Yeah, Probably Not The Best Time To Sling Nugs On The Street – April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DOWNTOWN – On Monday April 18, Officers from the Arcata Police Department Special Services Unit and Agents from the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, teamed to conduct an undercover drug sting on and around the Arcata Plaza.

The operation was in response to concerns from downtown Arcata merchants and patrons regarding illegal drug sales activity.
APD Officers and DTF Agents working in “plain clothes” walked the
Downtown Arcata area and allegedly purchased drugs from a number of subjects. Those individuals were then taken into custody by uniformed officers.
The following subjects were arrested during the course of the operation and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the listed charges:
Emma Leigh Lorenc DOB 08/10/1987, possession of concentrated cannabis and probation violation
Jeanette Nicole Bennett DOB 02/23/1985, possession of concentrated cannabis
Cassey Stephen Denning DOB 04/25/1985, sales of marijuana
Heather Lynn Norris DOB 08/30/1983, sales of marijuana
Nicholas Newman, DOB 10/14/1977, possession of marijuana more than ounce and an outstanding warrant


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4 Responses to “Yeah, Probably Not The Best Time To Sling Nugs On The Street – April 19, 2011”

  1. Paul Hooker

    All these poor people were trying to do was help out our local dispensaries. You see, we have so many ill people around here and the dispensaries can’t handle them all. So, these caring individuals were just trying to get medicine to the people that need it. I’m sure that the APD and DTF had valid 215s that they presented before purchasing the medicinal marijuana. Right?

  2. Robert Benson

    I do not see the constitutionality of the Harrison Act or it’s subsequent Marijuana Tax Act. The federal government has no provision to interfere with prerogative rights of the sovereign People. We have more farmland, per capita, in the world, I have deduced, and could be growing so much Hemp Oil that we could be energy sufficient with 10% of Americas farmland. Hello, we subsidize farmers not to grow things. We aught to subsidize, or make loans, to farms to grow Hemp. Now is the time…Hemp for Victory Part II. Help us save the plant-it!

  3. emma lorenc

    i find this truly disturbing. first off, to the guy who wrote the “ARTICLE” I feel sorry for you that u feed on drama and u need to pump up the stories and make them out to be way more then what they really were. My friend jane and i paid casey 10bux for gas so i can get a ride to eureka and pay a fine and jane needed to go pay her we were sitting in his truck a guy came to the window who looked like a college kid and asked for some medicine for his anxiety he went around the corner with a friend and then when he came back there were three cops around the cAR…i didn’t even know there was concentrate in there but because he had a small truck and it was under the seat where i happened to b sitting with jane w all three got charged.. i told them to finger print the jar i never touched it and they didn’t and said i violated my probation so i did 26 days…the system is fucked not fair…guilty by association is not truth its all in the pass now…except for the few grand i now owe becuz of sumone elses medz….

  4. Arcata Bonehead



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