Letter Of The Week: Days Inn’s Denial Isn’t Working – December 1, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From: Randy Mendosa <rmendosa@cityofarcata.org>

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 10:27:22 -0700

To: Tarun Patel <tspatel@silvercreekhospitality.com>, Mukesh Mowji <mjmowji@silvercreekhospitality.com>, Anil Patel <arpatel@silvercreekhospitality.com>

Cc: Janet Luzzi <jluzzi@cityofarcata.org,> Nancy Diamond <ndiamond@humboldt1.com>

Subject: FW: Days Inn Notice of Delinquency thru 9/30/10

Dear Tarun, Mukesh, and Anil,

On October 7, 2010 the City of Arcata Finance Office served the attached notice to Days Inn Manager Mike Miller, of Delinquent Transient Occupancy Tax in the amount of$60,625 for the months of June, July, August and September of 2010. To date our notice has been simply ignored.

As you know, the Payment Agreement which we signed in June, does not suspend, alter or waive your ongoing obligation to make regular TOT remittances as required by law.

The Payment Agreement also requires that you timely pay all on-going utility charges as invoiced by the City.  Simply ignoring your TOT payments is a violation of the law, and also violates the terms of the Payment Agreement.

It appears our Payment Agreement is not working. I have therefore directed our staff and attorney to pursue this matter to the fullest extent of the law.

Randy Mendosa, City Manager

City of Arcata California

736 F Street

Arcata, CA  95521

Office Direct: 707.825.2100

FAX: 707.822.8018


4 Responses to “Letter Of The Week: Days Inn’s Denial Isn’t Working – December 1, 2010”

  1. Bob Westhead

    The Patels are the scourge of Eureka/Arcata. They were my landlords in Arcata when I attended HSU. They are rip-off thieves. They stole my deposit. Don’t ever rent from them! Hotels, houses etc…

  2. Bob, I think that’s an over-generalization. There are a lot of people named Patel in the hotel business and they are definitely not all using Days Inn’s business standards or lack thereof.

  3. rob

    no, hes right, this particular patel family is a bunch of weasels,i stayed at this hotel in 2009, and they tried to extort a $200.oo deposit for a 49.99 room, the manager at the time, not one of the patels, but a caucasian fellow, looked me in the eye, and said i would get my tripreward points for the chains program, and then, when I contacted the chains promotional arm, he had told them I hadnt paid an eligible rate, I had to fight & fight to get my points, and the fact that i was lied to, left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth.I am not surprised AT ALL to see this property in the paper over other dishonest business practices, given the way they treated me as a CUSTOMER.

  4. rob

    I’m pretty sure the manager at the time (who lied to my face about my getting my reward points for the room I rented) is one ‘Michael Miller’, who, i assume was working on behalf of the patel family in this instance…what I DO know, is I eventually got HALF of the points from the parent chain as a gesture of goodwill, but it certainly soured me on this particular property.–I noticed an article in the eureka paper’s website referencing a government employee notating mr millers duplicity and rudeness on the phone in (bureacratic) matter concerning this hotel.–as rule, bureucrats dont mention the demeanor of who they are speaking with in official reports, but in his case they did.-I am NOT surprised at all.

    and the ‘economy’ claim, is total hoohah,there are at least 3 other hotels in that district that do just fine for themselves.quite simply, the days inn’s lack of hospitality, and rude treatment of guests has EVERYTHING to do with their business practices, and low revenue.NOT the ‘economy’


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