Two Arrested At Valley West Motel – March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The contents of this tray – two guns, one stolen, plus a car theft device and even a folding knife – may land Crossland back in prison. APD Photo

Eye Staff Report

VALLEY WEST – On Tuesday, March 6, the Arcata Police Department conducted a felony probationary check on Triston Crossland, 26, of Blue Lake, who was staying at the Super 8 Motel in Valley West. As per the terms of Crossland’s probation, a search was conducted of his property and two handguns, a .45 and a .22, were located.

One of the firearms, the .45, was found to have been reported stolen. The stolen firearm had been taken during a residential burglary that occurred on Feb. 21 in the 100 block of Bayside Road.  Sgt. Ron Sligh said APD is investigating the couple’s possible involvement in the Sunny Brae burglary.   


Triston Crossland

Leanna Ferry, 25, of Arcata, was contacted in the room with Crossland, along with two small children. During the investigation Ferry was found to be in possession about .4 grams of heroin and arrested. The children were taken into protective custody by Child Welfare Services.

Also located in the motel room were a folding knife and a homemade device designed for vehicle theft known as an ignition bypass module cord. Sligh said that once installed in a car’s ignition system, it acts as a key to start the vehicle.

Both Crossland and Ferry were arrested and lodged into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility: Crossland, a convicted felon on conditional probation under which is not allowed to possess firearms, was arrested on charges possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a

Leanna Ferry

firearm and probation violation. An additional charge was later added of being a felon in possession of burglary tools.

Ferry was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Sligh said Ferry was cooperative in her arrest. 

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