Your Name And Address, Dumped All Over The Bottoms – August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right underneath the NO DUMPING sign, too. You really have to wonder about the mentality in play here. Ted has a theory – he thinks the dumpers were “sticking it to the man,” as though ruining the natural environment is some kind of blow against authority? Photos courtesy Ted Halstead

Letter of the Week

Tuesday morning, Aug. 10, we were on our way to Crescent City and after feeding the cat at the bridge we noticed this pile of crap located at the junction of Jackson Ranch Road and Foster Avenue.

Upon perusal of the junk, we noticed a large number of boxes that had the same Arcata address and phone number.

I called and the gentleman said that he had hired some individuals to take things to the dump for him, the day before. I explained that the area under the No Dumping sign at this location was not the dump.

He agreed and was mortified. He explained how important the environment was to him and how he was going to ream those guys out.

As I was talking to him on the phone another good samaritan offered to take the recyclables to the recycling center.

I called him back and told him that his work load would be lessened by this good samaritan’s actions. He assured me that the scoundrels would be out there soon to clean up the mess.

We continued on to Jedediah Smith State Park and stopped on our way back to be sure that the mess had been cleaned up.

There were two boxes of garbage that were missed and while I was picking those up the business owner stopped by, trying to ascertain if his two employees had done the job they were supposed to do. I told him they had but they missed these two boxes.

He took them with him and I told him of my intention of writing you, in hopes that you would encourage people who hire others to take their garbage to the dump to make certain to get a dump receipt or find other means of being assured that the individuals are reputable.

Ted Halstead


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