On The Limitations Of Bumper Sticker Idealism – June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To all professors, teachers and those who preach Green life

To those who tell us what we should and shouldn’t do

To cause our Earth more strife

You look down your noses at us all

Saying tsk tsk for our faults

But practice what you preach, I say

Because it’s you that’s dropping the ball

Shame on you for wagging your tongue and finger at us

When you’re too good to ride on the bus

But drive the mile to teach your class

In an old pollutin’ vehicle sucking on gas

You mow your lawn with a gas-powered mower

Not electric or hand-pushed

And usually finish it off with an old smelly gas blower

You drive your old car

To take your kids to school

You know that the school bus

Passes by your own house you fool

How old is the heating system in your house, I ask?

Oh you can’t remember you say?

So let me put you to the task:

It probably needs to be replaced right away

Your old boat is docked at a bay

Oh so far away

It runs on stinking diesel

And sounds oh-so-peaceful

For that beautiful bay

I love your Save Mother Earth bumper sticker

Placed just above your tailpipe

That spews exhaust and makes the roads just a little slicker

Does your home run on solar?

That I do not know

But I bet you dollars to doughnuts

The answer is probably no

I have seen you at the market

Picking up one or two things that day

Then driving away in your polluting car

Living less than a mile away

So before you wag your tongue at me

I suggest you look around

Because just as much fault you see

With you can sure be found

I bet when you look in the mirror you will see

That you are guilty

If not guiltier of polluting more than me

D.M. Kelley