Daphne Didn’t Deserve To Be Dumped – September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

Daphne supervising Companion Animal Foundation’s music department. KLH | Eye

SUNNY BRAE – Daphne is a fluffy foundling who turned up the morning of April 27 at Sunny Brae’s Companion Animal Foundation (CAF). Someone had left her locked up in a portable kennel out front. Though store policy disallows dumping of animals, the helpless nymph peering out from between the bars of the mini-jail was taken in.

Daphne quickly found a niche. With a friendly personality and a good customer service ethic, the young tabby quickly rose through the ranks and now reigns as Store Manager. Between naps, that is.

Daphne was on duty last Saturday, lounging atop the used LP records in the store’s back corner, accepting nuzzles.

“She helps with all kinds of things,” said CAF’s Laura Leonard. This includes standing vigilant watch over well-worn Greatest Hits compilations by Jay and the Americans and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. It was a tough gig, but Daphne pulled it off with enviable feline serenity.

In her three-plus months at the store, Daphne has both matured and mellowed. “She was sassy, but she’s toned it down,” Leonard said. That may have to do with being separated from the frisky youngsters in the kitten room.

Which is not to say that Daphne doesn’t like mingling. “She tolerates the hustle and bustle,” Leonard observed. “Even when customers bring their dogs in, she seems to do well with them.”

But Daphne yearns for something more – a home that isn’t a retail center. “She would like more than living in the store,” Leonard said.

Even though she’s a true spring chicken-kitten, Daphne the tabby tween now has a young adult look to her. This reduces her adoption appeal.

“Most people want kittens,” Leonard said.

And yet, Daphne still is a kitten at heart. Her Saturday siesta in the record section was followed by a stretch, a claw-scratch on the already-shopworn album covers (don’t tell Kim) and a leisurely loll on the store’s carpet. There, a patron’s tummy scratch was rewarded with a playful swat. Boundaries, lady.

“I wouldn’t say she’s a lap cat,” Leonard said, “but she enjoys attention.”

You can enjoy Daphne enjoying your attention by contacting CAF at (707) 826-PETS. She’s microchipped, disease free, vaccinated, tanned, rested and ready. OK, not tanned.

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