ACRC Shutting Down Today – January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ACRC Press Release


The Arcata Community Recycling Center Board of Directors regrets that the Humboldt Waste Management Authority Board of Directors has terminated negotiations on a lease/purchase agreement for ACRC’s Samoa Processing Facility and Tenth Street collection site in Arcata.

In order to facilitate further negotiations ACRC had agreed to dismiss its lawsuit without prejudice immediately and to dismiss the suit permanently upon signing an agreement with the HWMA.

The action of the HWMA forces ACRC to proceed with closure of its collection center for recycled commodities in Arcata and the Samoa processing facility. These facilities will be closed effective at the close of business Saturday, Jan. 14, with the layoff of all processing center employees to follow.

The ACRC board wishes to express its thanks to the many community members who have supported recycling activities for the past 40 years. The board also wishes to acknowledge the dedicated service of all its employees, past and present, many of whom have been recognized over the years with awards for their contributions to recycling practices.

Members of the public are encouraged to take full advantage of remaining opportunities for recycling, including drop-off facilities and curbside recycling in Arcata and Eureka.

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