LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles – May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ARCATA – The use of the drug LSD, or commonly referred to as “acid,” appears to be increasing especially among young adults in Arcata, according to an Arcata Police Department press release issued yesterday.

On April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unable to locate the subject’s testicles. He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained “monsters.”

The victim, who police say had a Tennessee address, was with several friends when he began to experience negative feelings. He was dropped off at the Jay Street residence, to which Arcata Police responded at 4:18 p.m. that day.

“We just thought it was an isolated incident,” said Police Chief Tom Chapman. He said calls to aid people having a bad experience with LSD or psilocybin mushrooms are “not uncommon.” But a flurry of subsequent incidents represent an unusual surge in LSD-related calls for service.

On May 8, a 21-year-old male subject took LSD and wandered away from his residence. He left his shoes, adequate clothing, and cell phone behind and did not tell anyone where he was going. He wandered around the forest for days while concerned friends and family looked for him. He eventually returned a couple days later.

On May 9, officers responded to the Mad River Hospital to assist with a combative 19-year-old male subject who was undergoing “flashbacks.” The subject had ingested LSD two weeks ago. Today, officers found him standing in the field being held by three friends who were attempting to get him into the emergency room. The friends were requesting police assistance and wanted their friend to get help. The officers detained the subject and held him for psychiatric evaluation by Humboldt County Mental Health.

Last night, officers responded to the 900 block of H Street where an 18-year-old male subject, who was under the influence of LSD, was throwing himself on the ground in the middle of the street. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Also last night, May 11,officers from APD assisted officers from UPD arrest a subject who was under the influence of LSD.

Officers from the Arcata Police Department also had two additional contacts with unrelated subjects undergoing “flashbacks.” Both were cared for by friends and family. One subject was taken out of the area and back home by his family.

The Arcata Police Department would like to remind you that the effects of LSD are extremely unpredictable. Many LSD users experience flashbacks long after initially using the drug. It is difficult to determine how long the effects of the LSD will last. The physical effects include dilated pupils, higher body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth, and tremors.

Some LSD users experience severe, terrifying thoughts and feelings, fear of losing control, fear of insanity and death, and despair while using LSD. Some fatal accidents have occurred during states of LSD intoxication.

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131 Responses to “LSD Tripper Amputates, Flushes Monster-Containing Testicles – May 12, 2010”

  1. Weeeeee

    It is right for the press to report the drug as LSD whether it was or not because that is what it is being sold as according to the ‘takers’.
    It was not marketed as pcp, jimson weed or methampthetamine. The lab at the hospital probably did a full test on their hair, blood and urine.

  2. CokeFueledRage

    That does not sound like LSD.
    They took something else marketed as acid because NOBODY takes acid and thinks their balls have monsters in them.
    That sound more like meth or pcp or some other combination.

  3. hey now

    RE: Terrence Mcnally
    I’d love to tell some very funny acid stories but the verbiage would take up lots of space and you might not get it. You seem preoccupied by the anonymous nature of the commentators here. Perhaps you aren’t old enough to recall the War on Drugs where simply posting comments that could be construed as positive to any illicit drug could begin an investigation against oneself. There may be a few idiots abusing the ability to remain anonymous but many of us would never comment here if our identities were revealed.
    You know how small this town is. You are the photographer and business writer for this paper and are a quite public figure. Good for you but many of us value our privacy and could not speak here candidly about controversial subjects without disturbing some in our social or professional circles.
    See you at Derby!

  4. Terrence McNally

    Well, if you introduce yourself at Derby, Hey Now, we’ll have a beer and swap trip tales. However, I still think that if you have an opinion worth sharing, it’s worth putting your name on. Otherwise, it’s just ghosts murmering in the attic.

  5. “See you at Derby!”

    What a cheap taunt. What that says is, “I know who you are but you don’t know me, so nyah nyah nyah.” Sounds stalker-ish.

    Hey Now, you are in the company of all the cringing commenters who want it both ways – to take jabs those of us who do our business openly and with attribution, calling us fascists and tools etc. while not taking responsibility for your reckless utterances.

    The idea that someone’s going to “investigate” you for expressing your opinion is just a dodge. Do you walk around with a bag over your head in public, afraid to show your face? You would if you could, because online you can, and obviously do.

    Lots of us have openly and vehemently advocated for cannabis legalization under our own names, and no one is “investigating” us. As for your social and professional circles, it sounds to me like they need disturbing if they oppose free speech and community dialogue.

  6. Jerry Harville

    My bet is that this drug was not
    LSD. This poor man has other
    mental health problems going on
    is my guess. This is a very
    sad situation at any rate.

    I bet if this story was true that
    the media would exploit it. It would
    go viral in a day!

  7. Richard

    Crazy people are likely to be even crazier on LSD. It’s not a good idea for unstable people to use such a powerful psychedelic, but to suggest that it could have these effects on a sane person is irresponsible. Millions of LSD trips have been taken and there are very, very few of these stories.
    Many more crimes and violence, to self and to others have taken place under the influence of alcohol and no one would say, don’t take a drink or you might do the same.

  8. Terrence McNally

    Reports of alcohol-related deaths, injuries crimes are regular components of any newspaper. Including this one.

  9. fairly experienced

    I’ll bet most of these whacked out trippers are also taking antidepressants and/or other meds. They’re all younger. Pills…the new high is low. Also, I believe regular exposure to the internet is very different than other kinds of media including television. It’s an interactive fantasy land that requires a different type of brain dedication than dealing with “real life”, one usually being much more of an alter-ego than the other as well. At a younger age, imagine the increased fuzziness of reality while on psychedelics due to constantly interacting with two different realities.

    Also, like Richard said, there are millions of people tripping right this very second. We ONLY hear about the bad ones. Didn’t some comedian make a joke about it?

  10. Terrence McNally

    There are millions of people tripping right now? Wow.
    There are millions people people driving cars right now, but we’ll only hear about the ones who crash.

    But that’s probably the Internet’s fault, too.

  11. Is it news when things go routinely for millions of people? No.

    Is it news when someone on drugs castrates himself and flushes the parts down the toilet? Every time.

  12. […] April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unabl… He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained […]

  13. hey now

    Re: Kevpod
    Okay I’m anonymous. But you’re an idiot. “See you at Derby” was not meant as a taunt or any kind of threat. Terence figured it out better than you. He’s got class to invite me to share a beer.
    Kevpod-is that your way of saying you’re Kevin Hoover? Well now.
    This paper is allowing anonymous posting so what is your problem, really? I never used “fascist” or “tool” in my writing so you are actually putting words in my mouth to smear me?
    “Cringing commentator”-did you really call me that? I was here in CAMP days and I was here when the FBI tapped phones in town during Redwood Summer. The editor of my hometown paper wanders into peoples’ yards to “investigate” reasons to turn in his neighbors for small grows. This is a small town and despite your lurid fantasies of my reasons, they are simple. I don’t care to get dragged into the gossip and b.s. prevalent here. Like most folks here I keep my politics private not because I’m scared but because I like to get along with all my neighbors and co-workers-hippies and fundamentalist christians alike. Are you unable to understand small-town social politics? Idiot!

  14. hey now

    Re: Kevpod
    Hey-you ARE Kevin Hoover! I’ve called you an idiot twice all ready but now I’m overwhelmed by your absurd remarks to me. Really?
    Perhaps you’re looking to “smoke me out” so I’ll expose my true identity. Perhaps you thought I was threatening Terrence? I’ll explain once more-this is a small town. People know each other even if they haven’t met. I like Terrence, I see him about with his camera, we both root for the hometown girls at Derby-yet we haven’t even met yet! Amazing! People know me, where I live, my name and what I order at what restaurant and I don’t even know them! SMALL TOWN!
    You insult me. You allow anonymous posts. You get a huge response to a story and you complain. What is your problem? You might get people to respond more if you weren’t a narc. Lots of decent people don’t like you. What kind of investigator would alienate half his town? Hard to get the real story when people won’t talk to you? Later!

  15. Good morning to you too. And thanks for the lesson in classiness. I guess that starts with calling people narcs and idiots and signing it “hey now.”

    We allow anonymous comments to enable the widest range of commentary, and as you can see, it generally works. But of course there are always the low-lifes who use anonymity to let out the seamier sides of their personalities, posting stalkery statements like “see you,” or writing “watch your back” on our office door.

    As far as small town social politics go, you already are participating. Just with a bag over your head. Gutsy!

    People who taunt and threaten those of us who do our business openly certainly don’t act that way when their identity is known, because they (you) don’t want anyone to know that that’s what they’re really like. So, “cringing” is an entirely accurate term.

    I’m not a beer person, but if you would like to talk about things over coffee or carrot juice, give me a call. You know my name and number.

  16. Origen

    Whatever happened to this poor man? He would seem to be at high risk for suicide at this point. Is he still in the area I wonder? After the sensational reporting maybe he just went away… Does anyone know?

  17. endless25

    I do not think it was pure LSD.PCP maybe or something different.
    DOI,DOC,DOM,DOB.Who knows…………….

  18. Dr, Max Powers

    this is most likely not LSD and more likely the “devil’s acid.” This is some sort of designer acid like AMT, 2CI, or 2CE, or something much much worse. Beware of what is dubbed “acid”

  19. Hey Now said: “Like most folks here I keep my politics private … because I like to get along with all my neighbors and co-workers… .”

    So when you’re walking around town with your face exposed, you keep your less charitable or controversial feelings to yourself in order to preserve community harmony and to be liked. I get that. I do the same thing, as a matter of fact. Yet here, with your identity shrouded, you feel free to call people names and let even your rudest opinions fly.

    You also say: “[M]any of us … could not speak here candidly about controversial subjects without disturbing some in our social or professional circles.”

    Yet that’s exactly what you’re doing — deliberately, I might add. The people who post here live here, by and large. No doubt some of them are in your social circle. And you’re gleefully disturbing them. The only difference is that you’re hiding under a sheet when you cut your farts. Honestly, Hey Now, why don’t your rules for polite society apply here?

  20. During election season I read the local blogs to keep up with the rolling discussion. But the tenor of the predominantly anonymous comment is so unrelentingly foul, assaultive and demoralizingly small that it takes my tender soul a couple of weeks to detoxify. It’s not just us; people do this everywhere.

    The insult culture is seductive and addictive. Why, just the other day I read a blog comment likening a local public figure to Adolph Hitler. Can you imagine such a thing?

    And yet amid all the rancor are nestled little gems of information. So whaddya gonna do? I take the easy way out, and simply don’t go pearl diving in the cesspool except when necessary.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Anyone who takes any booze pills, needles, or smoke in order to enjoy life in Humboldt County is already mentally ill, so I don’t think a previous poster had the right attitude…

    After leaving “God’s Country” in the late 70s, I’ve been in 38 states and 4 countries on other continents and never found a place I could truly call home…

    If you need drugs to enjoy life, see a counselor or preacher or someone before _you_ think you’ve got monsters where they don’t belong…

    And look at how the drug culture has “enhanced” life in Eureka. Used to be there were no streets too dangerous to drive on. Now?

    I have a great deal of contempt for the things you folks have done (or allowed to be done) to that area.

  22. Jodi

    There really is hope! I am a 35yr old female that has dealt with the long-term effects of LSD use. I was 15yrs old when I went on a bad trip and lived with constant fear for twenty years that something was going to happen to me. The whole time I have kept praying and asking God to heal me. I went to a prayer group almost a year ago and it was a little different. Let me tell you, it was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. God helped me see the mistakes that I made in my life that allowed Satan to have a strong-hold, God exposed Satan’s lies and freed me from bondage. You would only know how bad off I was if you have experienced something similar. I know that they have prayer sessions that they conduct through a website called The only requirement is that you believe in Jesus. This prayer truly changed my life after only praying with some friends of mine at a SDA Church in Arlington,TX twice. I have prayed for years, but praying the way God intended is what made the difference.

  23. Smiley

    Thaat is or was not lsd.
    They know the game and what they put out.
    A lot of evil has been put out in LOT(PUBLIC).
    They put so much garbage out there.
    Never did they expect so many to get it off the street.
    Sometimes before it did to much damage.
    But no one should wish harm on anyone for any reason.
    Our Government sure like to play with DRUGS.

  24. Smiley

    Jodi you had a mental problem to begin with . Read the Government and many studies your distortion does no one any good lies are lies and people just ignore, if you stood a chance at helping you lost it

  25. Smiley

    Satan has nothing on me im he son of the creator.
    So by your own words i have nothing to fear.
    I know what right and Wrong. do Right. right Prevails.
    Hide evil and evil shows up everywhere.

  26. Smiley

    It was not lsd.
    The government has put
    weird stuff out there before.

  27. Traveller

    could have or could not have… when I was in the area (which was the about the time this article was written) many friends from the bay to portland, OR were reporting DOB, etc etc getting sold off as L, not cool guys.

    On another note, L could be volatile in the wrong mind or mindset and is not something to ever take lightly. Be safe if you’re chosing to indulge please. and unless you’re some sort of monk … don’t cut your stuff off guys it could come in handy some day.

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  29. giving new meaning to the term "tripping your balls off".

  30. omg…..I never had anything that good!!!


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