Newly Flooded Baylands Estuaries Open Up For Eco-Business – December 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The breach site. Photos courtesy City of Arcata Environmental Services

ARCATA – The Arcata Baylands project recently passed a crucial milestone when its network of estuary channels was recently opened to Humboldt Bay.

The Baylands project helps establish a connectivity of habitat encompassing over 1,300 acres of local, state and federally-protected lands adjacent to the northern edge of Humboldt Bay.

Project work included enhancement of more than nine acres of seasonal wetlands located near Old Arcata Road and Union Street (by the CHP) and Old Arcata Road  north of Jacoby Creek School (the newest one), restoring tidal activity to former tidal channels, and fencing and planting native trees and shrubs along Jacoby, Beith  and Campbell creeks to improve habitat in and along these streams.

A new estuary channel looking south.

Community volunteers and Jacoby Creek students worked with the City to plant more than 1,300 trees and shrubs along Jacoby Creek.

The work in this area is part of a much larger conservation effort that includes upper watershed protection, and collaboration with the Jacoby Creek Land Trust, Humboldt Fish Action Council, California Conservation Corps, Humboldt State University, Redwood Science Lab and hundreds of community volunteers.

This work  began over 10 years ago and involves more than 13 grant cycles funded by the Wildlife Conservation Board, California Department of Fish and Game, Natural Resource Conservation Service, USFWS Partners.

This estuary restoration is part of  the larger Arcata Baylands project which is funded by a USFWS Coastal Wetlands Grant administered by the California Coastal Conservancy. Additional funds for the project are provided by the Coastal Conservancy and the USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.

Video of the Jacoby Creek levee breach may be viewed here.


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