Big Al Arrested In Valley West – August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes Alfred is entertaining, other times annoying. TMc | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

VALLEY WEST – The battle of wits and wills between Valley West businesses and corner signholder Alfred Edmundson reached a turning point last week with the citizen’s arrest of Big Al.

A thorn in the side of nearby businesses when he panhandles in Northtown and Valley West, Edmunson had been at odds with the Valley West Chevron at Valley West Boulevard and Giuntoli Lane.

Employees there said that Edmunson had been verbally abusive to them and customers, calling them “Nazis” and other names. One employee obtained a restraining order against Edmundson.

None of the Chevron employees would comment on the record, and Edmundson couldn’t be located for comment. One associate said he had relocated to Northtown, one of his orginal haunts.

APD Lt. Ryan Peterson said officers stood by as a citizen arrested Edmundson for allegedly disturbing the peace and “using words likely to produce a violent reaction.”

“It was to the point where they felt threatened,” Peterson said.

Edmundson’s personality is best described as mercurial, with the serial signholder alternately cordial and hostile, polite and profane on a seemingly random basis.

Several Valley West businesses have reportedly refused to serve him. Peterson said they’ve complained to APD about Edmundson, but that it wasn’t a blacklisting.

Peterson said that Edmundson was “verbally abusive” but otherwise cooperative during his arrest, helping officers secure his two dogs for transport to the county animal shelter.

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9 Responses to “Big Al Arrested In Valley West – August 25, 2010”

  1. Poor guy. I hope he gets his dogs back.

  2. Jacques Gorget

    I wish Mr. Edmunson and his beautiful dogs all the best. He has been a significant contributor to the development of hiking trails in the area. I always enjoy his opinions even if expressed a little roughly. He is always a better source of information than any of the major or minor media behind the curtain.

    Best of all, his opinions are his own, not those of outsiders bilking the taxpayers via nusiance laws suits guaranteed to be settled on the baisi of budget forecasts rathr than truth. Time for a law making all such buy-offs public information, not secret tax money shifting schemes.

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  4. I Luv Bums

    Leave Al alone!

  5. […] for the purposes of clarification and intent, this Report’s observations regarding the citizen’s arrest and picture of “Big Al” Edmunson posted on the Arcata Eye website had absolutely nothing to do with or about any issues with Kevin Hoover. Neither did anyone […]

  6. Laurie

    Al is my friend and if someone like maybe lorna steward heard it and got on the ball, maybe al would get a check that would help him get off the streets. hes one of those who have fallen through the cracks..he often treats people with the same respect he is given. so hey. take that to heart. be nice, Im sure he will be.. Go Al. .

  7. random northtowner

    Al has been a staple. Mercurial indeed. He’s tried to pick a drunken fight with me, and he has viciously slandered folks in northtown businesses. That’s the worst I can say about him over 13 years of passing on the corner. That said, he certainly doesn’t deserve incarceration. Unfortunately, help is unavailable and undesired here.
    There, but for the grace of the gods, go I.

  8. DancinMiriam

    There but for the grace of God go I indeed! That’s where I have a real hard time with the harassment (in this case incarceration) of those like Big Al. I have passed him in Northtown and in Valley West, and he has always had a smile and a warm hello and ‘bless you’ – even when I didn’t offer cash. Of all those ‘in need’ at the Plaza or Valley West, Al has seemed the most ‘sincere’ and as an elderly houseless man, and VietNam vet (Al not me), I can understand his need and inability to get the appropriate aid, because as random northtowner has stated and I opened this comment with, there but for the grace of God go I – something most everyone should remember when passing judgment on Al or any number of people trying to get by these days. Shabbat Shalom Al

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