A KHSU Programming FAQ – June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Note: Radio station KHSU 90.5 FM has released this FAQ regarding program changes which go into effect July 1. – Ed.



Q: Why change the KHSU program schedule?

A: For many reasons. Some are financial — we were paying a significant amount of money but did not have a significant audience or attract enough financial support to pay for some of these programs.  Other changes were made to improve our program flow so that listeners will continue to enjoy the theme of our programming for a longer period of time.  In some cases, we wanted to “put our best foot forward” and air our most popular programs at times when more people would be likely to hear them.  Last, we wanted to add some new and exciting programs to our schedule.

Q: I used to hear my favorite program at a particular time. Why is it now gone?

A: In most cases your favorite program is not gone; it has just been moved to a different time of the week.  This is especially true on the weekends.  Take a look at the new schedule (link is below) and see.

Q: I love “A Prairie Home Companion” and now it’s gone.  Why?

A: We love “A Prairie Home Companion” also, but we can no longer afford it.  This was the single most expensive entertainment program on the KHSU schedule.  Our fees to American Public Media for affiliation and the rights to air “A Prairie Home Companion” totaled more than $21,000. American Public Media required us to air the show on Saturday afternoon – not a “prime time” for radio audience. Even with months of special targeted fundraising we were unable to break even and raise the money we needed to continue to air the program.

Q: And the BBC World Service overnight?  That’s gone too.

A: Pretty much the same reason as “A Prairie Home Companion.”  The BBC is an expensive program service that aired at a time when there was very little audience.  In today’s economy, we just can’t afford to pay large fees for programs that few people can listen to.

We still have BBC news on “The World,” which airs weekdays from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Q: Don’t you have to pay for the programs replacing the BBC?

A: No.  There is no charge for the earlier feed of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” which will replace most of the BBC hours. This is already paid for with our program fees to NPR. The other early morning hours replacing the BBC are filled with programs that come to us at no charge.

Q: What is new with all of these changes?

A: Our favorite new program is “American Routes” on Saturdays from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, replacing “Mountain Stage.”  This program looks at many musical styles and performers as they intersect with unique aspects of American culture. It’s all connected and unified through the music.  “American Routes” is produced and hosted by folklorist and American music expert Nick Spitzer.

Q: Why did you take “Mountain Stage” off the air?

A: “Mountain Stage” was another of our shows with a noticeable price tag.  It’s been on the air at KHSU for many years, and many of the programs were repeats.  We think “American Routes” is a good replacement with a similar appeal but a fresher sound.

Q: If I can’t hear “A Prairie Home Companion”, “Mountain Stage” and “The BBC World Service” on KHSU, where can I hear them?

A: The internet.  You can go to the programs’ websites to find archives, podcasts or lists of other stations that air these programs where you can listen in real time.

Q: Why are you airing so many hours of “Morning Edition”?

A: “Morning Edition” is an evolving program.  News is always happening and “Morning Edition” is up-to-date as most of us on the West Coast are still sleeping.  Night owls and early risers in the KHSU audience can now hear the timely news of the day when it first happens.  NPR updates “Morning Edition” throughout the morning as stories evolve, so there is always fresh news in the later hours of the program.

Q: And “Weekend Edition”? Why are you adding another hour of that program?

A: Most people’s lives change on the weekend. They sleep in later or do domestic and recreational activities on a different schedule than during the week. Our new schedule for “Weekend Edition” – from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM — will allow more opportunities to hear the entire program as it accommodates weekend lifestyles.  This change also makes the Saturday and Sunday schedules consistent with each other as we air the program at a regular time on both days.

Q: I listen to “Wait Wait – Don’t Tell Me” on Saturday.   Why are you airing a repeat now on Sunday?

A: You may listen to the whole show on Saturday, but as we noted above, people have busy and changing lifestyles on the weekend.  “Wait Wait” is one of our most popular programs.  A repeat on a more leisurely Sunday morning will allow people to hear the program if they missed it on Saturday, or if they just want to enjoy its clever humor again while news the show pokes fun at is still timely.

Q: Why did you move your children’s programming from Saturday morning to Sunday evening?

A: We talked to teachers and parents about this move.  The suggestion was that we move these shows (“Redwood Earlines” and “Whippy Dip Radio Show”) to a time later in the day because families and children have many Saturday activities that take them away from the radio. We chose early on Sunday evening as the best place to move these shows for two reasons.  First, the weekend is winding down by then and families tend to be settling in back at home; and second, many of the songs and stories in these programs come from a folk tradition, and what better way to tie this in than to air these shows before “The Folklife Woodshed”?

Q: What else is changing?

A: On Sundays, “Conscious Contact Gospel Hour” now begins an hour earlier in the morning; “Sista’s Place” expands an extra half-hour and now begins at 2:00 PM; and “Latino USA” moves to Friday afternoons at 1:30 PM.  We’ll also hear a variety of discussion, music or entertainment programs early in the AM before “Morning Edition.”

Q: How can I comment about programming on KHSU?

A: That’s easy.  Send us an e-mail at comments@khsu.org

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