Shay Park Victim Died Of Meth – October 15, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eye Staff Report

SHAY PARK – The traveler who was found dead in Jolly Giant Creek in Shay Park Sept. 23 died of a methamphetamine overdose, according to the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.

Dale Wayne Martin, 41, of Grants Pass, Ore., was discovered in Jolly Giant Creek. Pinpointing the time of death was not possible, according to Deputy Coroner Charlie Van Buskirk, since the water was cold and the area was shaded. Van Buskirk said Martin had been there for two to seven days.

Toxicology tests of a tissue sample returned a methamphetamine level of 5.9 mg/Kg, or 5.9 milligrams of meth per kilogram of body weight. Van Buskirk said 4.8 mg/Kg can be lethal.

In addition, small amounts of both alcohol and Orphenadrine, a muscle relaxant, were also present.

Van Buskirk said there was no evidence of trauma or injury. It is not known how Martin’s body came to be in the creek location, which was surrounded by thick foliage.

Sadly, Van Buskirk said Martin had been headed to Southern California to reconcile with an estranged relative.

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15 Responses to “Shay Park Victim Died Of Meth – October 15, 2010”

  1. Lorri

    Ya, he was going home, after many years of listening to his demons he decided to face them and go home. Now he is truly home and can now be happy. He was the step dad to my 2 girls and his 2 boys are like my own and all of the kids are saddened they love and miss him very much. Yes he had demons and they took over him but that don’t change the fact that he was loved and we all wanted him home. I am saddened by the fact that he died alone in a place where no one knew him and they only saw him as a “problem to their community” all cities have there share of crimes and homeless people and some do die and their family never know, I am grateful that we got to have this closure and we now know where he is but the not knowing was the hardest and I hope in the future if this happens again your community remembers Dale and remembers he was a person with family and friends and just needed a little help and lost his life on his way there, believe me we would rather of had him home when he passed then be somewhere that only thought of him as a problem to their community. I hope his kids never see the stuff that was written from the guy about the brain suckin dead guy, I hope that guy knows that carma is a b—h and when it comes around he will know why he got it!

  2. cher

    im sorry for your loss but can you please help me out. im wanting to know if this is the same dale that i new when i lived in gold beach. sons derek and josh. mom dee.

  3. Mike

    Cher thats him!

  4. Joshua Tree Speciale

    I found him in the creek and I couldn’t identify him, did he still have a head? I believe the homeless are blamed too much. And I don’t believe his death was accidentally whether or not it was overdose. The meth was just a tool, but that’s my theory. Lorri did you see the body?

  5. shawna

    dale martin was my first everything. he and his best friend david taught me everything i know about how to survive in a world where the odds are stacked against us. every night i jogg past rthe house we used to live in, and i stop and talk to him. and tell him that he is/was and always will be. he and david are legends in my mind. i love you dale marin and always will. your friend shawna

  6. Mike martin

    Joshua, please look me up on face book. i go by mike martin i am in denver. i am dales brother.
    thank you

  7. rodney wilson

    hi mike , shawna im on face book dont know if u rember me but was good freind of dales there by the school in the white house .just hurd about dale sunday been trying to find out from david what happend .i left medford long time back had to get out of that life unfortuntly had to let go of lot of pepole to get my life straitend up but live in AR now just like to pay my condulences to mike dee roy shawna please add me on face book rodney g wilson dennard arkansas onelobo1969 at yahoo

  8. Kora

    Mike, I want you to know that I love you and I am soooo sorry to hear about your baby brother.
    When I think of things in my life that I wish I would have been able to do better I always think of the two of you.
    I truly do and did love you both as much as a heart could love even though its confusing as it has been I will always know the love that we share is true.
    It made me think that something was crooked and wrong when I heard about this and I hope justice is acheived somehow, he wasnt a problem and didnt deserve this BULLSHIT story to haunt his loved ones and family the way this most certainly does.
    Keep your head up and tell the story of his heart as loud and full as we all remember him OK?
    Again, know that I love you please try to find peace and gain the streangth from the good times he was a part of.
    Your wife Kora

  9. I’m just curious. What’s “bullshit” about this story? Looking for specifics.

  10. Throbber

    Yeah, what part of the story are you disputing? Was he not found in a creek in the circumstances that are described?

  11. terisa

    we all know dale was far from perfect. why is it when someone dies people forget all the negative things about them…i have not forgotten…

  12. neighbor

    Anyways what I’m concerned with is did anybody see Dales body after He die? Also when was the last time you heard from Dale before he died? Because Josh & I think there is a big discrepancy as to how long his body was down there. Because 2 months prior to the body being found. My son reported screams coming from the area of the park,but couldn’t tell if it had actually come from the park or the big building at the bottom of the hill. I called the Police & reported the screams the police came to my house 7 tried to enter my home when I was trying to tell them that they needed to go to the park cause somebody was being hurt screaming for help. So they stopped trying to enter my home & walked to the bottom of the hill shined a flashlight towards the park & never entered the park. Then quickly came back up the hill got in their car & split & that was the last we heard until Dale was found. So please Lorrie or Mike can let me know if you got to see his body. This whole thing is really perplexing & I don’t like the fact that this happened in my neighbor hood. Whether or not there was drugs in his system. The homeless camps are a smoke screen. Josh said he was well dressed and his shirt was tucked into his belted pants & he had nice shoes. He said he didn’t seem like a homeless guy.

  13. Eric

    I am sorry for the loss, it is always tragic to lose a father. Shawna, Derek, and Josh we have been looking for you for a while and this is not how I had imagined we would find you. Shawna I really hope this is the Shawna I have been looking for. If it is and you live in Gold Beach then you are my step sister. The last memory I have is after our dad died we came up to visit you. Dale took us fishing up the road on a log that had fallen into the river and I fell in on our way back. We lost touch after that and my mom has been looking for you for the past few years. We have all been wondering where you were and if you were all right. I hope you get this message and you will contact us. My e-mail is
    Once again I am sorry that this is how I found you but I do hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Lorri

    Joshua and neighbor, my e-mail is I would love to hear from either or both of you. I don’t know if you have talked to Mike or anyone else in the family but I would like hear what you feel about all of this. It don’t add up to us and we would like anything that might help, even if it only helps get our kids some closure then it will be a big help. thanks Lorri

  15. Candy Carter

    So sad to hear I loved him once upon a brief time. He had a good heart and a tortured soul may his next life be filled with happiness. Blessings to all those whose hearts he touched.


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