Letters to the Editor – June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Proliferating pairs of possibilities

This June’s local primary elections may be just as rare as a visit from Halley’s Comet.

When again might we have two Pauls running for District Attorney and two Mikes for Sheriff as well as, if you happen to live in the Fifth District, two Patricks for Supervisor?

If you’re not good with last names, I might suggest you may want to avoid any confusion at the polls this spring by applying the American Express card motto to your voter’s guide and “don’t leave home without it.”

Sherman Schapiro

Blue Lake

Safer, better, Hagen

We need a district attorney who will listen to all of Humboldt County. We need a district attorney who will make sure that all cases are treated properly and that all individuals involved are respected in the process.

Paul Hagen can be that district attorney. Paul will provide new energy, leadership and vision to the DA’s office. With his experience in working for four DA’s offices along with private practice and extensive public service, Paul understands what it takes to be a successful DA.

As a juror in the teen court program, I have seen Paul’s support for the youth of this community and have been encouraged by his long term and big picture vision for the community. A vote for Paul Hagen will be a vote for a safer and better Humboldt County. A vote for Paul Hagen will be a vote for a better future for the community that we all love.

Please join me in supporting Paul Hagen for District Attorney on June 8.

Kai Neander


Gallegos got it goin’ on

My father always used to say: “You can’t argue with success.” But most newspapers try to do just that to our District Attorney. Crime is indeed down during Paul Gallegos’ terms, yet you seem to have trouble crediting Gallegos. He looks at the data and publicly praises his staff for their success.

If you can’t bring yourself to recognizing Gallegos’ role, how about taking notice of the winning team he’s put in place? They’ve garnered professional awards for their dedication, hard work, and diligence. The individual recipients credit Gallegos’ leadership and fellow team members for the honors.

They handle 10,000 cases annually. When’s the last time a hardened criminal got off on a technicality? It’s not happening. This team does its homework, faithfully representing the People when it goes to court.

The Board of Supervisors celebrated that child abuse is declining. Disgruntled former employees notwithstanding, the DA’s Victim Witness Program works just fine. The Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) is working fine, recently preventing a girl’s murder, and expanding services to Hoopa.

Senior abuse is being tackled in court as the DA’s office is holding one the worst abusers, Skilled Nursing, Inc. (a national mega-corporation) accountable for not providing care they are paid for. Conviction rates keep pace and commitment to prison is at its highest.

Our DA’s office is doing more with less – on a budget that has seen annual cuts of 10 to 15 percent, which Gallegos has made up, dollar for dollar, by going out and nabbing grants.

Rather than tear it down, let’s support this community asset and keep a winning team in place. Their work makes this community safer.

Michael Evenson

Lost Coast Ranch


Higgins is happening

On June 8, voters will choose a new Supervisor for the Fifth District. Of the four candidates, I think Pat Higgins is the best choice.

Pat, who is a fisheries and watershed scientist, has lived here for almost 40 years and he understands the needs of this district. He favors smart growth and understands the importance of preserving agricultural land and maintaining working timber lands. He has clear ideas on how we can create jobs, and at the same time restore the environment.

As our representative on the Humboldt Bay Harbor and Recreation District, Pat has demonstrated that he is fiscally conservative. Pat has been working toward expanding our trail system, and will continue to do so as our supervisor.

I like the fact that Pat’s grassroots campaign has taken no money from special interests. His campaign is fueled by dozens of volunteers who are making direct contact with voters, and he’s relying on substantive debates and interviews, aired on Humboldt Access TV and streaming, to communicate his ideas. Please join me and vote for Pat Higgins.

Beryl Feldman


Cleary a total package

I support Patrick Cleary for Fifth District Supervisor because I believe he could be the most effective, innovative and successful supervisor the county has ever had. Cleary has the widest breath of life and business experience of any candidate for the Fifth District. Cleary has ample community-building experience and the people skills necessary to be a successful leader during this critical time.

Humboldt County has repeatedly benefited from his leadership and successes. Cleary has managed and guided venerable organizations like the North Coast Co-op, KHSU, the Headwaters Fund, and the Humboldt Folk Life Society.

Cleary’s energy and ideas for improving our economy and creating jobs, while protecting our natural resources are vital as the county implements its regional and economic planning and contends with a prolonged economic downturn.

Cleary has the ability to listen to all sides, to unite diverse individuals and to create successful coalitions and partnerships. Our county needs Cleary’s innovative approaches, business acumen and passion for protecting and strengthening the region’s quality of life. Given what Cleary has already accomplished in our community, no other candidate shows the potential he has.

Join me in voting for Patrick Cleary on June 8.

Gordon Leppig


Higgins really gets it

I heartily endorse Patrick Higgins for Fifth District Supervisor because he has a depth of knowledge on issues that exceeds that of his challengers, an ability to work with people from across the political spectrum, and the strength of character to fight for what his constituents and the environment need.

I have worked with Pat for over 30 years, first in opposition to the reopening of the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant, and more recently on renewable energy issues. He also chaired the Humboldt County Energy Advisory Committee in the early 1980s and for years has been a proponent of making our community energy independent through energy efficiency and conservation, and the use local-produced renewable energy.

Pat knows how we can implement solar energy now and help re-employ people in the construction trades and timber industry. His understanding of watersheds leads to his support for responsible expansion of biomass energy that can create jobs and help restore forest health. Pat also “gets it” on the implications of the General Plan for climate change and will work hard to reduce our carbon footprint.

While Pat has vision, he is also a very practical business person with decades of experience. Please get out and vote on June 8th for Pat Higgins for Fifth District Supervisor.


Michael Welch


Brooks is best

The race for Humboldt County Assessor has been fueled by money and politics. This comes at first as a surprise and for sure is not like it used to be.

Yes, the Grand Jury said, grooming a successor from within no longer meets our needs, so yes we do need a change, and most agree that the office needs to be modernized. But, something is really different, really different when this elected office has attracted bigger and bigger money.

It’s like playing poker and the ante is so high that you have to risk your stake to even enter the game, yet alone get all the cards dealt, and then even more to match the raises to see the hand behind the big money.

What’s in the cards is how the last natural resource, our land base, is going to be played out. If the new assessor would stick to improving assessors professional services and stay out of advocating land use policy we would be better off all around the table.

The Assessor’s Office has a major role in important land use and property tax decision-making. Some examples are: 1) the office is closely involved with the Williamson Act and TPZ policies that grant major property tax reductions; 2) approves annually if and how much non-profit corporations get welfare tax exemptions and then exempted from property taxes; and 3) works closely with the Planning Department in making and upholding decisions on how to determine and implement the General Plan.

Most powerful is their role in the tax recognition and certification of APN’s or Assessor Parcel Numbers. When these powers are applied consistent with and limited to their intended purposes it is a good thing

We do not want to gamble the future of our precious and most valuable resource; that is our land and the taxes it generates for our necessary public services. Instead we need to vote for Assessor based on the candidate’s resume of relevant, professional experience, independence, and record of impartiality.

We, the voters, are essentially the hiring committee and therefore must act with perspicacious focus, and careful job qualification review.

I’ve studied the candidates qualifications and will choose Jon Brooks, to me, the most qualified. Let’s get beyond old-school politics of Humboldt high stakes poker when a pot of too much money is put up for those going for a big win.

Rondal Snodgrass


Humboldt Arts thanks

First of all I would like to thank you guys for the great photo spread on last week’s newspaper and all of the great coverage you gave us in the weeks leading up to the event.

I am writing this letter to thank the entire community for the support they showed through the entire process and for the great turn out we had during the event!

The Humboldt Arts Festival would have not been able to materialize without the support of the artist community, the general community and the very generous support from the business community.

I personally would like to thank the people and businesses that made this project a reality. Robert Goodman at Robert Goodman Wines, Nick & Chris Kieselhorst at Ironside Metal Works, Jennifer Koopman at Arcata Main Street, Victoria Bennington at Bicoastal Media, Ceva at Hensels Hardware, Humboldt ReMax, Robin & Andy at Humbrews, Pete Ciotti at Big Pete’s Pizzeria, Chris Nichols at Muddy Waters Coffee, Shauna at Eel River Brewery, Noah at Visual Concepts, Native Springs Water, Denise Dodd, Vico Designs, The Jambalaya, & The Scoop.

I also want to thank all of the artists, performers, media, and volunteers that came together for this event! Dj Dub Cowboy, Courtney Weaver, Josephine Johnson, SambaAmore, Samba Na’ Chuva, Humboldts Finest Belly Dancers including Karmaja, and the Ya Habibi Dancers, Gingko, The Bucky Walters, Strix Vega, New World Ballet, Humboldts Finest Fire Spinners including Night Shade Serenade and the Fire and Isis Collective, Dj Dojo, Company of African Dance Arcata, WoMama, St John and the Sinners featuring Christina D’Alessandro, Shea Freelove’s “Something Different,” The Humboldt Rockers, Rebekah Dickens, Elaina Erola, Pete Myers, Jeff Demark, Terrence McNally, Jennifer Savage, all of the volunteers and exhibiting artists.

Thank you all!

I would like to encourage the community to follow us through our facebook page “Humboldt Arts Project” and our websites HumboldtArtsProject.com and HumboldtArtsFestival.com Where you can find Photo and Video Galleries of the events artwork and performances! keep checking back as media is still being collected and will continue to be updated as we receive it.

If you would like to get involved in the Humboldt Arts Project or Festival please contact us at info@humboldtartsproject.com or call us at (707) 667-5333

If you would like to donate to the cause you can do so through both of the websites where you can find a secure google checkout donation link.

Thank you all for helping make the first annual Humboldt Arts Festival a success!

With your continued support we will be back next May on HSU’s Graduation Weekend!

Thank you all,

Victor Hernandez (Vico)


AIGC thanks

Thank you for supporting our 19th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast:

Abruzzi, All Under Heaven, Almquist Lumber, American Indian Art and Gift Shop, Northcoast Co-op, Arcata School of Massage, Art Quilts, BaaBaa Sheepskins, Bank of America, Barnes Arcata Family Drug, Bongo Boy, Booklegger, Bracut Industrial Park, Brio Bread Works, Bubbles, Carl Johnson’s, Carl’s Jr., Carmela’s, Casa Lindra Salsa, Central Skate, Chalet, Claudia Cranford, Claudia’s Herbs, Clothing Dock, Coffee Break Internet Café, Colinda Gutierrez, Crosswinds, David Fischer, CMT, Devon Harmon – Panache, Don Juan, Don’s Donuts, Ebony and Ivory, Espresso 101, Eureka Brake and Auto, Fabric Temptations, Farm Store, Figuereido’s Video, Fire Arts Center, Fish Brothers, Flora Organica, Fred’s Auto Body, Glass House Supply,

Good Relations, Greenhouse Board Shop, Happy Donuts, HealthSPORT, Holly Yashi, Honoree Cress, Humboldt Creamery, Jay Sooter Spas, Kalos Salon Gallery, Kokotat, Kragen Auto Parts, Laurel Skye Studio, Linen Closet, Living Earth Landscapes, Los Bagels, Lube Central, Luzmila’s Restaurant, Mad River Farms, Mad River Gardens, Make-Up by Flora Yoon, Millie Quam, Mirador Glass, MosArts, Murphy’s Market – Sunnybrae, Myrtle Ave. Pet Center,

Nonna Lena, North Valley Bank, Nu Games, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Opie’s, Pat Durbin, Picky,PickyPicky, Plaza Design, Rachael Ayuso – Panache, Rays Food Place, Valley West, Redwood Yogurt and Coffee, REMAX Humboldt Realty, Renata’s Creperie, Round Table Pizza, Sarah King – Panache, Sassafras, Simply MacIntosh, Sizzler, Smug’s Pizza, Solo Sports,

Spotlight Video, Subway, Suki Boutique, Sun Valley Bulb Farm, Susan Lewis, The Works, Tofu Shop, T.P. Tire, Umpqua Bank, Village Pantry, Wildwood Music, Willow and Rags, Yangling Lu – Panche, Yi Fang.

We would especially like to thank our continuing supporters, Phil Ricord of Wildberries Marketplace and KIEM-TV, News Channel 3.

Halimah Collingwood

Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir

Food for People thanks

In April the Humboldt State Service Learning Center along with student volunteers motivated HSU students to donate their leftover J points (student funds used to purchase food at Humboldt State eateries) to Food for People, the food bank for Humboldt County. This donation totaled more than $2,000 in J points.

The staff at Service Learning then took the funds and purchased canned tuna from Humboldt State’s food distributer. This tuna will be prioritized for use in Food for People’s Child Nutrition Program. Along with the J point donations Service Learning also placed food collection containers across campus which brought in much needed food for the hungry in Humboldt County.

Food for People would like to extend a big thank you to Jyl Barnett Community Partner Liaison along with all of the students, staff, and volunteers who donated their time, energy, and J points.

Thank You,

Jason Whitley

Local Food Resource Coordinator, Food for People


4-H thanks

The Humboldt County 4-H Youth Development Program greatly appreciates the following donors whose support of the 4-H SET (Science, Engineering & Technology) Expo at Redwood Acres fostered a very successful event.

We are grateful to Redwood Acres, Butterfly Way, Cypress Grove, PORTS State Parks, Paul Nicholson of State Farm Insurance, Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, Fortuna Ace Hardware, P.G. & E., Pierson’s, Borders, Fortuna Rite Aid, Fortuna Feed and Garden, Annette Nickols, Eel River Hydroponics, Moon’s Play and Learn, Toy Box, Staples, Fin ‘N Feather, Sheri Clapp, Pat Bruga, Richter Construction, U.S. Cellular, and Redwood Cellular for their donations.

These businesses are empowering youth for a lifetime of success! THANK YOU!

Sandy Sathrum

Humboldt County 4-H Program Representative

The Eye connection

I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying how much I love the Arcata Eye. I read it faithfully online during my lunch breaks at the office.

Even my coworkers enjoy it when I forward them a particularly snappy editorial or police log entry.

I grew up in Arcata and live and work in Los Angeles. The Arcata Eye makes me feel connected to my home town.

Keep Up The Good Work!

Michelle Maxfield

Universal City