Grow House Busts Net Pot, Coke, Gun, Cash – February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, officers from the Arcata Police Department’s Special Services Unit, assisted by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, served two search warrants in residential neighborhoods in Arcata. Both search warrants were served on residences where illegal marijuana cultivation operations were suspected to be taking place.

The first search warrant was served in the 700 block of Fickle Hill Road. Officers seized nearly 100 marijuana plants, more than 5 pounds of processed marijuana and a loaded semi-automatic handgun. Additionally, officers seized almost $35,000 in cash.

Gregory Allan Willard, age 35, of Arcata was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail for possession of marijuana for sale, operating a house for the manufacture of drugs and cultivation of marijuana.

The second search warrant, served at a residence in the 800 block of Shirley Boulevard, uncovered  another illegal marijuana growing operation.  Officers seized more than 200 marijuana plants, more than five pounds of processed marijuana and approximately five grams of cocaine. Additionally, officers seized almost $30,000 in cash.

Magdalena Heil, age 29, of Arcata was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail for possession of marijuana for sale, operating a house for the manufacture of drugs, possession of dangerous drugs and cultivation of marijuana.

City of Arcata building inspectors discovered numerous building code violations at both residences, necessitating the immediate disconnection of electrical service.

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15 Responses to “Grow House Busts Net Pot, Coke, Gun, Cash – February 16, 2011”

  1. Stop persecuting liberty of conscience; stop the drug war, that We can not afford; and be a free country, without hypocrisy…or is that too much to ask of the dinosaurs of discrimination and prejudice?

  2. David

    Set em free I wonder if they ever commited a crime in their life. I bet not. Go get the crooks and criminals that harm and rob people. Go get the child molesters and sex offenders. Leave the harmless pot grower alone..Please

  3. Making felons out of liberty-loving patriots breeds contempt for the American system of government, makes a mockery of American jurisprudence and creates crime and criminal organizations that easily buy their way into Our law enforcement agencies and public offices.

  4. Jack

    Let me tell you about one of these “liberty-loving patriots”–i.e. the grower busted on Fickle Hill. He raced his truck up and down fickle hill road day and night, literally dozens and dozens of times per day, at unbelievable speeds, virtually terrorizing neighbors. For someone operating in an underground economy, he certainly did a good job of drawing plenty attention to himself: speed around all day in a loud, obnoxious truck. Reading today that he was busted made me overjoyed. My otherwise wonderful neighborhood is now free from this jerk. Note to other growers: lay low, don’t be a dick, and live in a way that allows your neighbors to actually tolerate you–whatever you do to make your living.

  5. Aw c’mon Jack. Is this the face of an armed, self-sbsorbed reckless driver whose grow house degraded the neighborhood or a liberty-loving patriot?

  6. Anon

    Jack, perhaps you should move to a gated-retirement community? You ever try to live in downtown? Talk about terrorizing the neighborhood! I’d love to see what complaints evolve from you afterward. Also, I personally know one of these “liberty-loving patriots” and they are good people. People screw up, but it’s no reason to pigeonhole them as a result: Innocent until proven guilty right? Not all “growers” are bad people in other words.

  7. I gotta side with the neighbor: just imagine if he had always driven 25, I bet he would have never been noticed. Ever. Fickle Hill isn’t downtown, it’s a windy, twisty, steep sidewalk-less road, with blind corners a plenty. As a cyclist, it’s a death trap due to folks who drive like that. Slow down, and stop being the type of idiot who, cough, cough, stinks up the roads.

  8. Anyone who has the brazen temerity to criticize ANYTHING to do with cannabis, or even to report news about it, is immediately subjected to shredding criticism of the most vile kind imaginable up to and including death threats. This drug forms the center of many people’s lives. It gives them a clothing style, a music, a lexicon, an entire culture, basically. Oh, and lots of people’s finances are deeply bound up in cannabis production, so they don’t want the boat rocked or any publicity cast upon it. As far as the neighborhood-destruction aspect, they don’t give a flying fuck because pot is god. I haven’t approved the most scathing comments regarding “Jack,” because they’re just calling him schoolyard names. Go ahead and revile him or me, but at least provide some substance, some humor, some indication of consciousness, something besides a lame-ass profane name.

  9. elm

    Greg hardly even drives- he bikes every where. He is a very, very sweet person. He is involved im many communtiy service projects, and is always available to help his friends. He has a small truck (not loud) that sits for weeks and months at a time.

  10. anon

    What the hell, this is so sad that Greg was the one busted when its was his idiot roommate with the guns, cash, and loud truck. Greg was the gardener and a world class bicyclist, makes me incredibly disappointed that his name was busted and not his careless partner.

  11. anon1

    “Anon”: Good idea. Let’s start pointing fingers within the community and start publishing our opinions of innocence and guilt online. Even better. maybe you should write the entire name of his “Idiot Roommate” in case he hasn’t already been charged with anything.

  12. Jack,
    When someone has a civil noise complaint, is it equitable to wish any and all manner of malice upon the perpetrator? What happened to civility? Did anyone politely address the noise issue? I doubt it.
    Baseless name calling is not constructive, I agree. Perhaps, a lifetime of prejudice, harassment, and discrimination for fancying a medicinal herb has caused a bit of animosity, here.

  13. Alan

    Also ‘Anon’ or at I hope you check in on your post. I’m Gregs dad and would like to hear from him.

  14. Steve

    That’s what you get punk!… for acting like you’re soooo cool all of the time, on that COCAINE!?!
    You know who you are!!!



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