Insta/Mini-Review: Blue Lake: The Opera – June 25, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Lake: The Opera could be – no, it is – the funniest and most musically gratifying work Dell’Arte has ever pulled off.

Homer, a dancing bear, enthralls the Woodsmen in Blue Lake: The Opera. KLH | Eye

This radically revised, eccentrically amplified history of Blue Lake really is an opera, with purty singin’ and everything, plus tragedy, redemption and an array of colorful and often adorable characters.

Written by Lauren Wilson and propelled by Tim Gray’s rollicking score plus some hamlet-engulfing special effects, everyone in Blue Lake: The Opera ultimately finds true love and the town its destiny via a twisty-turny route lined with loads of laughs.

All of Dell’Arte’s artistic strengths gel into a two-hour tour de force of fun in Blue Lake: The Opera. The play continues through July 3., (707) 668-5663, ext. 20.

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