New Year’s Eve Passes Without Major Incident – January 1, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A flimsy barrier defined the area off limits to New Year's Eve celebrants on the Plaza. Photos by KLH | Eye

Note: The following press release was issued at 2:22 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 1. – Ed.

City of Arcata

McKinley's fetching flanks were forbidden fruit to Plazagoers.

The Arcata Police Department is pleased to announce a successful New Year’s Eve on the Plaza. With assistance from Eureka Police, Ferndale Police, Fortuna Police, Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, Humboldt State University Police, and Rio Dell Police there were few negative incidences.

Due to the damage and criminal behavior that occurred on Halloween, the City of Arcata made significant preparations for New Year’s Eve including cordoning off the center of the Plaza and requesting additional law enforcement resources.

During the course of the evening six arrests were made. Five arrests for Public Intoxication and one arrest for Driving Under the Influence.

The Arcata Police Department would like to thank the other law enforcement agencies, volunteers and city staff that were involved in making this New Years Eve safe and enjoyable for the citizens of Arcata.

Virtually all the action was concentrated along Tavern Row, where carousers looked longingly at a cop-saturated Plaza.

14 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Passes Without Major Incident – January 1, 2012”

  1. Nimby

    It was super mellow. In my estimation it was a complete cop overkill. They looked bored. But maybe that’s what it takes.

  2. It’s analogous in a way to the H1N1 flu response. The government mounted a huge vaccination campaign, with 70 million doses dispensed. That staved off the pandemic, and then the critics rushed in, saying there had never been any danger. Fortunately, the robust response worked, in that case and this. Which of course opens the door to accusations of overkill and so on. Bottom line: no injuries or destruction took place.

  3. A Hitler

    jackboots and brownshirts ring in the new year.

  4. And the feebs invoke Godwin’s Law, right on schedule.'s_law

  5. A Hitler

    and kevvie is still a poser…lol

  6. That really stings, coming from you.

  7. Mck

    So how much did the baby sitter(s) cost?

  8. Arcata Res

    It costs less than cleaning up the damage and destruction that would have happened if all those cops weren’t there.

  9. Mike

    I would be curious to know how much it cost to pay all of the law enforcement overtime, etc required for the heavy handed presence. After all, the substantive justification for the response this New Year’s Eve was the “$30,000” in damage that was caused on Halloween (It’s still on my list of things to do to reality check that number). But, for argument’s sake, let’s say that the law enforcement presence did cost $30,000 also. If the public financial cost is the same, is one scenario preferable over the other?

    I’ve had some interesting conversations with fellow Arcata residents about this. I wasn’t on the plaza for this or other Halloweens, so I personally didn’t bear witness to what occurred. However, I was downtown this New Year’s Eve and I didn’t like what I saw. If the destruction of Halloween 2011 was one extreme on a spectrum, the law enforcement overkill on New Year’s Eve was the other extreme. Neither situations makes me particularly proud to be a from Arcata. While most would agree that the extreme situation from Halloween 2011 was an acceptable norm, I hope that the police response of New Year’ Eve doesn’t become the norm in the future either.

  10. Mike


    “While most would agree that the extreme situation from Halloween 2011 was NOT an acceptable norm…”

  11. The $30,000 was a false figure misreported elsewhere. The cost of cleanup was about $3,600, and there is roughly $5,000 damage to the irrigation system, but I don’t think the full extent of that will be known until they fire it up this spring.

    The cop-saturation was an interim measure to stave off mayhem until the citizens’ group that meets Jan. 24 can develop a comprehensive approach. That will likely emphasize counter programming rather than another McKinley blockade.

  12. Mike

    Kevpod, can you point me towards information about the citizen’s group that will meet on Jan 24?

    I read the TS piece about the costs that you cite. That’s quite a gap in cost. Where did the original $30k number come from? Do you know who first reported and/or released it? According to the TS article it looks like APD is a source of the $30k figure. Was it in any other sort of official news release from any group? A false, overblown cost estimate of the Halloween damage seems like a great way to justify the extreme measures of this New Years Eve…

  13. Check the recent related stories for citizens’ group info. It will be a public meeting, with advance notice, just like the others have been.

    I don’t know where the $30K figure came from; you might ask whoever reported it. I talked to the Parks Superintendent and Police Chief for my information.

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