filmHUMBOLDT Opens Office, Seeks Locations – May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

filmHumboldt, Humboldt County’s Film Commission held a re-Grand Opening and Open House at its new office in the Arcata Technology Building on Eighth Street last Thursday, May 19. Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine said the newly established non-profit is working with “a multitude of productions coming to Humboldt and many film projects.” Above, members of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce and City officials. At center operating the scissors is Hesseltine and Mayor Susan Ornelas. KLH | Eye

HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt County Film Commission, filmHUMBOLDT, has received a high volume of inquiries for feature films this summer. Currently there are six separate films planning or interested in filming in Humboldt County. Cassandra Hesseltine, film commissioner, is excited to have so much interest in the area. “Though it would be great to have all of them film here, we are lucky when even one decides we are their perfect match for their desired locations. And if they don’t choose us now then at least they have been exposed to Humboldt County’s amazing and beautiful locations. They’ll be back!”

Haxan Productions is producing the latest film eager to shoot here. They are looking for a really run down, rustic old cabin. Something with a few rooms. They would, like many requests, like for the house to be surrounded by trees and if possible close to a river. Hesseltine says there is a string of filmmakers that have been inquiring about cabins in the woods. The Lost Coast Tapes is such an independent feature film, slated to begin shooting May 31.

Hesseltine is grateful that they have already found just the right location to meet their needs. Blue Code Pictures is still on the hunt for their perfect location: a vacation rental type house, once again, set in the woods. Their main difference for Blue Code Pictures is they are hoping to find a house built in the 1970s or ’80s that has a spooky look about it. They are particularly interested in A-frame homes but are open to seeing any style.

“The other three feature films are thankfully are not looking for a cabin or house in the woods,” Hesseltine jokes. Instead, one of the feature films, is a huge studio film according to the Film Commission, and is looking for unique natural landscapes, almost alien like. An example would be Black Sands Beach, which is a unique beach with black sand, from which it gets its name.

Another big studio film is hoping to find Redwoods that are suitable for their filming needs. “With state parks being closed by the Governor this summer, city, county and private homeowners are going to be the places to look,” says Hesseltine, “We are scouting anywhere where there is a lot of land covered by large redwoods.”

The last film Hesseltine has scouted for in the past few days has nothing to do with Humboldt’s Redwoods or amazing natural locations. The film has been on the lookout for a 1940’s theater. With Eureka Theater being built in 1939, it was the obvious choice to submit. Hesseltine is still waiting to hear if the filmmakers will select the Eureka Theater as their final filming destination.

It has been a busy start to a possible great summer of filming in Humboldt County. If you have any questions or think you might have the perfect match for any of the desired locations, e-mail Hesseltine at


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