Plaza Design Closing – February 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eye Staff Report

PLAZA – Plaza Design, one of the retail icons of the Arcata Plaza, will close its doors at the end of March.

A rental truck offloads merchandise from the Eureka Plaza Design for consolidation in the Arcata store on Monday. Lauraine Leblanc | Eye

The Eureka location has already closed without notice. Inventory from the Eureka store is being consolidated into the Arcata Plaza Design.

Alissa Hall, manager of the Eureka store, was on hand in the Arcata store on Monday, Feb. 27  to supervise the assimilation of the merchandise. Local woodworkers whose work was for sale at the store were already in the process of removing their wares.

“It’s been a tough economy,” said Hall, in response to queries regarding the store closing. “The writing has been on the wall for some time.”

Hall also noted that Plaza Design currently employs fewer than ten staff, but that some have been with the company for more than 17 years.

Julie Fulkerson, who founded Plaza Design 30 years ago and sold it in 2007, found out about the closure Monday afternoon. She still owns the building in which the store is housed.

Fulkerson recalled how the business evolved from a modest shop in Jacoby’s Storehouse to the large store it is today – but won’t be for much longer.

“Part of me is pretty sad,” Fulkerson said. She said she used to keep a sign in the store reminding employees of the constant need to keep things fresh, which read, “Nothing is ever the same.” But, said Fulkerson, “This is a much bigger, ‘Nothing is ever the same.’”

While there are plans in the works for the Arcata location to hold a closing sale, all merchandise is not currently marked down.


13 Responses to “Plaza Design Closing – February 28, 2012”

  1. Kim

    Put a Walmart in Arcata.

  2. Mo Burke

    This makes me so sad.

  3. cinda gaynor

    if we don’t support our small local business then they close – very simple economics – sorry to hear this news.

  4. I’m sorry to hear this. When the McKinleyville store closed, I thought they were just consolidating – tightening things up. But there was obviously more to it than that. If I needed to buy someone a gift, I always knew that I could find something nice at Plaza Design.

  5. Julie Timmons

    Yes, they close and they don’t come back. This is a real loss.

  6. oy vey

    Cash Mob!!!

  7. Jared

    Overpriced wares that many cannot afford. Great store but when it comes to keeping the lights on at home or a super expensive sofa from PD the choice is clear.

  8. Nina

    Such a shame.If people don’t buy locally all our neighborhood Humboldt County store will close.What then.Big corporate boxes.

  9. Kelly

    Shopping locally gets to be extremely expensive…why do you think all the dope growers are shopping at Costco?

  10. Pam

    Where will I find those special cards now?

  11. Jon

    Way overpriced. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  12. CW

    As a person with a legitimate day job, I was never able to shop there on a Humboldt wage. I did enjoy having the store around though, and lot’s of friends have worked there over the years. Could closure of shops like these be the canary in the coal mine for our biggest industry? The cost of PG&E never goes down…

  13. Reba

    With the business changing hands the quality of merchandise and staffing took a real dive. I was never able to purchase higher ticket items there but was always able to find small gifts and cards and whatnot. I have been mourning the loss of Plaza for a while.


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