HSU May Discipline Students Over Halloween Incident – November 4, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Plaza on Halloween. Photo courtesy Karen Nicole Echegaray


Campus May Discipline Students in Halloween Incident

Officials at Humboldt State University are investigating whether students could face campus discipline following a Halloween marred by extensive property damage and arrests in downtown Arcata.

Four students were arrested at or near the Arcata Plaza Monday evening. Arcata police reported that the Plaza was trashed by hundreds of unruly revelers, resulting in over 100 police calls and nearly 30 people being arrested. There were multiple medical calls for over-intoxication.

HSU President Rollin Richmond expressed his concern in a letter to Arcata’s mayor and city manager, stressing that the campus values its close relationship with the City.

“I want to assure you that we will be pursuing appropriate disciplinary action related to these events, where there are violations of our student code of conduct,” President Richmond wrote.

He continued, “While our students are adults and responsible for their own behavior, I want you to know that the HSU community very much regrets what happened. We will look at ways that we can prevent or mitigate this kind of behavior in the future.”


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7 Responses to “HSU May Discipline Students Over Halloween Incident – November 4, 2011”

  1. Pete

    These children are losers. Medical calls for over intoxication? PULEEZE. They should have left them in the gutter in their own vomit!

  2. James

    No one is forcing you to live in a college town. I’m not condoning their behavior, but it comes with the territory.

  3. Eric Hoolie

    Arcata is a shthole, it has gone to crap fifteen years ago, I mean TOTAL CRAP. I Hope that the court really nail these punks and bums plus the bars pumping beer to already drunk and fire the entire Arcata City Council. Fire the mayer to.

  4. Larry

    I’m sure at least half the people out on Halloween were HSU students. The 30 arrests made by APD tell where the real behavioral problem lies: 26 out of 30 arrests were not HSU students.

  5. RandomGirl

    I was in the plaza from 9:30 until 12:30 and I did not see a single police officer. I understand that everyone is responsible for their own behavior, but it seems to me that APD was not where they should be. Last year there was a much larger police presence and it seems like less problems. What happened this year? Also, the “damage” was not really that bad. There was some trash and yes the graffiti was wrong, but the $35,000 that I have heard floating around seems a little high. It sounds like public works employees salaries should be looked at a little more closely. Maybe it’s because I grew up in SoCal, but I have seen much worse damage to parks after holidays (Cinco de Mayo in Santa Ana, my friends, way worse). They are really making a mountain out of a molehill. The presence of the homeless and transients in the plaza are much worse than anything left behind after halloween. Maybe they should be looking at other forms of “trash”.
    P.S. Parents of local high school students, I’m pretty sure there was a large amount of high schoolers in the plaza, which was very alarming. Do you know where your kid was on halloween?

  6. Ha

    If arcata spent the 10K on preventative measures, like police and trash pick up throughout the night, we would have save on the clean-up (40K) and embarrassment. It’s not like we don’t expect this behavior every 10/31 and 12/31. It’s like everyone is shocked that this happened. I work on the plaza….this happen every year. We have so many police during the north county fair and oyster fest….yes there are vendors helping pay for it….but this is a holiday for drunkenness and general mass retardation. If the city did their planning correctly these incidents could be avoided in the future.

  7. It’s community building like this that keeps bars and alcohol legal. If alcohol were illegal and marijuana legal what kind of community would we have? A community full of stoned, violent, rapist hooligans destroying public property, pissing everywhere and getting in driving under the influence of pot accidents, wiping out entire families on the freeway. Violent crime and domestic violence would skyrocket! Those stoners are terribly violent as opposed to the mellow drunks! It’d be awful! Keep the bars open! Keep alcohol legal! That pot stuff is a scourge! A curse on this planet! Bust ’em all! It’s especially terrible for the economy 😉


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