Kneeland Shooting Update – August 27, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mykal Wilde

KNEELAND – The investigation into the Kneeland shooting is continuing and evidence continues to be collected and evaluated.  As released yesterday, the suspect, Mykal Wilde, 28 of Eureka, was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop a short distance from the Kneeland Airport.

Detectives have learned that the three victims had been hired by Wilde to assist in marijuana cultivation.  Wednesday evening, a dispute developed between Wilde and the three men.  The preliminary investigation revealed that Wilde was in possession of a firearm and opened fire, killing one and wounding another; the third man was uninjured.  The two surviving men fled and were separated.  Early reports indicate that Wilde continued to search for the two survivors throughout the night.

Yesterday morning, the injured victim contacted CalFire personnel at the Kneeland Helitack Base.  At about the same time, the uninjured survivor separately contacted a jogger.  Law enforcement personnel responded to the area and conducted a systematic search.  At about 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon, they located the deceased victim near the grow site.

Deputies found and eradicated 1,554 growing marijuana plants at the site of the shooting.  There were several Proposition 215 recommendations posted and the legality of the growing operation remains under investigation.  Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives obtained and served three search warrants: the suspect’s vehicle, his residence and a trailer located on the property of the grow site. At Wilde’s residence deputies found more than 20 pounds of processed marijuana, a digital scale, packaging materials and ammunition.

The victims’ identities are being withheld.  At this point in the investigation there is no evidence that any of the three victims were armed.  The investigation is continuing. Law enforcement personnel remained at the site throughout last night and today.

Gary Philp


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