Who Jabbed Hanna Micks, And Why? – December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In the past, Halloween in Arcata has always been out of control.

This year was no exception. From the moment I arrived in the Plaza, around 11 p.m, everything was in complete chaos. There were people blatantly throwing up in bushes on the street as well as people taking substances out in the open.

Hanna Micks

Within the first hour I was there, I felt something jab in my lower hip area. I instantly felt the impact of it, distinct stinging sensation. I knew I had been pricked by something.

I turned around to see who had done it but everyone had turned their backs There was no way to pinpoint the person.

My first thought was that I had been injected with some date rape drug. So I quickly found a sober friend to watch over me in the event I showed symptoms or to take me to the hospital if I needed. We walked around looking for a police officer but could not find one.

Hanna's bruise and punctures.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt achy and saw that there was a significant bruise and two marks from where the needle had been inserted. I called the Arcata Police Department and they told me of another victim.

I have undergone tests for syphilis, hepatitis and HIV and I am told I will continue the tests for the next six months.

Now I am afraid to be in large crowds and I cannot leave my house on weekend nights.

I want the person to be caught, and I hope people who have information can come forward. I also want other victims of this prank to come forward.

Something as wrong as this cannot go unnoticed.

Hanna Micks is a Journalism student with Dave Silverbrand at College of the Redwoods.

Two weeks after the Halloween assault, Hanna was struck on U.S. 101 by a drunk driver whose car drifted into her lane. She was unharmed, but her car was totaled. Photos courtesy Hanna Micks

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9 Responses to “Who Jabbed Hanna Micks, And Why? – December 1, 2011”

  1. Justice Beaver

    Very telling is that she “walked around looking for a police officer but couldn’t find one”. Part of the reason for the behavior and damage is that APD took a “hands off” approach this year and stayed away from the Plaza. Until it was too late. Bad decision Chief. Better change that for New Year’s Eve.

  2. Theresa

    Maybe send your photo to the CDC (center for disease control), perhaps someone might be able to identify what it was. Document your symptoms and have you asked for help from the Eureka Health Dept?
    An epidemiologist might be able to help also.
    This is just awful, I’m so sorry for your horrible experience. It changes everything in your life.
    Shame on whoever did this.
    I pray there will be some healthy closure for you and whoever did this, is caught and pays for this.

  3. […] WHACKS, STABS AND PRICKS: If it wasn’t enough former Arcata mayor Bob Ornelas got trucked, it was Hanna’s report of being the second Arcata victim getting stuck. […]

  4. Daniel Wasserman

    She had to find a sober friend, she stayed in the area it occurred, she waited a day to seek medical care, and yet the police are to blame for someone jabbing her with a needle? Has the fact that the police had 120+ calls for service, 9 medical calls, and that they arrested 23 persons show that they were busy? Why is it we are not pointing our fingers at the citizens that were present, specifically the “Jabber”, instead of the police? Is it possible that we attack the police when others misbehave and then blame the police for being heavy-handed when they contend with misbehavior because we do not wish to accept that acts have consequences. We are hopeless hypocrites for being present at an event that was essentially a destructive riot and assuming that a small towns police force could or even should protect us in an enormous and hostile crowd from aberrant and assaultive behavior. It is shameful that Ms. Hicks was stabbed by someone with a needle. It is, however, absolutely ridiculous to assume that the police are responsible for keeping us safe in a drunken crowd that was clearly bent on unlawful acts. Common sense would suggest that anyone with 1) a conscience,2) eyes and/or ears that are functioning, 3) a brain, 40 not wishing to be a social irresponsible person would never walked on to the Plaza in such circumstances. Next year why don’t we all stay home, give candy to kids that knock on our door, and give the city and its’ police a break?

  5. Grady Ward

    Don’t forget to check for Lyme disease. The “prick” may have been a tick.

  6. Jim

    Who would do something like that to such a beautiful and sexy young lady?

  7. Peter

    Come on Jim…had she been an 80 year old man, or a hideous and warty woman would you feel better about it?

  8. Emmy

    Why is everyone assuming it was purposeful? Couldn’t it have been accidental, and what evidence is there that it wasn’t?

  9. NYCreader

    It might have been accidental. That would explain the odd nature of it. If not then the next step would be to assume the nature of it was odd and then to look for a reason that would only make sense to an illogical person. Maybe it was just the result of a person’s derangement or it was someone who believes in magic and cast a “Love Spell” and this was the last part of the ritual.


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