Letters to the Editor – June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Public Works really works

To the Public Works department and City Council:

This is a public thank you to Craig and his crew for a great job that they did repairing a leak in the water main that serves our house and our neighbors’ houses. We discovered a leak about a week ago on the city side of a water meter in our front yard that was causing a minor flood on our private road, Grotzman Lane.

A call by our neighbor to Public Works resulted in a quick response from a City crew. After assessing the situation, and with a little assistance from the property owners, they brought in the equipment necessary to dig down and find the source of the leak. My wife was concerned because the leak was in the middle of one of her flower gardens. The crew took every precaution to avoid unnecessary damage to the plants, found the leaking pipe, performed the repair, and carefully refilled the hole in the garden. The next day they stopped by with a load of fir bark to repair the damage caused by the flood of water to our front yard.

Craig also stopped by yesterday to check and make sure that the problem was solved.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the crew and care that they exercised to fix the problem without damaging the area around the leak.

Our hats are off to Craig and the crew.

Thank you,

Steve and Margaret Cole


A place for the Wildlife Care Center

In our last newsletter (April, 2009) I wrote an article about finally having a facility and what a difference it made to our organization. Having a facility meant that we are able to have a centralized location to care for native wildlife in need. This gave us the opportunity for more volunteers to help wildlife, as they were no longer required to have space at their homes. Having a facility has been a boon to our organization.

Our facility, a building we own, is on property leased from the Jacoby Creek Land Trust in Bayside. After moving into the facility two years ago several unforeseen significant issues with the Jacoby Creek Land Trust developed. We found we were unable to build the necessary caging to care for native wildlife. This, and other issues, led the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center and the Jacoby Creek Land Trust to enter into mediation and try to resolve the difficulties that had arisen between the two organizations. This mediation was ongoing for more than a year.

As president of the board, I was part of this process. My greatest priority was to make sure we continued to have a location for our facility. During this process the Jacoby Creek Land Trust agreed to make amendments to the lease. However, they would not agree to any extension of the lease beyond the initial 10 year term.

The Board of Directors of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center is charged with making sure that our organization is able to perform its mission. This now includes making sure that we continue to have a facility. It now appears to our board that we will no longer be able to lease this property beyond February 28, 2016 when the current lease expires. At that time we will be required to also vacate the property which means either moving the building we own, an expensive proposition, or selling it.

To maintain our current status we need to find a new home. Earlier this year we formed a search committee made up of board members and community members tasked with finding us just that, a new home. This is a process that may take years, will probably require a capital campaign, and will most definitely benefit from the help and support of all of you.

Our dream is to someday have a state-of-the-art native wildlife care facility where we could house all the animals we are rehabbing and all of our education animals. We want this to be a destination for the community and those visiting from elsewhere; where schools and other groups can come and learn about the native wildlife and the environment. Given our current situation we would prefer to own land and build from there. Ideally this would be property donated to us, though we certainly would embrace the challenge of a capital campaign to purchase property.

We have big plans for the future of the HWCC and our community. It is unfortunate that the collaboration between the JCLT and the HWCC has fallen through. Both organizations do have common goals in education, the environment and conservation. We all thought that this “marriage” between the HWCC and the JCLT was going to be a perfect fit. It has turned out otherwise.

If you are reading this it is because you have been a supporter of the HWCC in the past. If you own extra property would you consider making a donation? Consider the tax benefits. Do you know of any likely piece of property in the area? If you know any potential donors please speak kindly of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center to them. If you would like to help our search for a new home and would like to join our Search Committee, please contact us. You can reach us at contact@humwild.org or call our hotline at (707) 822-8839.

Thank you for your continued support.

John H. Kelsey, MD


Sorry for the swearing

Access Humboldt’s mission is “Local voices through community media,” and our goal is to be accountable and maintain the highest possible ethics. That is why all our Board of Directors’ meetings are open to the public and we maintain open and transparent records.

It’s very important that we take responsibility and keep our community informed. So, I’m writing this note of apology to the community.

On Memorial Day, near the end of our exciting three days of live coverage of the Kinetic Grand Championship, we aired some music with bad language that was inappropriate for young listeners. This was a regrettable error caused by a lapse in our editorial process. Music with adult language should only be aired in “safe harbor” times when content for adult audiences is allowed.

We strive to protect freedom of opinion and expression while respecting our communities’ desire to limit adult content, and our policies are designed to manage the time, place and manner of presentation for community-sponsored programs. On Memorial Day we failed to meet our own expectations and we apologize to our community for this error.

For more information about Access Humboldt, check our web pages at accesshumboldt.net.


Sean McLaughlin, executive director

Access Humboldt


Agent Maye Cakebread is so looking out for us

Anti-Terrorist / International Fraud Division

FBI headquarters In Washington, D.C

J. Edgar. Hoover Building,

935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington D.C 20535-0001

Telephone Number: (202)-202-0790

Just to keep you updated about our resolution to release your money to your appointed partner (Mr. Paul Allen). Your partner, Mr. Paul Allen a staff of Microsoft Inc. contacted our office to claim your winning/inheritance fund. Most certainly, your fund has been subjected to various rigorous verifications due to your inability to obey official protocols. He has forwarded us with an affidavit authorizing him to claim the fund as permitted by you to receive the funds. But after rigorous investigation by the FBI & NSA, we found out that you have not submitted the required paperwork – Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer {DIST}, and we decided to contact your e-mail to confirm this development.

Meanwhile, the FBI has finalized the arrangement to release your fund to you nor anybody whom you have nominate. We demand to know if you’ve truly authorized Mr. Allen to claim your fund on your behalf or not. Kindly reconfirm to us immediately for our own perusal. If nothing is heard from you in the next 48 hours from today, we’ll be left with no option than release the fund to Mr. Paul Allen.

I am waiting for your email at your earliest as further delay will amount to severe consequences.

CC- Agent Maye Cakebread.

CC – Robert Mueller III.

Washington, D.C