Letter Of The Week: Walking Wonderful Arcata – August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well-tended, walkable, wonderful Arcata

I am proud to report that I just completed one of my retirement goals – walking every street in Arcata!

Over the last seven months I have walked every Street, Road, Lane, Court, Boulevard, Way, Court, Place, Drive, and Avenue within the city limits. The official street mileage is 73 miles, but I walked almost 100 miles (having to go up and down some streets).

I kept track of my travels on a high-quality street map that is available at the Welcome Center or the City’s Environmental Services Department for $1.

Even though I have lived here for 21 years I discovered many neighborhood parks, wonderful homes (old and new), and beautiful gardens that I had never noticed before.

The pride of ownership/rentership is everywhere in Arcata. Whether it’s a front yard vegetable garden or a brightly painted home, many residents are actively enhancing our wonderful city with their own unique touch.

A big thank you to the city maintenance crews and homeowners for keeping sidewalks clear for walkers. And thanks to the many pet owners who keep their dogs safely confined in their yards.

I encourage everyone to get out and walk the many streets of Arcata. It’s great exercise (especially when you’re walking up Shirley Boulevard or California Avenue) and an easy way to get lots of landscaping ideas.

As part of your daily exercise regimen, try exploring a different neighborhood next time. For the most part, you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed with this very walkable town.


Lucy Salazar 


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