Dogs Burgled From Animal Shelter – November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011
Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Chad Leroy Macias

McKINLEYVILLE – On Sunday, Nov. 27, at approximately 10 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a burglary that occurred at the Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter.

Kennel staff learned two dogs that had been dropped off by Arcata Police Department on Saturday, Nov. 26 at approximately 9:20 p.m. were missing from the shelter.
Shelter staff reviewed surveillance video at the shelter and saw two suspects exit a white four door sedan at approximately 3:30 a.m.
A suspect then scaled the wall into the shelter and removed two dogs. A deputy was dispatched to the scene to investigate the burglary.
The Sheriff’s office is looking for Chad Leroy Macias, 34, a transient who frequents the Arcata area. He is further described as a white male, 5 ft., 10 inches, 160 lbs., brown hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with information is requested to call the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line (707) 268-2539.


4 Responses to “Dogs Burgled From Animal Shelter – November 28, 2011”

  1. Carol Bryan

    I suspect there is more to this story. Were these his dogs? Taken from him? No Money to bail them out?

  2. jon

    they were his dogs and the sheriff department is to worthless to go after real criminals…… The pound is mad they wont have the opportunity hold them ransom for some astronomic amount of money that they know they can get because most people will do anything to save their pets from the death row as they (the pound) like to call it.

  3. Peter

    I met this guy, he was feeding pot to his dog
    you don’t give recreational drugs or un-prescribed medicine to animals
    it’s not right


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