City Serves Notice On Occupy Arcata – October 26, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Occupy Arcata, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011


Kevin L Hoover

Eye Editor

PLAZA – The City of Arcata has formally notified Occupy Arcata that the temporary living quarters on the Plaza will have to go. Some 14 tents and a few cardboard micro-shanties crowded the Plaza’s center the late afternoon of Oct. 26, when written notice was served by Police Chief Tom Chapman.

The City letter states the City’s support for the constitutional right of peaceful assembly, and leverages the same principle to compel compliance. It states that the various structures interfere with the rights of other to freely use the Plaza, and asks that “all tarps, tents and structures” immediately be removed.

“Despite warnings from the police department, your group has continued to encroach on the rights of other people to assemble in the public space that is intended to be open for EVERYONE!” the letter says.

Signed by Chapman but developed with top city staff and the city attorney, the letter echoes what has become an ever-hotter topic among downtowners for the last few days – the sudden emergence of a campground and perpetual party on the Plaza, in which virtually every rule for the park’s use has been thrown overboard.

The City letter cites instances of unacceptable public behavior, including open drug use, alcohol drinking, loose dogs, illegal camping, urination and defecation.

It further relates complaints from the small, independent businesses that ring the Plaza that the protest has scared customers away from downtown. “We have received reports from some small businesses that these disruptions have caused significant losses in sales, and in a few cases are already threatening their ability to remain open, which seems counter to the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

Chapman hand-delivered copies of the letter to activist Lois Cordova, one of the core Occupy Arcata organizers. Just two days after a major confrontation with police, only a half-dozen or so of the protesters seemed interested in the pivotal law enforcement directive. It was dinnertime, and most of the people inhabiting the Plaza were busy preparing their shelters, making food, talking and generally lazing in the low sun.

Lois Cordova, left, one of Occupy Arcata's more dedicated volunteers and moderate voices. KLH | Eye

Cordova expressed frustration about the drinkers and dopers. She said they upset the public and wrongly bring discredit to the Occupy Arcata movement.

“I can’t control them,” she said. “When I ask them to cool it, they say, “Hey, you want a drink, baby?”

One protester suggested that activist participants – those who are there to effect societal change rather than hang out, eat the free food and party – wear arm bands identifying themselves.

The protesters had issues of their own. They said some citizens had yelled at them and called them “you people.” Multiple complaints centered on alleged rude treatment and harassment by police officers. Several made the point that a public restroom would make some of the problems go away.

Cordova said the mid-Plaza camp had been rotten-egged during the previous night. Several of the protesters wished to engage Chapman in discussions of political and philosophic matters over which the Arcata Police Department has little jurisdiction.

Chapman, Cordova and several other of the more alert protesters discussed the letter and initial remedial steps amicably and at length. Several said they would try to curb the excesses of the less disciplined slacktivists.

Chapman said there was no specific deadline for removing the tents and curbing the inappropriate public behavior, but that he hoped to get things moving in the right direction with a scale-back of the burgeoning camp.

“I’m hoping for voluntary compliance,” Chapman said. “At some point, if the activities continue, there’s going to have to be a stop to it.”

Liberal Arcatans sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street uprising have found themselves appalled at the degradation of the Arcata Plaza into an anything-goes hangout. Online and on the streets, downtowners well-accustomed to Plaza weirdness have found themselves in a state of cognitive dissonance mingled with fascination and disgust over the Occupy Arcata phenomenon.

Many question how the unfocused Plaza protest promotes progressive values, or whether it has the opposite effect.

“The OA on the Plaza needs to clean up its act,” said commenter Reba Melfa on the Arcata Eye’s Facebook page. “Personally, I feel the OA on The Plaza gives the entire movement a bad name.”

She suggested that Occupy Arcata follow Occupy Wall Street’s “Good Neighbor Policy,” Others have compared the OA party zone to the well-kept, vibrant Occupy Humboldt camp at Humboldt State, and found the Plaza version lacking.

“This morning I took pictures at both Occupy locations,” wrote Katherine Lee. “The difference is night and day. The Humboldt location was tidy, there were clear signs about conduct, there were obvious signs of workshop organization, they weren’t blocking the walkways, and there was no trash. The Plaza location was a mess, everybody was smoking cigarettes, the kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it, trash was everywhere, tents and sleeping bags were taking up most of the walkway around the center, the info table had a wish list for stuff, a mention of general assembly times, and a lot of peace-love woowoo. One person out of everybody I saw there this morning seemed concerned about the mess. One.”

This wish list suggests Occupy Arcata may be settling in for a long stay. KLH | Eye

Another question is what will happen at Saturday’s Farmers’ Market. The North Coast Growers’ Association has a permit to use the Plaza, the center of which is used for food vendors and a band. Last week the OA installation moved over to the Plaza’s southeast corner, but it was a fraction of its current size. Some of the current campers appear to be dug in, both physically and in terms of attitude.

City officials have suggested that Occupy Arcata move to the City Hall front lawn, which has public restrooms close by. But the protesters dismiss that as being shunted off to the side. “This is the center of town,” one said. “This is where we need to be.”

Queen Doubles food vendor Jada Brotman has been all but put out of business by the encampment. Wednesday she set up on the Plaza’s north side to get away from the rough crowd and closer to any customers who might still brave the Plaza’s periphery. Supporters and fans of the independent businesswoman’s unique Trinidadian chickpea tacos have pleaded with Facebook friends to patronize her struggling food cart.

Occupy Arcata founder Trish Tillotson was away on family business today. She said she wasn’t concerned with the growing criticism offered online. “I’m staying away from the hype,” she said.

Tillotson said she’s been making progress in addressing Plaza businesspeople’s concerns by engaging them one on one. “I feel like it’s moving in a positive direction,” she said.

One APD officer who was out on the Plaza as Chapman negotiated with protesters lamented that small, local businesses were suffering from a protest which ostensibly targets the “one percent” wealthy elite. “They don’t realize, we’re the 99 percent too,” the officer said.

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48 Responses to “City Serves Notice On Occupy Arcata – October 26, 2011”

  1. Arcata Native

    Occupy A JOB for a change. Occupy Arcata is nothing but a hypocritical JOKE, a group of mis-educated individuals who’s only gripe is actually having to be a PRODUCTIVE member of our society; one in which advocates for small businesses, local exchange and community involvement. I have lived here most of my life and am appalled, and honestly embarrassed to say this is what Arcata has become.

    I am in total support of removing all occupiers, by force if necessary, in order to give our public space back to our community and to the people who actually partake in our wonderful town/society.

  2. concerned

    what is the city afraid of? i’m all for trying to deal with this peacefully, and i am all for human rights, of course. but there are laws being broken and oa is hurting more people than it is helping. so they are feeding a handful of trnasients on the plaza the (most of which are not trying to become actual residents of arcata, but rather are simply here for the “trim season” and to get stoned. they are using occupy as an excuse to camp on the plaza. the transients in arcata are more aggressive than anywhere else i have ever been. if i tell them i am unable to give them mone, they call me a bitch and yell at me as i walk by. if i give them my leftovers after eating at a restaurant, they inspect it and complain it isnt enough, then go on to tell me i’m a bitch for having enough money to eat at a restaurant but not enough for them… i work hard and take pride in this town and the community here but right now i am completely flabbergasted as to how this is still going on. last year my 19 year old brother was visiting and rode a skateboard on the plaza for maybe five minutes while waiting for a table at big blue. within that five minutes he was given a ticket- no skateboarding on the plaza- he complained of course, but i told him, a law is a law. they have to keep order on the plaza and if they didnt it would go down hill fast…. well, here we are. why is it these induviduals arent being ticketed for the laws they are breaking? would it just be too much work for the officers? writing all those tickets? i just dont get it. isnt this the same town that passed the pan handling ordinance? (which i fully support, by the way) and now the people who arent allowed to ask for money on street corners are being allowed to camp, sleep, and have a kitchen on the plaza making the rest of the townspeople unable to go there? this has to stop. something needs to be done NOW. the majority of the people there are not arcata residents! they go where ever there is free food and herb. arrest the organizers, trish and lois, and take down the tents and kitchen and the rest will simply go away.

  3. Navajo Home

    Ha ha ha, Haaah, Haaah, hah haha haahhahhaha. Reap what you sow, Arcata, these are your kind of people. Ha hahahahahaha. Give them toilets, electricity, sleeping bags, shelter, food, ha ha hahhahhahhaha. I’m lovin’ this fiasco. Reality is a bitch. You have met the enemy, and it is you.

  4. Rob

    one note: to arcata native, if you have lived in or around arcata for any lenght ot time, then u ar well aware that jobs in humboldt county are not exactly a commodity easily found.–& even itinerant legitimate trademen/artists have a bit of a time there, since the pD likes to request ‘permits’, (even tho, the last time I checked, the city of arcata issues no such animal, and a state sales tax# should suffice for public property vending, under current state/county rules addressing it)

    * it is funny, however, that many more ‘conservative’ communities allow social activities on their town sqaure (playing with your dog, smoking cigarettes, playing a guitar for tips. sale of art, without police threats)–ive noticed that only the liberal towns in my travels are such hardasses in this way.

  5. Rob, the liberal towns restrict the cigs and dogs because those things wreck the public experience for others. One would expect people to be considerate and not spew cigarette smoke and dogshit around.

    Sadly, that is not the case. Some self-centered buffoons have to be told, and there has to be some sort of rule to enforce considerate behavior on these clods.

  6. Mark Sailors

    This is a hard one for me, but if they are not gone by tonight I say arrest them all and let the court sort it.

    The “protest” is on the verge of killing 2 locally owned and operated small business’, not any corporations, but a freaking pedalcab, and VEGAN food cart.

    It seems to me this “protest” is 3 protesters, Geronimo, and the same vagrants that I have to chase out of my yard and driveway every other night. Christ two of them were arrested in my neighborhood the other day for squatting in a dead woman’s house, I have the pictures of that arrest if anyone wants to see them.

  7. Rob

    Rob, the liberal towns restrict the cigs and dogs because they wreck the public experience for others. One would expect people to be considerate and not spew cigarette smoke and dogshit around.

    Sadly, that is not the case. Some self-centered buffoons have to be told, and there has to be some sort of rule to enforce considerate behavior on these clods.

    ok, granted, but how is it all the ‘conservative’ towns I mentioned (are able to allow said activities on their town squares/pedestrain malls/public areas)(denton, tx, hays, ks, vail , co, paso robles, ca, etc) without resorting to wasting the local gendarmeries time?

  8. Rob

    I just had a n amusing thought, however, how about occupy mckinleyville, etc. I mean theres a corporare built totem pole to rally around, and all.

  9. Rob

    I also note the vast majority of the camping gear on display there is from those ‘evil corporations’ (such as wal-mart-(which refuses to even have a retail presence in humboldt county)-so, im a tad amused.

  10. Rob

    in the upper left corner of the pic, is the realy good midpriced tent that walmart sells under its exclusive ozark trail brand.

  11. Jenny

    Move it over to city hall and let the farmers market have the plaza. Instead of sitting around smoking dope, go to city hall meetings. Pick up your trash and throw it out, (both the litter on the ground, as well as those who are soiling the movement.)

  12. arcatawitch

    This morning on my walk around town I noticed more graffiti than ever, all within blocks of the Plaza. I am a longtime Arcata resident who is very sympathetic to the OW movement. It just seems to me that the people occupying our Plaza are there to party and to thumb their noses at the rest of us and our police department. The center of our town looks like a trash heap.

  13. Ulises

    Own your occupy arcata….

    Untitled document
    occupy arcata is a movement kidnapped by she who calls herself occupy arcata, the same person who claims to be the ” founder.” some of us who faced the cops and created the opportunity for YOU to come and create the movement YOU want to have, decided we are moving on to places where we wont be discriminated against because we are the poorest of the poor and we don’t look like you .so we have decided to leave in caravan to change the world and when we are done you can all thank us again by calling us bums and alcoholics and whatever else you can find that makes us unworthy of our freedom of expression.. but i guess according to most of these comments we can read in the papers and facebook, we don’t even qualify to make the 99% .
    talk about class warfare, begin by looking at how you treat your homeless and the laws your city has passed to make them criminals by making things such as sleeping and using the restroom illegal or impossible to do legally and then complain about how your transient youth and homeless population look and behave….. but keep judging while your country and the world changes under your feet….
    be it known to you arcata, we who have occupied your plaza ,did so in good faith and the believe of the possibility of change that would makes us part of a true democracy, WE believe that this movement is an opportunity for expression and change..we urge YOU to take your own plaza and use it, change the world…we advanced in our cause already the space has been occupied. now its yours, as it always has been. as a movement we worked quickly to establish our demands as part of the national movement .and then decided to use our local stage to address local issues. our demands as a local movement PRETENDED to take on one of the most present problems of this community and wanted to be heard about our simple yet transcendental concerns, we have agreed on a number of basic demands as a group that addressed a local problem that must be solved as it is a problem of national and international importance…the homeless problem in america, and the world.
    we part with the hope that this movement here will flourish and lead america in the changes that as communities must be adopted, and with the wish that our simple demands of public restrooms, showers and simple shelters for those who need them and tolerance laws for those who don’t will be a concern to this community.
    we the ugly people that occupied your plaza believe that to be democratic this movement must first elevate us all to the same basic human equality. and until we do, and all sitting at the table can do so with a proper nights sleep, a plate of food in our bellies and a shower to clean ourselves there will be no equality in occupy and until there is, this movement will be exclusive and not inclusive…
    arcata OWN your movement, we left because we feel we could be of better service to the movement in the bigger cities and because the community seems to be wasting its opportunity bickering about cigarettes and cleanliness instead of occupying your plaza discussing the issues and changing the world and be warned we also decided to leave because most of us could no longer deal with not been listened to and disrespected by she who calls herself occupy arcata.
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  14. worker bee

    Bullshit. Most of Arcata supports the OWS movement, however the spectacle that was called Occupy Arcata was co-opted by transients. Most appeared to be kids who dont live here and were just down to hang out and bitch that the city doesn’t provide bathrooms. Where were the working class, students and families? Most were intimidated by the drunks and drifters masquerading as legitimate OWS protesters. I heard that one Plaza cart vendor was ripped off by one of the “protesters”, after being called a fascist corporate pig. I’d recommend better tactics if you want to change Arcata or the world. Reach out to our community by being respectful, not by trashing our city.

  15. worker bee

    ps. try to be a productive citizen of our community and then you’ll gain more credibility!

  16. W.B., you might as well go chat with McKinley as expect this particular super screech-o-matic to respond to reason. His chest-thumping rants are based on lazy folklore, and it’s obvious he doesn’t really know what’s going on in Arcata, big picture-wise.

    If he really wanted to make positive change he’d throw in with the citizens who are REALLY WORKING on the problems. But that’s too boring.

  17. Mark Sailors

    Did anyone see the fist fight at OA outside of city hall yesterday?

  18. Ulises

    Worker bee, so most of arcata supports the movement, except you were waiting for new york yuppies to come and creat it for you…? Nationwide the poor are coming out of their bushes and there holes in the ground to OCCUPPY their country, deal with it dont ask people to be better thatn you, search in your heart to be better than those who left your brothers out in the bushes, and try livibg without a bathroom, and see if it would not be a demand for you, as far as i can see this community is to good for a real revolution they want a orderly politically correct revolution, its really sad when an ocuupation ocuured in your town the only one interested in listening and working with us was your police captain, tom who not only showed great leadership, but a true respect for the homeless and u derstanding that they also even though messy had a right to excercise our freedom of expression rights, be warned arcta solve the problem of the homeless, or the homeless wi

  19. Ulises

    Will revolt and as in france, in their famous revolution, the chinese and many other examples of history you will find that poverty has no fear, and it does not discriminate, based on color smell, or anyother of your infantile arguments..grow up and look at your country and the world and maybe you can be bothererd to come out your cozy house and change the world, including the world of the homeless…

  20. Ulises, dozens, if not hundreds of people work to make Arcata better every single day in this town. They donate money and time, volunteer in dozens of ways. Little to none of it has to do with spewing about revolution on websites. You only do that because it is easy.

    As just one example, yesterday I saw 26 people pulling invasive canary grass out of Janes Creek. they weren’t whining. They were DOING. And you know what? The government provided them a free bathroom.

    See? Effort=Reward.

    Why don’t you try

  21. lisa

    These people aren’t poor. Srsly. Not being able to pay their student loans is a 1st world problem. Cmon, get real.

  22. Ulises

    Worker bee, answereing your ps…i am a father of two small boys who takes care of his children with the sales of my art, i struggle on the streets all over this country and meet all kinds of beautifull souls young and old who for whatever reason have beeen destitute and left to meager a survival on the streets. but i at least dont sell my soul to the system as you do, i dont need somebody big or small to solve my life for me i took it into my own hands many years ago, you are such a productive member of your comunity that you cant be bothered to come out and change what is wrong with it,, yea you are a worker bee, a slave that wants to be a slave and who enjoys discriminating those who have less than him, so what are you about??? Are you in support or are you just interested In a clean plaza, and a revolution that does not interfere with your slavery…….? Seriously you are nothing but a joke….grow some balls man……be a man or woman, but be true to your heart not your bigotry……

  23. Ulises, the basis of your arrogance is that other people aren’t doing anything, and are pro-slavery, which is patently ridiculous.

    How could you possibly know that? You don’t.

    You ought to take a cue from Occupy Humboldt. their focus is on inclusiveness and bridge-building so that the 99 percent can keep what they’ve earned. They aren’t whingeing for free shit.

  24. Ulises

    Kevpod you are so lost i have nothing to say to you…

  25. That’s usually what happens when people have no substantive counter-argument.

  26. Ulises

    Kvpod….Get off the fox script, and listen to what people are saying by coming out and making you face the uglyness of poverty….counter arguments to what??? What argument have you made???? You attack and belittle others, you said the good volunteers got bathrooms, good argument they were pretty enough but the homeless poor did not deserve that same courtesy. Asking for Free stuff…. a bathroom and access to showers and a law that does not make sleeping outdoors in the cold illegal, thats asking for a lot of free shit like you say…..

  27. Ulises

    Arcata own your occupy and stop wanting a perfect clean revolution….deal with the issues and no you cant fix the world and leave the homeless behind, in a country with 40,000 vets living on the streets, and hundrerds of thousands also homeless and a 20% unemployment rate, soon you two will be questioning when the bank will make you suffer the indignity of having to revolt so that you can take a piss, a shower, or so that you wont be harrased when you sleep, or looked down upon by all who instead in seeing the shame of a country who allows thisnto happen, you choose to blame those who are already at the mercy of the system and not the realities that caused it…

    Peace and love be with you arcata, may the great spirit bless you all and open your eyes to why this revolution must happen….

  28. Just as one example. That person you ignorantly accuse of being pro-slavery and never doing anything? I found out who that is yesterday.

    And unlike you, it’s someone who, in addition to working for a living, volunteers substantial amounts of personal time to work cooperatively with fellow townspeople to make Arcata better.

    You, in stark contrast, are just another ranter who cloaks himself in “peace and love” while spewing abuse and demanding that people give you free shit.

    Get off your ass and contribute, for a change.

  29. And another thing. I was just out at Bayside Park Farm. The farmers and a few volunteers are planting garlic to stave off vampires this Monday. It’s important work. Why aren’t you helping with that?

    They, and all the other volunteers we feature in the paper virtually every week, don’t have any particular problem finding bathrooms and showers. And most of ’em aren’t even rich.

    Think, Ulisses, think… why might that be? Maybe because they work WITH people rather than yell at them? Because they exert themselves and are part of society? Is this getting through at all? Frankly, I doubt it.

  30. Ulises

    Kevpod… are a joke……

  31. Yes, I’m a joke whom you expect to support you.

  32. Ulises

    Kevpod yiu are supporting us because the more you hate and discriminate the more anger you provoke amongst the poor…and be weary the poor have great memory and remember all……..soon you will see the new focus of occupy will shift from solely dealing with wall street and banks to dealing with empowering the homeless and poor and then you will have the basis of a true revolution, then your words of hate and discrimination will come back to haunt you…for i am sure you are not the 1% but a want a bee rich or just a want to bee servant of them…in any case i am in sanfranxcisco making the argument for the homeless and we will prevail….release your fear and join the cause of change instead of holding on to your hate and bigotry…..peace be with you….

  33. Ulises, since you’re new in town, I don’t blame you for not knowing a few key things about Arcata. I do blame you for spewing the usual peace and love rhetoric, which you obviously don’t live by, while calling the hard-working and compassionate citizens of our town heartless slavemasters and so on. You are as loud as you are ignorant, and display little curiosity about your surroundings.

    1. Arcata will spare no effort or expense to aid its underclass. We have multiple institutions and programs to provide food, shelter and a variety of other services. Hundreds of businesses and individuals are involved with these efforts. Improving them is something we talk about all the time, long before you arrived to notify us all that we are oppressors.

    2. Arcata has long experience with adult men such as yourself who come to town, discover the wonderful environment we have worked to create, then declare themselves unable to care for their own needs and expect us to jump up and provide for them. You are not the first to issue caustic denunciations of the citizens and town you know nothing about while demanding that all your material needs be indulged.

    We have something in common. I too would like to be able to sit around on the Plaza and draw pictures all day. Maybe someday I will be able to. But that will come only after a lifetime of work, and by working cooperatively with my fellow good-hearted townsfolk. What I wouldn’t do is to call people bigots and tools while I have my hand out, and expect instant gratification.

    If you like Arcata, it’s because our citizens and government have worked very hard, year by year, to make it the incomparable place it is. From experience, I can save you some time finding out something you would eventually learn: you will never get anywhere with your spoiled Little Lord Fauntleroy tantrum-tactics, no matter how many times you laughably invoke peace and love while spewing bile on everyone around.

    Your best option for success here would be to get smart, learn something about Arcata and work WITH the people here. That may not be in your nature, but at the same time it isn’t our problem, no matter how much you try and make it so.

  34. Ulises

    Kevpod, seriously you dont even know how to read, instead of reading my words you do as fox script has shown you you pick and choose a word or two and try to change them to fit your arguments…to serve your so called arguments, as far as who i am dont worry i never have asked anything from anybody i have traveled 37 countries have two university degrees, and am able to sustain myself and children without having to sell my soul out, how about you, i have paid taxes, ow ed not one but five businessess and done all of the bidding of a system that just pretends to ignore its own realitiees but since i have a true heart that is sensative to people and their needs i am putting all my personal needs and aspirations sacrificing even my own childrens immediate comforts so that i may stand up for the poor who have no voice, i do so because my. COnscious and my heart demand me to do it, i feel for you, you couldnot believe in love and compassion if it smacked you in the face, your brain has already been programmed,…arcata is a great town but it definately could be better, but again as far as i have seen you are not at all like arcata, yiu belong to the want to be 1% of arcta go talk to dave massour or reba or lo or many other of your community members that are already at tbe plaza or city hall and then talk about all of those ideas of a wonderfull lala land you think you live in…good luck to you and believe it or not i still wish for you peace and love…

  35. Ulises, if you are interested in standing up for the poor and oppressed, you are doing a piss-poor job of it. I know people who actually do care for downtrodden citizens day in and day out, and they don’t sound anything like you.

  36. Ulises

    Kevpod…by the way i am a passionate man, and i am enjoying very much this dialogue…good luck to you hopefully you will reach city hall, and listen to those who have something different to say from both of us… May the great spirit bless you….

  37. Ulises

    Kev pod got to go i have a revolution to work on, today sanfrancsico tomorrow santacruz, until i hit venice beach where my comunity of homeless and artist and old scholl hippies have come together to change the world…be good be safe, be true…go put your grain of rice at the occupy…even your words of disagreeement are necesary so go and change the world….luck and blessings to you….thank you for moving my emotions….

  38. Ian Ray

    There must be a school of fallacious debate which instructs students to conclude ad hominem rants with peace, love, and bless you.

  39. Regular readers will recognize that very familiar, bifurcated and self-negating strain of rhetoric.

  40. Ulises

    Hey ian did you just look those words up….jajajajaja good job keep learning ……..

  41. Mark Sailors

    So now having an adequate vocabulary is somehow suspect…
    For someone with 2 university degrees, Uli, sure uses a lot of malapropisms and misspellings… Just saying…

  42. arcata love

    at the very least- people are dialoging about issues. that is one good thing…
    i love Arcata!
    i did try and participate at OA- i tried to address issues of conduct, drug and alcohol use by OA , Verbal abuse, public persona and making the movement more accessible and safe for varied members of the community to approach and engage in- and was shut down by the spokes person of the movement.
    that being said- i humbly accept that the revolution begins within.
    the work to be done begins with the way we think, the things we want, and our ability to be concerned for the greater good.
    i believe we are all connected and that when one suffers we all suffer
    i hope to see all of us respecting ourselves and showing the same respect to everyone we encounter..
    making a better world starts from within.
    cultivate the seeds of compassion and willingness!

  43. Ian Ray

    Ulises, attacking a person’s love/compassion and then bragging about the depth of one’s own love and compassion is not persuasive. I agree with some of what you wrote, but the messge is clouded by your desire to emphasize how much more peace/love you are than Kevin.

  44. Ulises’ heart is in the right place, more or less, but he’s small-bore.

    He and people like him that I have experienced are happy to settle for folklore and slogans rather than genuine problem-solving, which is a near-thankless grind.

    The real peace and love effort equals sweat and sacrifice, not bong hits and drum circles.

  45. arcata love

    interesting story about new dynamics in Zucotti Park.
    It seems as though The police are actually encouraging rowdy type houseless people to go and occupy Wall Street.

  46. Ulises

    Ian thanks for reminding me of my arrogance, you are right making personal attacks is is a childs game, as far as my spelling yea it sucks its a product of english beign my second language and my eagerness to write and not double check, it happens when i become passionate…as far as kev we are all good anytime we discuss issues is a good thing…arcata love dont feel bad that same experience of beign shut up by the organizer is what prompted us to leave…good luck to you all…..and yes peace and love to you all….

  47. Ian Ray

    Ulises, we’ve all written things that we’d like to have stated differently. Thank you stepping back and seeing another point of view. Everyone can respect that.

    Don’t worry about leaving Arcata. Where you would have been trying to sleep in peace was littered with broken glass last night.


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