Letters To The Editor – July 6, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thanks, and vote Paul

To the People of Humboldt County,

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made our spring campaign a success.  It would not have been possible without each and every one of you who volunteered, donated and endorsed. Thank you for all you have given and the many hours of hard work and dedication you selflessly gave over the last several months. It is the sum of your very efforts that made our campaign successful.

I am grateful for the votes and affirmation I received, and to those who did not vote for me, I want you to know that I have heard your voices and I intend to redouble my efforts to earn your votes in November.

Joanie and I moved here about 15 years ago, and fell in love with this remarkable community. Eight years ago I ran for District Attorney on a platform of Justice For All — including those historically neglected by the justice system such as children, victims of domestic violence, people of color, and victims of corporate fraud — and for modernization. It’s hard to believe now, but when I inherited the office, criminal case information was kept on index cards — not computers.

Since then, my office has aggressively prosecuted the powerful — even when it’s been unpopular. My office prosecuted Maxxam/PL on evidence of fraud. We prosecuted Blue Lake’s police chief for multiple felonies including illegal weapons. We prosecuted an oil company and won a major settlement to protect our drinking water.

But universal justice is not universally popular, and some would rather go back to how things used to be. This would be a mistake.

When I came to office, the murder of Blue Lake teen Curtis Huntzinger was still unsolved after 18 years. It was presumed to be unsolvable. But my investigators cracked the case and obtained a full confession from his murderer, Steven Daniel Hash.

During the campaign, one of my opponents made the disturbing accusation that I had let a child abuser off with a slap on the wrist. It was odd because she, under the previous office, had handled the case back in 2000, and should have known the original sentence was overturned on appeal; my office had to re-prosecute it anew in 2004 and that the perpetrator was sentenced to eight years in prison.

I’ll be the first to admit how much I’ve learned in the past eight years. Delivering justice to all is not easy. Behind the big publicity stories are thousands of small success stories and dozens of daily tragedies. We can’t bring back loved ones — but we can prosecute to the full extent of the law with the best evidence we have, which is what we do.

We cannot go back to how things were; the improvements and progress we’ve achieved over the last eight years are simply too precious to give up.

I ask for your support on my campaign as we move toward a November victory. To donate or get involved go to votepaul.org.

Thank you,

Paul V. Gallegos

Humboldt County District Attorney


Note: At its request, we supplied the Gallegos campaign with a copy of the political cartoon which appeared in our June 2 edition on the condition that we and artist Dave Held get a print of it signed by Tone Loc and DA Gallegos. We’re still waiting… Ed.

ADA at the ATL

While attending my first-ever show at the Arcata Theater Lounge on Saturday night my handicapable (mobility scooter riding) husband was verbally attacked by Lara Cox within five minutes of entering the door.

While trying to find a comfortable space to “hang out” we ran into some friends at a tall table directly to the left of the bar and stopped to chit chat.

While there Laura stormed us and said, “This is not going to work, we will have 600 people here tonight and YOU need to shove that thing up against the wall!”

The 20 people within earshot stood slack jawed at her lack of tact or compassion for someone with mobility issues. While I will agree that the place was packed there were little to no options for someone who is not able to stand. Even the “handicap” ramp to the right of the stage was so packed with people (since there was no place for them to sit) that had he wanted to travel to the lower tiers it would have been impossible.

The Arcata Theater Lounge needs to make accommodations for the handicapped whether they are having a 20-person event or a 600-person event. There should be tables designated for those people and their friends or family who would like to sit, eat, drink and watch a show.

You can blow all kinds of hot air at ADA compliance assessment but the truth is in the usability and in this regard the Arcata Theater Lounge has some work to do.

Shame on you Lara! You should take some lessons from your employees who were more than accommodating in helping us the rest of the evening.

Elysia Nicole Christensen Pressmar


Lara Cox replies:

For large concerts, we have limited seating. For all our shows we work to keep common thoroughfares clear.  This is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for rudeness and I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to the writer of this letter and her husband.  Should you decide to attend another concert at ATL please e-mail us before the event and we can reserve a table for your party.

Lara Cox

Arcata Theatre Lounge

Dell’Arte’s best yet

Every time I attend a Dell’Arte performance in Blue Lake I expect to be disappointed. The reason for this is that every past Dell’Arte performance I’ve seen has been absolutely brilliant, and they couldn’t possibly keep reaching such a high bar, right?

I’m pleased to report that last night I attended Blue Lake: The Opera. They reached the bar and leapt it with ease. I’m still dissecting it.

The hilarity of the gags, jokes and physical comedy, the well defined local history, the compelling story line, the poignancy of the characters and their relationship with each other, the deep elucidation of the human condition in all its flawed beauty, humor and pathos — it’s all there, again, in this truly brilliant production.

Beautiful stage setting, wonderful original live music, fast-paced, ironic, cynical and at the same time hopeful. And the singing! …at times gorgeous and moving, but you have to listen closely for the jokes!

We are so lucky to have these folks in our back yard that I just have to provide this pitch.

Hope to see you there!

Greg King


Friday Night Live thanks

The Humboldt County Friday Night Live Partnership would like to thank the following Friday Night Live and Club Live advisors for their dedication to working with local youth to reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems in our community during this past school year:

John Smith, Zane Middle School ZAP Club Live

Jim Ritter, Jacoby Creek School, JCS Live

Stephanie Brindle and Denise Williams, McKinleyville Middle School Citizenship Club Live

Bonnie Griffiths and Dal Lemmons, Ferndale High School “S” Club/Friday Night Live

Virginia Mullan, Bridgeville School Student Council/Club Live Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.


Grace Brosnahan

Friday Night Live Coordinator, DHHS