APD Makes Elder Abuse Arrest – February 17, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

APD Press Release

ARCATA – On Feb. 9 the Arcata Police Department received the report that an elderly woman was a victim of possible financial abuse at the hands of her adult son.

APD detectives, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and two local banks worked together to determine that the woman’s son had allegedly written more than 43 checks, forging his mother’s name and stealing nearly $10,000 from her. The 83-year-old woman, who lives on a fixed income, was dependent on her son’s assistance in preparing checks for paying bills.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, detectives arrested 58-year-old Hurley Miller of McKinleyville on suspicion of forgery and elder abuse. Miller was booked into the Humboldt County Jail.

Adult Protective Services was notified and will be providing assistance.

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5 Responses to “APD Makes Elder Abuse Arrest – February 17, 2011”

  1. Brandy

    This is just something for the DA to pick up on and roll with.I mean DA wants to look good right now. But with that you should know whats actually going on. The police received a report? Where did that report come from? Someone that’s mad and not getting his way? Well I know the family. And it devastated the mother when she received the call from her son from Humboldt County Jail. Her words were “Hurly doesn’t deserve this. He does everything for me.He’s my driver, cooker and my cleaner.” Hurly loves his mother. He wouldn’t and doesn’t have to steal from his mother. Of course they’re like every other family they have their arguments but these accusations are ridiculous. You can go to the grocery store and they would tell you first hand that yes Hurly writes checks for his mom. Most time she stand right there telling him to do so cause it takes everything she’s got to just make it through the store. She doesn’t have the energy or stability to stand and write/sign a check too.”That’s hurly’s job.”And as to the Charges…He wasn’t charged with elderly abuse. that’s bull his charge was elderly theft. so newspapers get it write if your gonna print anything.
    And when a mother stands there telling someone that her son didn’t do this and she’s saying no to the charges and to APS well then I think that’s when the APD should look a little closer and not just run with that band wagon for brownie points. why should she have top go through all the pain and misery due to the consequences of a phone call from someone that’s jealous or just wants the mother all to that ones self…..

  2. According to the Arcata Police Department, the charges were forgery and elder abuse.


    According to the correctional facility when he was in custody, Hurly Miller was charged with forgery and elderly theft

  4. Is it theft or abuse, if she gave him permission to sign the checks? I suppose the act is imprudent, either way; but, if he was just helping her out….


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