Debi Farber Bush: Not Your Father’s Drag Comedy Softball Game – May 9, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What are YOU doing Sept. 9, 2011?

I wanna tell you about my new super-cool bike shoes that Justin from Revolution Bikes sold me but, instead I’m gonna use this column to write about my endorphins. Not the kind I’m gonna get from physical exercise when I actually buy a bike, but instead, the kind you get when you’re beginning to work on a huge event.

Drum roll please… the event is called Bat N’ Rouge! Yep, you may remember it from last year. You know the one, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence descended upon Arcata and gave us a night to remember filled with a ton of Pomp and Circumstance (Sista Style) that community peeps are still talking about!

Community Notables played softball in drag at the Arcata Ball Park last fall on teams called Backwoods Babes and the Trail Tramps, all to benefit the Arcata Ridge Trail Project. We’re still not sure which team actually won, but if you’d ask Gene Joyce, he’ll say it was his team and that they’re gonna kick some serious ass again this year.

I’m sure you remember the sexy and fabulous PPQ’s (Pom Pom Queens) strutting their stuff out on the field led by their coach Curly McGuinty. Or perhaps you remember the Parade of Politicians performing the electric slide (with much more rhythm than me). Maybe you remember the Roller Derby acting as our Peace Patrol or the girls from Good Relations selling some awesome goodies in the bleachers. Or how bout the FreeBallers Band and the endless entertainment that was around every corner. Some of you were lucky enough to purchase a VIP ticket which included a catered meal from Abruzzi and all the Lost Coast beer you could drink. Others chanced it and sat on the grass.

What I remember most was that people from all walks of life shared a special evening of fun that benefited the Arcata Ridge Trail Project and kicked off Gay Pride Weekend. I still get like a million goose bumps when I think about the stands filled to capacity! People of different genders, sexual orientations, political spectrums, socio-economic backgrounds and ages agreed to put aside their differences for one night of amazing fun.

I think in some way a by-product of Bat N’ Rouge was educating the people of this community about diversity. Where else could you see Pete Nichols playing ball against Randy Gans in drag and actually sharing a laugh together, or Tom Chapman, Paul Gallegos and Rodney Dickerson wearing dresses. Or Bill Chino dressed as a Catholic school girl and Shane Brinton as the Bat Boy. Or how bout Dr. Richmond flipping a condom instead of a coin or the beautiful voice of young Emma Johnson-Pinches who sang her little heart out to the music of The Star Spangled Banner. If I could describe the evening in a few words it would be “An Eclectic Circus!”

During the planning process, many-many times the familiar thoughts of why why why cluttered my brain because we (Larsen, Weiss, and Farber-Bush) expected about 350 attendees and were shocked, surprised, and amazed that more than 1,000 people came out to this event! Whether you were there to support the trails, the Sisters, or to see your favorite community Notable in drag we had fun and together we raised enough money to actually close on some property that will be used for the trail!!

Well it’s that time again, where I get to get my sweat on with cohorts Michael, Todd, David, Dana, Mace and the Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Bat N’ Rouge is gonna be a blast this year with lots of surprises along the way. I can’t tell you what they are cause we’re still cookin’ ’em up… but even if I knew, I couldn’t tell you ’cause then it wouldn’t be a secret!

I hear that Mark Wheetley and Kirk Cohune will be dressin’ the part this year and there’s a good possibility that Supervisor Lovelace will be wearing a prom dress too. Save the date: Sept. 9, 2011 with proceeds designated to the Arcata Ridge Trail Project. Watch for more details and how you can be involved and sponsor one of Arcata’s bestest events!

“Friend” the Arcata Ridge Trail Project on the Facebook and if you wanna see pictures that were taken at last year’s event go to

I’ll be hiking the Arcata Ridge Trail sometime soon and tell you all about it (don’t worry Justin, I won’t be wearing my new bike shoes)!

Up next: Runnin’ With the Devil!

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