Occupy Humboldt Matures, Projects Protest To Community – October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Occupy Humboldt camp on the Humboldt State Quad. KLH | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

ARCATA – The Occupy Wall Street protest that ignited sympathetic demonstrations across the nation last week found enthusiastic participation in Arcata, where subverting the dominant paradigm is a near-daily topic of conversation.

Protesters making camp in Humboldt State University’s Quad evolved and extended their protest to include the streets of Arcata and beyond. Friday afternoon, a banner-waving group marched to the Plaza and then past various downtown banks demanding an end to the cozy relationship between Wall Street and government.

“We want the whole broken system fixed, for every American that has an interest in their future” said marcher Carlos Huerth. “There’s no one issue.”

Sunday, some of the Occupy Humboldt protesters traveled to Eureka to participate in an Occupy Eureka protest outside the County Courthouse.

The Occupy Humboldt camp on the HSU Quad includes several tents, each with a purpose – a library, info center, first aid station and sleeping quarters. Signs posted about caution against drug and alcohol use and list nonviolence and mutual respect as essential.

Participant Carolynn Williams said the group had established both good internal communications and relations with the campus community.

Students have been interacting with the protesters, and the group held a skills sharing workshop and even a running group. She said community members had been generous with support, particularly food donations.

Co-organizer Travis Turner said the group could use a better webcam, and it is now streaming live at livestream.com/occupyhumboldt. He said the hot meals are appreciated. The group also hopes to raise funds to dispatch local emissaries to the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York that started it all.

The Quad camp’s sustainability is a big question, as the university doesn’t allow sleeping on campus. But sleeping, Turner said, was a key symbolic element of the protest, harkening back to Depression-era tent cities.

The Friday afternoon march on the Plaza. KLH | Eye

“We’re going to try to stay here until it’s time to go home,” Turner said. When that would be, he wasn’t sure. “It’s a slow process,” he said. “We’re reclaiming the system.”

HSU Police Chief Lynne Soderberg said UPD has been in communication with the protesters to try to work out conflicts. “We have a good dialogue with them,” she said.

“They have a right to their free speech and assembly, but not to do what someone else can’t do,” Soderberg said. “We need to be able to enforce it equally.”

Sanitation, she said, has not been an issue as the Quad area is surrounded by nearby restrooms.

Soderberg said the group had agreed to dismantle their camp Sunday night, but that was not to be. Sunday night, the group’s General Assembly voted to remain in place on the campus for the time being.

An Occupy Arcata group has been slower to organize, but its Facebook page indicates an interest in setting up a protest camp on the Plaza sometime soon.

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8 Responses to “Occupy Humboldt Matures, Projects Protest To Community – October 11, 2011”

  1. SupportOccupy

    If you support Occupy, you should support Ron Paul. Look into it!

  2. Mashaw McGuinnis

    Thanks for the coverage of these bold and noble young people. Many of them participated with the local Vets For Peace last Friday eve, by joining their silent vigil on the plaza. When a movement combines the energy of young critical thinking minds with life experience from older veterans, expect to see some powerful things happen!

  3. My first impression upon arriving at Liberty Plaza today (October 10, 2011, 1:00pm) was that The Occupation had grown. The park had been efficiently reorganized to accommodate the growth. Today, the Occupation Status Board was focused more on the mundane logistics of growth management, like quite hours and safeguarding the flower beds, than on overarching themes. The logistics of building a community, where there wasn’t one before, in the absence of traditional infrastructure, is challenging. Yet, through a deliberative democratic process, The Occupation is succeeding in doing just that! Continue reading → http://outlierideas.com/2011/10/11/occupy-wall-street-day-24-growing/

  4. Rose Apple Island


    The #OWS movement is decentralized and leaderless; in part, this is to avoid being co-opted the way the Tea Party has been. Although Ron Paul supporters are welcome to support and participate #OWS, there is no affiliation between Ron Paul and #OWS.

    Read more at http://www.nycga.cc/ and http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/68041981?access_key=key-2bz013r79s3ur26g6wcg

  5. George Washington

    You all are a bunch of stoned out losers, VOTE GOP!! Republicans all the way to the White House!

  6. Kathryn

    As a Humboldt alumna, I am proud of HSU’s students for putting together such a well-organized Occupation.

    Since they are non-violent and considerate of the campus community, there is no reason for HSU’s administration to censor their free speech by prohibiting the tents. Occupy San Jose is facing similar issues with the City of San Jose for Occupying the City Hall Plaza. Our attorneys maintain that using tents as a symbol of the occupation, and even sleeping in the tents, to maintain a 24/7 protest site is NOT camping; it is free speech, protected by the First Amendment.

    If Occupy Humboldt isn’t in touch with the National Lawyer’s Guild yet for help defending their free speech rights against the University, they should be. HSU has enough financial troubles already without getting itself into a First Amendment case.

  7. Joseph C. Stockett

    Don’t be silly and prance around like you have won some kind of victory because the law enforcement bullies haven’t smashed your face with a club [yet.] If you really believe in the overthrow of the present economic system, and you are anxious to further its permanent demise, then I suggest you prepare for civil war and count the cost while meditating on the likely violent reaction the vested financial interests will heartily support. Should any genuine threat arise you can be assured that the police will gladly beat your heads and lock you up in one of their preventive detention camps.


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