Guy F.D.R. Kuttner 1946–2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guy F.D.R. Kuttner

Our dear Guyzie (aka: Guy, Guyzer, Pepe, Pops, Mister K, Kuttner, Professor Kuttner, Thumper) was born in Chicago on May 23, 1946 and continued his journey into the greater being on March 3, 2011. Guy was a wonderful teacher who made us laugh and think. He was a wise, ridiculous and passionate lover of life, his family and friends.

Guy participated in all aspects of life with his big, golden heart and beautiful smile. He gardened, cooked, painted, built, restored streams and worked tirelessly for the earth. We will always see him walking jauntily across his school campuses, laughing boldly where no one had gone before, singing exuberantly with us, or bravely speaking truth to power.

Guy shared his humanity, insight, irreverence and wit through his writings on school reform, social justice, politics and the people he knew. He wrote books, columns and powerful letters to the editor.

He was a lifelong peacemaker and war resister. After turning in his draft card with a poem to J. Edgar Hoover in resistance to the Vietnam War, he worked whole-heartedly with the War Resisters’ League, War Tax Resistance Movement, Humboldt Draft Coordinating Committee, Humboldt Sanctuary Movement and Humboldt Committee for Conscientious Objectors, establishing the GI Rights Hotline.

Guy was beloved brother to Peter, husband to Cindy, father to Rio, Sita and Jessie, grandfather to Emmit and Everett, and friend and teacher to many.

Dear Guyzie! We will always miss your presence and will keep your spirit alive, sharing the joy, passion, and love you gave us.

In his honor, plant a tree, befriend a stranger and stand up for your beliefs. Donations can be sent to the Guy Kuttner Nature Education Memorial Fund at any Coast Central Credit Union branch.

There will be a community celebration for Guy on July 9, 2011 at the Bayside Grange.

Guy’s wish

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and take care of this place. You have been gifted to spend this incarnation on this jewel of a planet. I know you will treat it and its inhabitants with the respect they deserve. Oh, and thanks for all the fish!