Vitals – April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Mocha Sativa Stickybud, born to Carol Snibton and Robert Glorf

Pandora Panchromatica Propinquity, born to Albert and Suzy Mortlert

Treetop Freebird Skyface, born to Mona Martin and Cameron Jones

Ephemera Skillset Imagineer, born to Alice and George Fleek

Rainbow OneLove Heartbud, born to Jasmine and Richard Grimble

Nascar Norris Nobama, born to Butch and Bonnie Beefer

Endorphina DigiMind Matrix, born to Shelby and Victor Norglin

Algonquina Etheria Equipoise, born to Wendy and Aaron Trelnerb

Mary Smith, born to Prometheus Gloryful Cosmos and Starburst Indica Lovepulse


Jada Brotman, betrothed to Talking To Drunks While She’s Sober

Pee Wee Herman, betrothed to His Fruit Salad

Kevin Hoover, betrothed to Using The Word “Tatterdemalion” At Every Opportunity