Who Jabbed Hanna Micks, And Why? – December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In the past, Halloween in Arcata has always been out of control.

This year was no exception. From the moment I arrived in the Plaza, around 11 p.m, everything was in complete chaos. There were people blatantly throwing up in bushes on the street as well as people taking substances out in the open.

Hanna Micks

Within the first hour I was there, I felt something jab in my lower hip area. I instantly felt the impact of it, distinct stinging sensation. I knew I had been pricked by something.

I turned around to see who had done it but everyone had turned their backs There was no way to pinpoint the person.

My first thought was that I had been injected with some date rape drug. So I quickly found a sober friend to watch over me in the event I showed symptoms or to take me to the hospital if I needed. We walked around looking for a police officer but could not find one.

Hanna's bruise and punctures.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt achy and saw that there was a significant bruise and two marks from where the needle had been inserted. I called the Arcata Police Department and they told me of another victim.

I have undergone tests for syphilis, hepatitis and HIV and I am told I will continue the tests for the next six months.

Now I am afraid to be in large crowds and I cannot leave my house on weekend nights.

I want the person to be caught, and I hope people who have information can come forward. I also want other victims of this prank to come forward.

Something as wrong as this cannot go unnoticed.

Hanna Micks is a Journalism student with Dave Silverbrand at College of the Redwoods.

Two weeks after the Halloween assault, Hanna was struck on U.S. 101 by a drunk driver whose car drifted into her lane. She was unharmed, but her car was totaled. Photos courtesy Hanna Micks

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