Days Inn’s Water Shut Off – February 1, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

VALLEY WEST – With Days Inn refusing to pay more than $174,000 in back debt or even communicate with the City about its overdue tax and utility bills, the City of Arcata cut off the troubled motel’s water on Monday.

Said a City of Arcata press release, “This action was necessary to protect the City from taking on more of a growing unpaid debt from Silver Creek Hospitality aka Penta Hospitality, which over the majority of the past two years has owed the City of Arcata for unpaid municipal water and sewer services, as well as Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) the hotel was required by law to collect for the City.

Arcata City Manager Randy Mendosa stated: “Over the course of the past two years our City staff has made great efforts in trying to work with the owners of Silver Creek Hospitality/aka Penta Hospitality, in attempts to keep the Arcata Days Inn open.  However after repeated notices they simply stopped paying for utility fees and TOT that has accumulated since June of 2010.”

The City had hoped to avoid rendering the motel uninhabitable with a water cutoff, as it poses health and safety issues for guests. The motel’s management and owners were given advance notice of the impending water shutoff, Mendosa said, including a two-week warning, a Friday notice (including the standard doorhanger residents receive) and a last-minute Monday morning reminder.

Mendosa said the City wanted to give the motel time to let its weekend guests check out before turning off the water. “I really hated to do it, but we had no choice,” Mendosa said. “We’re not a bank and we can’t keep floating them.”

The City had previously received a Certificate of Tax Lein against the motel, but it was ignored and the debt kept piling up.

The Arcata Days Inn is owned and operated by San Jose-based Silver Creek Hospitality LLC, aka Penta Hospitality. None of the company’s listed contacts have ever returned phone calls from the Eye.


5 Responses to “Days Inn’s Water Shut Off – February 1, 2011”

  1. Pretty sad, but it is about time considering they will shut the water off on anyone else for a single month past due.

    Maybe they should pay their employees as well.

    Just a thought.

  2. Rob

    i stayed at this hotel in 2009, and they tried to extort a $200.oo deposit for a 49.99 room, the manager at the time, not one of the patels, but a caucasian fellow, looked me in the eye, and said i would get my tripreward points for the chains program, and then, when I contacted the chains promotional arm, he had told them I hadnt paid an eligible rate, I had to fight & fight to get my points, and the fact that i was lied to, left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth.I am not surprised AT ALL to see this property in the paper over other dishonest business practices, given the way they treated me as a CUSTOMER.

    #22738 rob
    December 20, 2010 at 1:57 pmI’m pretty sure the manager at the time (who lied to my face about my getting my reward points for the room I rented) is one ‘Michael Miller’, who, i assume was working on behalf of the patel family in this instance…what I DO know, is I eventually got HALF of the points from the parent chain as a gesture of goodwill, but it certainly soured me on this particular property.–I noticed an article in the eureka paper’s website referencing a government employee notating mr millers duplicity and rudeness on the phone in (bureacratic) matter concerning this hotel.–as rule, bureucrats dont mention the demeanor of who they are speaking with in official reports, but in his case they did.-I am NOT surprised at all.

    and the ‘economy’ claim, is total hoohah,there are at least 3 other hotels in that district that do just fine for themselves.quite simply, the days inn’s lack of hospitality, and rude treatment of guests has EVERYTHING to do with their business practices, and low revenue.NOT the ‘economy’

    I say good riddance to a bad business.

  3. Take a look a the replies when we first broke this story. They did exactly what a poorly-run business does: blame the newspaper. This while they continued to charge taxes and keep the money, not even paying employees.–-march-3-2010/

  4. Noting that Kevin, where are the criminal charges against the owners and management? Tax fraud, non payment of wages, and theft of services are all crimes, and with the amount of money we are talking about, they would rise to the level of felonies.

  5. Right, this outfit is keeping close to $200,000 of the public’s money.


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