Robert Bruce Garth, 1979–2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robert Garth

Robert Bruce Garth born January 7, 1979, was tragically taken from this earth too soon on August 7, 2010. He was born at home in Eureka into his father’s arms, he attended Blue Lake Elementary and Arcata High School, graduating in 1998.

Robert was athletic, loved baseball, tennis and was a big A’s fan. Robert was a writer and a painter: keep an eye out for his murals in Blue Lake. He loved animals and raised livestock at home. He eschewed cars, riding a bicycle everywhere he went; his long-distance bike trips included the Bay Area and Oregon. Days before he died he pedaled from Blue Lake to Willow Creek to see the dentist.

Handy with tools, he maintained and repaired his own bicycles and managed other small craft projects. He liked the outdoors, and was skilled at living off the land. The people of Blue Lake were generous to him.

He was very loyal to and took care of his disabled mother. He is survived by his father Charles Bruce Garth and his mother Mary Nell Gillick Garth, his brothers Patrick Garth, Jake Garth, Carlos Espinosa, and his sister Mariposa Garth-Pelly. His grandmother Mildred Garth, his aunts and uncles on the Garth side: Peggy, Mike, Susan, Tom, Russell, Beatrice, and Donald. His aunts and uncles on the Gillick side: Rick, Joe, William, Anne and Ed. He is also survived by many cousins.

You have passed after a long battle with life. We wish we had had more time with you.