Debi Farber Bush: Debi Is Getting Punchy, And It Hurts So Good – May 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I’m so excited ’cause today was a super-big day – not only did I get to sleep in until 5 a.m., but I met my friend/Personal Trainer Eric Cranage at Martial Athletics and as he promised, he taught me how to kick some major ass!

Martial Athletics is the wayyyy cool place located directly across the street from Jacoby Creek School. A specialized non-conventional gym that’s owned by Stan Snider and Vince Romo and provides one-on-one training. Martial Athletics is sorta like being under a “Big Top” but instead of a Big Top, you’re under a dome. Speed bags and heavy bags are everywhere you look along with ropes haning from the ceiling, (there’s not a chance in hell that Eric would make me climb up there ’cause after-all, I’m just learning to pick myself up off the floor).

They also have mats, weights and lots of other work-out stuff. Because this place is soooooo citified, urban and cool. I’m so ready to have some fun! Andy, my “other friend and trainer,” was supposed to box with us this morning but pulled a no-show, he said that he hurt his ribs while playin’ soccer – likely story! I think that subconsciously he’s afraid to challenge me while I have the boxing gloves on!

Although Eric and I have boxed before, I promised him that this time I’d really try to be more focused and am wondering where the damn Ritalin is when I need it? I must admit, last time I had the gloves on, I was more interested in how my hands looked in them, how much sweat was starting to accumulate at the fingers and how my head was itching and I couldn’t get the gloves off fast enough to scratch it!

Growing up in Michigan, I can remember getting all my ski gear on and then having to go to the bathroom. Same concept. Anyways I’m assuming that after attending Boot Camp soooo many times and doing lots of cardio I’m definitely more prepared for whatever torture Eric had in store for me, I believe that he’s gonna make me work super hard. My clothing attire shouldn’t be soooo hard to pick out, after all, it’s a boxing gym and nobody really gives a crap if my shirt has bleach stains on it or that my pants are saggy.

I was told to “get on the tread mill” for a warmup. OK, I can do that and I’m feeling so amped up, I just wanna punch something. Most likely it will be Eric since he has that little twinkle in his eye that says “Debi, I’m so gonna kick your ass today.”  While on the treadmill I noticed some old tires with straps on them, some weighing in excess of 300 lbs. Not liking to get my hands dirty and never having changed a tire in my life cause I’m a princess, I wasn’t sure what the tires were all about. As Eric pointed to them, those first thoughts of why why why entered my brain.

Eric strapped a tire around my waist and told me to run, I didn’t realize that the strap was kinda springy like a bungee cord and upon taking off, I sprang right back in like a boomerang! The next tire was smaller and when he strapped that one to my waist, it actually moved, I was thinking that I was at the gym to lose my spare tire, not gain one!

As our workout continued, he directed me over to the speed bag. Since I’m a shrimp, I get to stand up on a step, easy enough, I can do that! My troubles begin as he shows me how to hold my hands and hit the bag. Yet another exercise where you need to have “the rhythm” which I don’t have!

I’m in an urban environment so I have hope… I can feel the beat… Nope, not really but I’m tryin’! Eric counts for me, “1 2 3 4… other left hand.” He senses my frustration and decides it’s time to do something else. Thoughts of why why why are racing through my mind. Plzzzzz Eric, I’ll do anything but not Andy’s planks!

Then finally it happens – Eric straps his personal gloves to my hands (not to be confused with mittens cause they don’t have spots for your fingers) and doesn’t seem to care that I’m about to fill ’em with sweat!  I cared a little bit that they were red because purple is my favorite color, but I endured. He showed me how to stand, and what to do with my form, so far, so good.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a poster of Sugar Ray and wanna perform just like him, but without the skimpy outfit of course. I wonder if he started in a place like this?

Eric puts some pads on his hands (otherwise know as Focus Mitts)  and the real fun begins. I punch, hit, jab, hook and uppercut while focusing all my energies on makin’ contact with the focus mitts (I didn’t wanna hurt poor Eric by hitting him in the face by mistake – or on purpose)!

Then we move over to the Wrecking Ball. I have a lot in common with this object; it’s a round, pear-shaped heavy bag perfect for punching, kicking and striking that is suspended in the air on a chain and swivels. OK, I’ve never actually been suspended in the air by a chain and swivel but I got to hit it and take my aggression out on this poor bag (a great outlet for anger management and Fit Club Fits).

I was sweating, thirsty and my pants kept falling down, basically I was a mess. Because my hands were trapped in Eric’s gloves I was rendered helpless. Eric was kind enough to pour water down my throat and even offered to pull my pants up, he’s a nice guy who actually goes out on dates!

Although the real definition of boxing is a martial art and combat sport between two people who fight each other with their fists, I seemed to be facing off with my own self. The official term for this is a Mirror Match. This was pretty exciting because I had no way of losing, at least I didn’t think so!

Boxing is total body workout that builds stamina, tones muscles and burns calories. It also utilizes almost every muscle in your body and is appropriate for all ages and gender. It teaches self discipline and provides a fantastic cardio work-out. All of this helps build self confidence and hand eye coordination.

Want a great way to build stamina, strength, speed and coordination, try it sometime like on Saturdays at 10 a.m. when Martial offers “Escrima” (stick and knife fighting).

Eric claims he can teach me to “climb” the rope,  he says it’s easy and no different than squatting. I’m sure that if and when he gets me on the rope, we’ll have to record the moment for YouTube because it’s sure to go viral. If a world class athlete like Laila Ali can be a contestant in Dancing with the Stars, there might just be hope for me!

My conclusion is that boxing looks wayyyyy easier than it actually is, it’s an awesome work-out and I friggen love it so much so that I actually bought a pair of gloves (in Red of course cause I didn’t want them to clash with Eric’s).

Someone please let Tom Chapman (APD) know that I’m planning on continuing my boxing lessons and will be soooo much more helpful at this year’s Oyster Festival!

Next up: ZUMBA!

Rumor has it that Debi Farber Bush is going to produce her own video exercise and fitness series titled “Get Debi-vessent!” We know this because we are starting that rumor right now.


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