Dave Meserve’s Campaign Announcement – September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dave Meserve Campaign Press Release

Meserve will bring balance to Arcata City Council

ARCATA MARSH – Arcata City Council candidate Dave Meserve officially announced his candidacy on Thursday afternoon in front of the floating boat dock at the Arcata Marsh, on South I St. Meserve chose to launch his campaign at the new floating dock since it was a project he championed while serving on the council and worked with others to create.

“The Arcata Marsh highlights one of the many ways Arcata has been on the cutting edge of livable, prosperous, and progressive cities,” said Meserve.

Dave Meserve and current Councilmember Shane Brinton, who introduced the candidate. Not among the values Meserve espouses is case consistency in text, as the sign in the foreground sports a dotted "i" surrounded by capital letters in the word "COMiNG." The sign also predicts Meserve's return to the hitherto unknown location of "City Haii." KLH | Eye

“The Arcata City Council needs to step up and take action with a more balanced approach to issues,” said Meserve. “We need to balance development with environmental protection, balance public safety with civil liberties, balance a vibrant downtown with vibrant neighborhoods, and balance supporting business with supporting  people.”

Meserve, who serve on the Arcata City Council from 2002 to 2006, spoke in front of over a dozen supporters, including business owners, former and current elected officials and other community members.

Meserve emphasized the need for Arcata to actively participate in creating regional self-sufficiency in energy, food production and economic development. He also spoke about the need to be more “future-focused” with city planning and community development, and the importance of using “negotiating skills rather than confrontation to address community issues.”

Current Arcata City Councilmember Shane Brinton introduced Meserve and announced that Meserve was the only candidate endorsed by the Central Labor Council despite there being two open seats. “I appreciate his strong commitment to social and economic justice,” Brinton said. “He’ll fight for working families by pushing for living-wage jobs, affordable housing, and poverty relief.”

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15 Responses to “Dave Meserve’s Campaign Announcement – September 9, 2010”

  1. Pot City, USA

    Meserve knows nothing about balance. As a council member it was his way or no way. His way was always to the extreme. It would be horrible for Arcata if he is elected. But, the voters already know that, why else would he fail to get re-elected being an incumbent with three open seats.

  2. David

    Mr./Ms. Pot City… your comments are short on facts. As a voter, I need to see clear and concise facts. Clearly, you are not a supporter of Mr. Meserve and nothing wrong with that. However, if you truly want to be taken seriously, give dates, times and incidents otherwise your comments make you sound like a disgruntled opponent.

  3. Mark Sailors

    LOL @ city HAii.

  4. There was an outbreak of lowercase Ls last week. Take a look at the current window sign at the Outdoor Store offering discounts on REGUIAR items.

  5. Darn those volunteer sign-makers, anyhow. Now, I’ll just have to hire a Letter Nazi to oversee and discipline them!

  6. I have a request for Dave, the other candidates and every other rational being in the world. Can we refrain from use of the term “Nazi” when referring to things other than Nazis? That word is getting tossed around frivolously and becoming meaningless. Thank you.

    Just as an afterthought, it doesn’t make one a you-know-what to observe basic punctuation, letter case and so forth. We get quite enough poorly configured slop shoveled at us here at the paper and have to spend obscene amounts of time fixing it.

  7. That’s a hand made, one-of-a-kind yard sign you’re criticizing, Kevin, not a letter or an essay or a newspaper column.

  8. 1. So?

    2. I didn’t criticize it.

  9. “Not among the values Meserve espouses is case consistency in text, as the sign in the foreground sports a dotted “i” surrounded by capital letters in the word “COMiNG.” The sign also predicts Meserve’s return to the hitherto unknown location of “City Haii.” KLH/Eye

    That is what you said. Is that not criticism?

  10. No, it’s analysis with satire.

    Criticism would be if one said, for example, that a candidate’s inattention to detail, or blithe willingness to promote sloppy punctuation, or spending an inordinate amount of energy reacting to mild satire raises questions about his or her sense of proportion and qualification for office, since all those things will come into play in the elected position.

    Basicaiiy, when you spend a iot of time deaing with iaziiy and pooriy-composed text submissions, you can’t heip but notice when you see a campaign sign showing careiess disregard for basic punctuation. In my opinion though, the handmade Meserve signs make up in heart, originaiity, sustainabiiity and generai artistic vaiue for their iack of case consistency. I wouid hope that other candidates foiiow that exampie rather than order a bunch of the usuai ugiy piastic signs from Iiiinois or wherever.

    By the way, Friday, Sept. 24 is the big day. http://www.nationalpunctuationday.com/

  11. TSL

    Not “Dignity Village” again!!!
    This guy with some help from outside the area activists (like Kim Starr) wanted city owned land for a self sustaining homeless camp. What a waste of time and money all that was with endless city council meetings and the Arcata city homeless task force (2005) made up of local citizens and a few bad actors, which included Tad Robinson, that resulted in…Nothing. In a town of 15,000 how many of our homeless want to work on a lord of the flies type farm and not get back their lives?

    Dave Meserve did nothing for this town before (besides wanting to get himself into the papers). I doubt anything will happen if he is elected again.

    By the way, he says all that homeless campground stuff was blow up by Kevin Hoover . But he forgets that city council meetings are broadcast, many of us saw it going on for months & months.A simple Google search will refresh the memory.

  12. TSL: your points would have more moral force if you used your real name on your comment. In part because there will be the inevitable accusation that Hoover wrote it.

    But you do raise some valid points. The core values that Dave espouses are fairly unassailable, in my opinion. But it’s all in the execution. It is his willingness to veer off into extremes that has saddled him with a lot of baggage. Dave and Paul Pitino did appoint Kim Starr, Tad Robinson and Paul Billups to this body, and with their extreme rhetoric (Tad, as usual, calling people Nazis), hostility and uncooperative attitude they managed to waste hours and hours of time on procedural matters.

    In part because of Dave telling them they were doing “great,” the task force came up with a bloated, completely useless document and the $39,000 grant was wasted. The document had to be re-done by a consultant at an additional cost of $5,000.

    It’s not my intention to visit all of Dave’s previous misadventures on him, as it’s a new day, people grow and so on. But you do have the right to take into account a candidate’s record in considering him or her for office.

  13. Carolyn

    I support Dave because he helps represent a wide spectrum of Arcata citizens. I’d be nice to have Kevin Hoover (kevpod-Arcata Eye)) get off his anti Dave podium so we could hear other voices. Kevin, go back to funny arrest notices. that’s where you got your start. Please lets all let the voice of Dave be heard. Support Dave Meserve for Arcata City Council – a working man of intelligence,community commitment, innovator, kind neighbor.

  14. Carolyn

    After re-reading Kevin’s entries, I want to apologize… it’s just Kevin being Kevin with his approach to the written word. I apologize.

  15. That’s OK. I really like Dave Meserve. He’s a great Arcatan. Our political beliefs are not so dissimilar, in fact they’re more alike than not. I think we differ mostly on tactics and implementation.

    Also in my defense, folks, I just want to point out that it is Kevin Hoover who pays reporters to write up Dave’s news, and who has always given him unlimited space to publish his views. Then I pay a printer to reproduce this information.

    I’m certain that the Eye has carried more of Dave’s verbiage over the years than any other periodical, probably more than the rest of ’em combined. So when it comes time for criticism – me of his actions or him of mine – I don’t feel so bad about doing that, either.


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