Two Rivers Tribune Being Shut Down – July 2, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eye Staff Report

According to a story in the Two Rivers Tribune, the Eastern Humboldt County newspaper is about to close.

An editorial on the paper’s website states that Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman Leonard Masten Jr. made the decision to close the newspaper, citing financial problems and displeasure with recent coverage of cannabis issues.

The TRT is a small, tabloid-formatted weekly offering original reporting on Hoopa Valley news and community events. It distributes 1,400 newspapers in Arcata, Willow Creek, Salyer, Burnt Ranch, Hoopa, Weitchpec, Orleans, Somes Bar and Happy Camp and has 300 subscribers.

A support page has been added on Facebook.


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4 Responses to “Two Rivers Tribune Being Shut Down – July 2, 2011”

  1. Shut down because someone in power hates pot.

  2. Scottie Meyers here from the, meh, now defunct Two Rivers Tribune. The paper’s email account has been shut down. Anyone wanting to leave an email for the editor can do so at this address:

    We are asking everyone to please join the Facebook group ‘I Support the Two Rivers Tribune.’ There you can find more information about the situation as it unfolds. Much appreciated & take care.

  3. Toohey

    Should have paid more attention to the party line. They would have found the fund to keep you open.

  4. support the Hangers

    Although I’m all for free speach, it was in poor taste to publish an interview with a wanted murderer. Jason Hunsucker should be brought to justice, and if the paper had a face-to-face with him, then someone there should be arrested for aiding and abetting a criminal.


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