Baysider Crashes, Does 70 On Broadway, Crashes Some More, Drops Beer, Fights Cops – April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ryan Engebretson

EPD Press Release

On Tuesday, April 24 at about 3:15 p.m. EPD Officers were dispatched to a hit and run collision that just occurred in the vicinity of the 4200 block of Broadway. It was reported that a red station wagon collided with two cars, then fled the scene. The suspect and vehicle were last reported to be in the parking lot at the Bayshore Mall.

It was later determined that while the suspect vehicle was at the Bayshore Mall it collided into two more vehicles and ran over a parked motorcycle. The suspect, later identified as Ryan Engebretson, 34, of Bayside, left the mall and headed northbound on Broadway.

An officer saw a red station wagon with a left front flat tire traveling at about 70 MPH northbound on Broadway at Del Norte. The officer turned around and attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle slowed briefly but then accelerated away northbound on Broadway passing Wabash. Engebretson swerved in and out of traffic and eventually collided with a vehicle that was stopped in traffic southbound on Broadway near Grant Street.

Engebretson immediately got out of his vehicle with an open beer in hand. He refused to comply with officers’ commands and began approaching two District Attorney Office investigators who stopped to assist. While approaching the investigators, Engebretson dropped the beer and began to produce a pocket knife.

The investigators and officers tackled Engebretson in an attempt to disarm him and take him into custody. Engebretson actively resisted while making several bizarre statements. After an extensive struggle officers took Engebretson into custody. An ambulance was summoned to transport Engebretson to the hospital to be medically cleared before booking.

Engebretson was found to be driving with a suspended driver’s license (suspended for DUI), and on probation for DUI with the stipulation that he obey all laws, violate no criminal statutes, not drive after consuming alcohol, and not drive without a valid license and insurance. In total Engebretson collided into six vehicles.

He was cleared by the hospital and booked into jail on the following charges:

• Felony evading a peace officer

• Assault on a peace officer

• Threats to a peace officer

• Resisting arrest

• Possession of concentrated cannabis

• Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs

• Hit and run (five counts)

• Drive while suspended

• Probation violation