High-End Hardwoods At 21st Annual WoodFair This Weekend – July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BOYD ROAD – It has been a longstanding tradition for WoodFair to showcase uses of local and fabled redwood. But this year, WoodFair focuses on promoting the sustainable high-end use of native and local hardwoods.

Owners and operators of hardwood mills, foresters and woodworkers are gathering at WoodFair to discuss ways to develop local, value-added hardwood industry. They hope to divert high quality hardwood logs destined for firewood and wood chips into high-end use as fine furniture, flooring and trim. Local hardwood mill operators now have the knowledge of how to process these woods to create the stable raw materials for the fine woodworker.

Fine woodworker Joel McCoy says his hope is that he can build a fine woodworking business of mid to high end fine furniture and cabinetry using a consistent supply of sustainably produced high quality local hardwood lumber. Fine woodworkers interested in attending the meeting should contact Susan Bicknell at (707) 768-1975.

A $500 award is being offered through the WoodFair Exhibition for the best use of local hardwood.

General information

The 21st annual WoodFair will be held at Almquist Lumber Company’s retail facility at 5301 Boyd Road on July 10 and 11 from 9 to 5 p.m. Entries are accepted until July 2 for the exhibition and fair. For information about entering, visit HumboldtWoodFair.org or call (707) 768-1975.

Humboldt Woodworking Society is the sponsor, Almquist Lumber Company is the host and College of the Redwoods is the educational partner.

WoodFair is the premier woodworking exhibition on the North Coast. Cash prizes are given in five categories: Fine Furniture; Cabinetry and Casework; Woodturning, Sculpture and Carving; Novice; and All Other. Woodworking students in high school and college are especially encouraged to enter.

This year there is a special prize for Best Use of Local Hardwood.

WoodFair also features free demonstrations and seminars, music, food, booths presenting the works of North Coast woodworking artisans and furniture builders as well as vendors for tools and woodworking supplies.

Demonstrations will feature woodturning, marquetry, carving, intarsia, how a guitar maker uses wood bending, inlay used in banjo building, fine woodworking, portable saw mill use, wood finishing and woodworking tools.

Music emphasizing wooden instruments will feature Kindred Spirits, Striped Pig, Winsome Winds, a string quartet, guitars and banjos, among others. There will be a meeting for hardwood entrepreneurs.

For information about the schedule of demonstrations and music, visit HumboldtWoodFair.org.

Classes in woodworking and related topics are offered both during and after WoodFair.

Marquetry, Woodturning, Marketing, Beginning Carpentry, Fine Woodworking Techniques and Historic Window Restoration are among the topics. For information about classes, visit WoodFair.org or call (707) 269-4000.