really sound like a typical experience related to L consumption (albeit there is a wide range of experiences, mostly based on the “set” and “setting,” ergo the wise advice of Dr. C to have guidance from an expert when experimenting with new substances).

    another fine resource on the cultural background of entheogens, their chemistry, and the bio-chemo-physio-effect on people, is a book called pharmacotheon, by jonathan ott, a chemist and ehtonopharmacologist. this is available online still, yet out of print. i hope run-on sentences are OK for posts.

    just wanted to pass on some resources that could enlighten and educate the readers and author(s) (i was especially inspired by the last paragraph, lol). this article and the comments (including my own) are far from being satisfactory guides to the use of entheogens (as we would probably all agree).

    thanks for the eye. love it and it is a highlight of my life.

  24. Amateur

    i heard that str8 guy(that means person without any substance in his body that i drug related) killed his family jumped from building massacre other people e.t.c. ??!?!?!

    ill just quote Bill Hicks on this one
    Great we lost a moron lets celebrate. WE losst a mooooronn lalala.

  25. Jules

    Heard at Woodstock: “Dude, watch out for the brown acid, it’s STP.”

  26. Amy G Dala

    Terrence McNally is one incisive guy. props~

  27. Lars

    The drug in this case was Dragonfly or one of the DOx compounds. I have no idea what the incidence of problems afterwards for those is, but for real LSD problems afterward have simply not been proven. It does trigger schizophrenia in people who would eventually have it, and can exasperate problems with depression. Flashbacks are basically PTSD from a bad trip. You can buy testing kits online for LSD to make it is real.

    Some well sourced quotes:
    “Because the “LSD psychosis” is not distinguishable from non-drug-induced psychosis, we have reasonable evidence to conclude that LSD was not the sole cause of psychosis. Instead, it would seem that the drug brought on the problems in vulnerable individuals. Interestingly, the rate of parental alcoholism was found to be much higher in LSD patients than in other patients or in the general population by one study (Vardy and Kay, Arch-Gen-Psych, 1983 40(8): 877-83).”

    “Quoted without permission from ‘Licit and Illicit Drugs,’ written by Edward M. Brecher and the editors of Consumer Reports. ISBN: 0-316-15340-0

    A simple explanation of LSD flashbacks, and of their changed character after 1967, is available. According to this theory, almost everybody suffers flashbacks with or without LSD. Any intense emotional experience–the death of a loved one, the moment of discovery that one is in love, the moment of an automobile smashup or of a narrow escape from a smashup–may subsequently and unexpectedly return vividly to consciousness weeks or months later. Since the LSD trip is often an intense emotional experience, it is hardly surprising that it may similarly “flash back.”” for more info.

  28. Mikey

    Balls Out – the best deterent to using LSD.

  29. norman

    My expertise is that I took a lot of acid in the 70’s. I had good and BAD trips. Some of the bad trips could be described as Psychosis. In one I thought the only way I could get back to sanity was to kill myself and leave the LSD world and go back to the real world. I wouldn’t have really done it, although I almost did. I went to bed instead. I was given something once that lasted three days that was supposed to be acid. I hallucinated a monster in the mirror looking back at me every time I looked. I wasa frightened out of my wits for three days. I still wouldn’t have killed myself or even jurt myself. I wanted desperately to get back to myself. These guys have other problems.

  30. Bob

    certainly not L.S.D. sounds like solance drugs. Nightshade or Jimsonweed. Which last a long time and create extremely bizarre behaviors and a generaly bad time. Very dangerous stuff and very not like L.S.D. at all. Wouldn’t happen if these drugs were regulated like they should be instead of black market.

  31. […] you ever tripped so hard on LSD that you thought your testicles were monsters? Well, this kid has, and he cut his balls […]

  32. People really underestimate the power of LSD. While its awesome it can also take the most zen motherfucker out there and bend them over and make them submit like the organic piece of flesh they are. People have hurt themselves on this drug before dont kid your self, but this very well could be some DOB, DOC or datura.

    Be careful out there fellow spacemen… Good vibes!

  33. garvhun

    One obama voter that wont be breeding

  34. Terrence McNally

    Hey, garvhun – you must have been sent over from Ann Coulter’s blog!
    Welcome to the real America!

  35. your mom

    Dudes freaking out and claiming to be on LSD, reporters and police take their word for it! No testing? No proof? No worries? Sounds like a news report alright…

    Please check reliable sources before making uneducated claims about a important substance like LSD, maybe try reading My Problem Child By Albert Hofmann then decide to guess what drug they were on until a scientific test can back up your claim that they were in fact on LSD.

    Just a thought…

  36. “Dudes freaking out and claiming to be on LSD, reporters and police take their word for it! No testing? No proof? No worries? Sounds like a news report alright…”

    Ellen, please explain how you would verify the nature of the substance involved for the news story.

  37. Kevin Hoover

    Those of you faulting this story for not ascertaining the exact nature of the drug these people are on, please explain how you expect us to verify what it was.

    We don’t have access to tissue samples or private medical records.

  38. Mike M

    Has anyone informed him that this does indeed qualify him for a Darwin Award? YES IT DOES! Some people just do not seem to ‘get it’ that, even though it is a more rare occasion, you do NOT have to die from your idiotic act – you only need to render yourself incapable of projecting your genes into the future via offspring. Let me be the first to congratulate this new self-eunuchized Darwin Award winner!

  39. Russell S.

    Interesting to follow the thread of comments. As a longtime reader of the Eye, I felt the article was directly in line with the quality and style of the newspaper. The Eye publishes articles that are either critical for the local populace, entertaining, or both. Yes, some have a political slant, but it is hard to remove that from journalism. While the content of this article has some sensational attributes (balls!), the real news is to tell folks there is a drug out there on the streets that is potentially very dangerous. I didn’t read the article as being “drugs are all evil”, just stating the story. For my two cents, the details don’t sound like LSD to me (yes, I’ve been there), but it has been a few decades since I tried a blotter. Products evolve over time and maybe what is called acid on the street is an entirely different drug then the old Album Covers. If this article causes one person in Arcata to question the accuracy of a blotter before taking it, the reporter has done a service.

  40. KJR

    I’m sorry, Dr. C, but how could you say that this sounds like an amphetamine overdose? With my experience, I could never imagine someone cutting off their balls on Methamphetamine or MDMA. And with my experience with hallucinogens, I could very well see someone getting terrified of hallucinations and castrating themself. Amphetamine hallucinations are EXTREMELY mild, even when you overdose. Such misleading information should not be posted by a PHD.

  41. Davey S.

    Has anyone else wondered how this guy did not bleed to death? Removing one’s testicles with garden or kitchen tools and then flushing them down a toilet cannot be the work of a medical professional. (The garden and kitchen too reference is sensationalized, much like this article) which reads like one of the movies they used to make us watch in school.

  42. Like many of the commenters, you’re blaming the medium for the message. Maybe there’s a non-sensational way to report someone committing a drug-induced act of self-mutilation. Or maybe you just shouldn’t read the news.

  43. nygrump

    you can’t even make real LSD anymore because the precursor chemicals are just about impossible to get. who knows what these people were given, but the cops are right there to tell us it was LSD. And then you got 90% of the population with their minds sucked out by the flouride, a deadly waste product of the chemical industry. The Statist hacks will arrive to call me conspiracy theorist…

  44. Terrence McNally

    Oh, man – thank jeebus for the fluoride connection. Brainless non-real LSD users with pretty teeth.

  45. Léoghann

    Thanks, nygrump. You’ve just fluodwinned the comment thread.

  46. Can chemtrails be far behind?

  47. No experience required

    Kjr your experience will not make you smarter than anyone else. At least the phd suggests that an conclusion shouldn’t be made with bias and leaving out other possibilities. The story could have been a great investigative report but it isn’t so the comments reflect that. I do think what ever the cause this will be one for text books. Maybe a South park, CSI or House episode. The LSD rant did seem a little after school special.
    IN MY Experience pcp with a touch of meth was LSD and on cheap weed, speed makes cops kill and dialates your pupils just like mda and xtsy. Meth hallucinations are EXTREME. my friend in seventh grade was taken to the hospital screaming because of the bugs all over her, or another friend who was ripping his hair out with his bare hands, etc. This means I know more about what ever it is than someone who is not me me me meme. Blah blah blah bitch whine moan bias monkey monsters in my balls and meth head.
    How can you be sure someone else had taken the same drugs you did and the same amount. It’s the black market- government excuse to spread disinformation and fear instead of education and understanding. Oh no that would be harm reduction and that would mean the war on drugs is wrong and we can’t admit when we are wrong.

  48. David

    From all I have experianced, this does not sound like LSD.
    2 days in the woods. LSD lasts 7-12 hours. Cutting off both testicles, you can still feel pain on LSD. Flashbacks, won’t even get into what this might be. Has any one ruled out the possibility that these people were just being stupid.
    When people do something stupid they are quick to find blame, and LSD is an easy scape goat.
    These people might not have been high at all, if anything these were deleriants, maybe datura?
    To keep to the safe side, always trip with a sober sitter, especially for first timers, have a safe setting, don’t wander into the woods for a couple days unprepared, don’t cut off your balls.


  49. Linda

    Geezo people, LSD if you’ll remember was Western man’s medicine. The Universe always provides as and when needed for whatever the cause. LSD stopped the Vietnam war PERIOD. That’s why it was what it was, then. Nothing of much worth can be purchased today because more and more people are awakening. There is no money. Evil, ficticious, counterfeit fed. reserve (HA) notes (IOU) can’t purchase much of anything of worth or value.

    Crap, where’s the ‘spellcheck?”

  50. Terrence McNally

    Well, folks – we’re two-weeks into anon blog postings on this topic imagining just what street drug convinced this miserable young man to remove his genitals. Lots of people recalling their recreational brain excursions. Little progress made. Anybody else have an LSD memory to share?


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