Here A Bust, There A Bust, Everywhere A Pot Bust – January 10, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012


APD brought multiple vehicles, including a a large, enclosed trailer to the Alliance Road residence. The house is owned by Anthony L. and Denise M. Fraga of Bayside. KLH | Eye

A pair of press releases from APD and HCSO:
City of Arcata 




 During the month of November, while responding to a noise disturbance, an Arcata Police Department officer noticed indications of an indoor marijuana cultivation at a residence in the 2500 Blk of Alliance Rd.

After a lengthy investigation, a search warrant was obtained for the residence.
On January 19th, 2011, officers from the Arcata Police Department served the search warrant on the residence. Upon entering the residence, officers located a marijuana growing operation consisting of nearly 450 growing marijuana plants. A search of the residence located over 12 pounds of processed marijuana and nearly $5,000 in cash.

Patrick Michael Hawn

Twenty-seven year old Patrick Michael Hawn of Arcata was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail on the following charges:

·         11358 H&S- Cultivation of Marijuana

·         11359 H&S- Possession of Marijuana for Sale

·         11366.5 H&S- Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

City of Arcata building inspectors discovered numerous building code violations at the residence, which necessitated the immediate disconnection of electrical service.
If you suspect illegal drug activity in your neighborhood, please contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428.


Subject: Marijuana Investigations Case Number:  N/A

Date: 01-19-2012 Prepared By:  Sgt. Hanson

On 01-18-2012 and 01-19-2012 the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office assisted the California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement with the serving 5 marijuana related search warrants in the County of Humboldt.

On 01-18-2012 one search warrant was served in the 4500 block of Kjer Road, McKinleyville the second search warrant was served in the 400 block of Westgate Drive, Trinidad.  A third search warrant was served at a residence located in the 3500 block of Edgewood Road, Eureka.

At the residence located on Kjer Road, Officers located a commercial indoor marijuana growing operation that contained 886 growing marijuana plants. Officers seized about $35,000 dollars in cash for asset forfeiture. Officers arrested a subject at the scene who was identified as Grace Lily Driscoll age 33 for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana.

At the residence located on Westgate Drive, Officers located a commercial indoor marijuana growing operation and seized 255 marijuana plants. Officers seized about $ 3,600 dollars in cash for asset forfeiture and arrested Ryan Matthew Walrod age 30 at the scene for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana. Both the Kjer Road and Westgate locations are connected to each other. PG&E and Humboldt County Building Department were contacted and responded to both locations. PG&E disconnected the power to both residences, because of a fire hazard that was related to the electrical wiring for the indoor marijuana growing operations.

The residence located Edgewood Road Officers located approximately 5 pounds of processed marijuana and approximately $12,000 dollars in cash. Officers arrested a female subject named Ryan Heather Hutson age 33 for possession for sales of marijuana.

On 01-19-2012 one search warrant was served at a residence located in the 800 block of Bayside Cutoff, Arcata. Officers located a commercial indoor marijuana growing operation at the residence and approximately 4 pounds of processed marijuana. Officers arrested Jason Daniel Call age 37 for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana.

On 01-19-2012 a search warrant was served at a residence located in the 2100 block of Stanford Circle, Humboldt Hill. Officers located a commercial indoor marijuana growing operation at the residence. Officers seized 185 growing marijuana plants from the residence and about 2 pounds of processed marijuan. No one was at home when the search warrant was served. Officers contacted Humboldt County Building Department and PG&E, who responded to the residence. PG&E disconnected the power to the residence, because of a fire hazard that was related to the electrical wiring for the indoor marijuana growing operation.

All of these cases are still under investigation by the State of California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE).

Michael Downey, Sheriff


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19 Responses to “Here A Bust, There A Bust, Everywhere A Pot Bust – January 10, 2012”

  1. Francine

    I love the DEA! Go getum for us Humbolts’ anti bums and drugs.

  2. Umm

    Do these operations do anything other than annoy growers? It seems like the usual punishment is to forfeit some cash, do some community service and go on your way.

  3. Joe humboldt

    This proves how it’s all about making some money but keeping the business going so they can tax the growers whenever they feel like it. Real police would allow these relatively (to humboldt) small timers show who their buyers or distributors are and taking these indoor growers out by the balls.

    There are literally thousands of these scale growers so arresting them doesnt even create a hiccup on the scene. The real money makers are the distributors nowadays.
    Now these guys are going have probation they will go right back to work growing indoor wasteful weed. Put them in the sun.

  4. The police say they discovered this grow during a noise complaint. What you’re suggesting is that they ignore certain types of crime for political/economic reasons?

    Once the police start doing things that way, where would it end?

  5. Joe humboldt

    I am not saying to ignore anything. The police are behaving more like jealous mob bosses than a force of public safety. But it is not about serving the greater good of our community here with the police it’s about taxing the growers because they are a major source of economic momentum here.

    All I am saying is that it’s not that the police arent protecting the public in general because they are. But if they really wanted to make a difference in the dangerous elements of our dominant marijuana culture they would go after the big time growers and the numerous large distributors.

  6. Joe humboldt

    Everytime the police arrest a small timer like these folks and publish their names,addressees, and faces they are warning all of their friends and fellow growers as well as out of state distributors. And these guys get more sophiscated and keep getting away with it.

  7. “But if they really wanted to make a difference in the dangerous elements of our dominant marijuana culture they would go after the big time growers and the numerous large distributors.”

    You’re suggesting that they are not doing that. I believe I have read about very large-scale busts in Humboldt and vicinity over the last several months. I could dig up links but it seems like a perfunctory exercise.

    I disagree with this: “But it is not about serving the greater good of our community here ”

    If you ask neighbors, they will tell you they are massively relieved to have these grows and all the things associated with them – the guns, the nocturnal traffic with car doors slamming and motors running while buys are made, the sketchy-looking trimmers – removed from their neighborhood.

  8. Joe humboldt

    I have a lot of respect for the work the police are doing. They are getting the reckless, nuisance causing, and dangerous growers off the scene. It’s just that they really aren’t getting the big timers. They have gotten a few (buddhaville and the distributors in Fieldbrook). ButI am speaking from direct experience here there are a lot of big fish exploiting our county for its land water and liberalism. The weed scene is almost becoming corporatized here there are grower landlords who have multiple houses with people in them who are the ones to take the fall. It’s time the greed and excess stopped. And I have a lot of respect for what you do Kevin, it’s crucial that people can understand people can do something to protect their safety and you provide example of people protecting their neighborhoods. Bits important we are aware of what goes on.

  9. althea

    Yes. I understand it’s important to take out nuisance growers but I’m not even sure these were them. Yes, there are people with multiple houses putting others up in them to grow. And there are systems of landlords, realtors, electricians to rent out grow spaces here. I’m amazed they are able to operate so openly and with very little consequence even if busted. And yes there are mega-grows in the hills bulldozing out flats for greenhouses then sucking the creeks dry. But rarely does anyone get caught and if they do, well, they have Gallegos on their side. So…why would anybody ever stop? And why wouldn’t people move here to do more? These busts might stop a few people from starting up but overall, it’s like bailing out the ocean. Good Luck!

  10. jack

    yes, 450 plants is kinda in between big time and small time for indoor(still very commercial though). but sometimes it takes a few little/medium guys to cultivate leads/connections to bigger fish etc.
    personally i think county (and even state) 215 guidelines need to go back to square footage, inside or out, then the numbers wouldn’t matter so much.
    and a limit of two to four recommendations per parcel/property.

  11. […] AND WEED: Kevin Hoover and the Arcata Eye fill us in on the 6 quick marijuana busts made over a two-day period while the Two Rivers Tribune reports […]

  12. Prof Jack

    Please put ALL the peoples mug shots and the addresses. Also put the property owners info, and you will notice there is a total criminal element of people living for cheap or no rent, the residents give 1/2 of the dried yield or $4K+ per month to the landlords. You will notice there are plenty of houses busted over the years with the same owners.

  13. norman

    corrupt police in a corrupt environment.

  14. Joe humboldt

    The people agree their is some serious gangster sh$t going on organized crimes. Try this one on for size too, landlords who buys large parcels in the hills in the growers name place the grower and a small crew on that land and take 75% of the crop. Usually these guys keep it around 500 plAntsor one thousand pounds (check google earth) And then they ship it via driver to the Midwest or east coast. I have heard recently that if you get busted u just go right bak to it because all they do is seiZe your cash and put you on probation ( see dinsmore bust last fall). Hey I am mean we gotta keep real estate values high in our country side here right so those of us with a legitimate livelihood can struggle. As pissed as I am about these trust fund growers and there police-mafia backing I am more disgusted by indoor growers. Any size indoor growers using the equivalent of 75 gallons of diesel fuel in the earths resources per pound of marijuana. Might as well spill some oil directly in your tap water with the amount of pollution our power pal tsbare.creating because of these lazy selfish people.

  15. Mr Watchingya

    I agree, the Humboldt PD and Judges are all crooked money-hungry people. The big-growers who never get put in jail are the ones who have at least $250K stashed away in case they get caught, and that they know who’s palm need greasing.

  16. Dan Hughes

    Just a distraction from the real money. Like say the National debt I don’t see the National debt clock on the front page anymore. Where did it go? To the Desk of Phil Knight and his brand new shoe factory in China. Yea I’m buying some shoes some work boots that can be resoled like some Wesco’s, Buffalo’s.

    I have a question for you growers of the slightly illegal herbalecence why would you waste your time money and effort growing indoors. When you should know full well the PGE guy comes by and checks your power consumption.

    Don’t you understand that when you spend X amount of $ it takes X+Y to make a profit?

  17. Dan Hughes
    no shoes like no shoes
    It’s kinda like not having any hair on my head I don’t need a barber

  18. Dan Hughes

    One last thing to, picky Picky Picky USED to be on the Arcata Plaza a long time ago
    And there was friction between the owners of that store and Arcata exchange where the surf shop started out.

    OK? It’s not my prob and I don’t have anything to do with ANY of those people. I was going to COR full time and working 3 different part time jobs. I also work for the Goldens at the Plaza gourmet for Carmen making and delivering sandwiches to local Mom and Pop groceries. for about 6 months she fired me because I told her I started a itinerant restaurant and needed 2 weeks notice

    I’m gone, Good day. Don’t call us we won’t call you.

  19. The Truth

    I am glad to see the crackdown,there are too many people taking advantage of the laws made to help the truly sick. All the greedy good for nothing a holes that have been getting rich deserve to rot in prison for being bad examples and abusing the law that cali is blessed with. Too many people have scripts that are not truly ill. Your dream world is just about to end!


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