Endorsement Letters For The June Ballot Vol. 2 – May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Money Opposes Cancer Research

Are you wondering how to vote on Proposition 29 – the one that raises California’s tobacco tax to fund cancer research? Follow the money.

Opponents have raised $39.9 million dollars so far – 98 per cent from tobacco companies and 2 percent from an anti-tax organization and the California Republican party (maplight.org/california/proposition/2012/june/prop-29/funding).

Supporters have raised $4.7 million. They include the American Heart, Lung and Cancer Societies; cancer survivor Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization; Tobacco-free Kids; University of California San Francisco Foundation; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; the National Dialog on Cancer Foundation; and an individual (.5%).

We all profit if Prop 29 passes. It will save over 100,000 lives, save 5.1 billion dollars in long term health costs from declines in smoking, and prevent almost 230,000 kids from becoming smokers. The new tax will fund the cancer research and tobacco prevention, cessation and law enforcement programs that will help us achieve these goals.

Only the tobacco industry profits if Prop 29 fails. They’ll lose more than 300,000 customers and millions of dollars, according to American Cancer Society projections. The tobacco industry has a long history of lying through advertising to protect their profits and they’re doing it again. Tobacco companies have said they will spend whatever it takes to defeat this proposition.

I hope Arcata Eye readers will vote yes on Proposition 29 to save lives, prevent disease and suffering, and to reject yet another attempt to buy our political process. For more information visit  californiansforacure.org.

Lin Glen, American Cancer Society volunteer

Blue Lake

Lovelace diligent, effective

As a horse owner and member of the equestrian community, I strongly support Mark Lovelace for Third District Supervisor.

Mark has long been an effective advocate for multi-user trails for hikers, bikers and equestrians. Beyond being a supporter, Mark has shown that he knows how to do the hard work to actually get things done.

Mark worked for years to save the Sunny Brae Forest, which now anchors the Arcata Ridge Trail. He put in literally thousands of hours of his time to make that happen, working with a long list of State and Federal agencies. He also established the Arcata Forest Fund, which raised $100,000 to help leverage over $2.6 million for the purchase. Since then, he has worked with the City of Arcata every step of the way to acquire other properties and easements to complete the 3.8 mile Ridge Trail. It’s fair to say that without Mark the Arcata Ridge Trail would never have been possible.

Complex projects like trails require building strong, collaborative working relationships with landowners, agencies and different user groups. Over the years Mark has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to work with diverse interests in a respectful and constructive manner. His long list of accomplishments in office attests to his effectiveness.

I encourage all trail supporters to re-elect Mark Lovelace for Third District Supervisor.

Very truly yours,

Cat Koshkin

Arcata business owner, county resident, trail enthusiast

Wayward Winkler

I can understand why Michael Winkler might become defensive when someone criticizes the Plaza Point Project. After all, he admits to volunteering hundreds of hours as its energy analyst. His argument with Karen Brooks however, falls flat on two counts.

First, while it may be true that Mark Lovelace was not personally involved with the project, there can be little doubt that this is exactly the type of “infill” he would approve of. It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. After all, Michael himself admits that Mark is in favor of what he calls “compact development.” It is no secret that Mark supports alternative A to the Humboldt County General Plan update. His partisan efforts promoting Alternative A while working for the now-defunct Humboldt Watershed Council should be reason enough for him to recuse himself from voting on it.

Second, for Michael to scoff at Karen’s so called “myths and fantasies” is simply ironic. If the Plaza Point Project is not social engineering then what are we to make of it? Is it not one of the ugliest buildings you have ever seen? What shall we call its architecture? Post Modern-Neo-Eco-Industrial? If there was ever a building with an identity crisis, this one is it. But then, this is what you can expect when you design a building upon a premise of fear- fear that you are running out of everything- time, resources, open space, water, etc. … It is as if Chicken Little himself were the senior architect. I feel sorry for anyone who must live out their autumn years in this imposing and ill-conceived monstrosity.

All that being said, you can be sure that Karen Brooks is not proposing that we all live in “sprawling” rural homes. Rather she will protect your right to “get back to the land” if you are hard working and responsible enough to pursue that lifestyle. Karen does not operate from a fear based ideology, or some naive antagonism to rural life. She has real world experience backed by empathy and true humility – necessary qualities if you want work with others who may not agree with you. Please check out her resumé on her website – you will not find her padding it with other people’s accomplishments.

I would contend that the Plaza Point Project is not only social engineering but a metaphor for the future of Humboldt County. Do we really want more of this sort of thing in Arcata or Humboldt in general ? Please vote for Karen Brooks on June 5th.

Mark Leppanen


Brooks makes her case

Facing The Facts of Mark’s vs. Karen’s World


Social Engineering Isn’t an Urban Legend


Mayor Muses Myths, Ignorant of Facts

Arcata Mayor, Michael Winkler, took issue with my advertisement depicting Mark Lovelace’s support of social engineering versus my support of rural choices. Click tobrooksforsupervisor.com/ideas/, to see the ad featuring our two competing “worlds.” Should the General Plan Update (GPU) be adopted social engineering, not community-based planning, may become a reality.

The focus of my message was to question the type of development, infill and high density housing, not the specific Danco project. I’m sorry the mayor missed the context. To be clear, we need more low-income housing, especially for seniors and the disabled, in a variety of housing options. The goal of my message was to spark community conversations about the livability our neighborhoods today and into the future.

Here’s a fact that needs attention… Mark would like to limit the population living in the unincorporated areas to 54 percent, with the remaining inside city limits. This is our current threshold. The GPU has a table* showing the historic and projected population growth as justification for restricting people from living outside city boundaries. Mark is pushing to vote for the GPU very soon and what’s planned will impact our cities (incorporated areas). One of unintended impacts is pushing development into the cities and this could exhaust their infrastructure. Mayor Winkler, is Arcata prepared for that?

*Footnote. Table 4-A. Chapter 4, Part 2 of the Land Use Element in a section called Growth Planning (page 36 of 331) in the GPU.

Cities have incorporated boundaries with surrounding areas identified to annex. The GPU makes assumptions that cities will annex even though there aren’t immediate plans to do so. There’s language to urbanize our cities, such as “phased expansion of urban areas” and “outlying areas are reserved until the primary areas are nearing capacity.”

Looking at Arcata, the pressure for housing isn’t from population growth but rather population displacement. As reported in the May 1st edition of the Times Standard, Arcata’s energy tax idea referenced the number of suspected marijuana grow-houses based on the number of homes that exceeded the baseline by 300 percent. “More than 1,200 houses in the city exceeded the limit.” A city official estimated there’s 9,500 residential meters in the city.

Based on those estimates, Arcata may need to replace as much as 13 percent of its housing. Why aren’t the impacts of marijuana grows addressed in the GPU? This has a much more significant impact on sprawl than low population growth and aging baby boomers? On a side note, will the rest of the county be penalized for Arcata’s failure to meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions limits?

Since we’re at the 54 percent threshold, will there be a moratorium on residential building permits when the GPU is approved? Could you rebuild your house if it’s destroyed? These are some of the conversations I think we should be having. As your third district supervisor I’ll advocate for preserving our ag and timber lands as well as our right to live a rural lifestyle including an apartment. You’ll also be extended the respect of participating and contributing to a plan that preserves the integrity of your neighborhood. I welcome your thoughts.

Karen Brooks

Candidate for third district supervisor


Brooks’ botched opportunity 

I’m voting for Mark Lovelace for Third District Supervisor because he exercises good judgment, his values well represent mine, he is a hard worker and a consistently friendly, reasonable person. He’s handled withering criticism, including mine, with poise and character.

Karen Brooks’ energy is misdirected. She sometimes doesn’t exercise good judgment. The causes and issues she espouses are half-baked and not necessarily supported by evidence. (Hear my interviews with Karen and Mark at arcataeye.com.)

I’ve heard Karen assail the PG&E SmartMeters on grounds of loss of privacy, negative health effects and rate gouging, but she hasn’t provided supporting data for the anecdotal assertions.

In her work as a publicist, Brooks promoted homeopathy during the H1N1 public health emergency. Pushing prescientific quasi-medical nostrums and promoting fear about harmless radio waves are examples of counterfactual gullibility that are inexcusable in 2012.

If candidates in this Citizens United era decide to go after their opponents with provocative “social engineering” accusations – as with the Brooks mailer that bizarrely uses the Plaza Point senior housing project as an example – they ought to have some semblance of a rationale for the claim. Alas, when asked about where in the Third District such high-density social engineering might occur, Karen vaguely mentioned a housing project she had heard about on the Arcata Bottom, but couldn’t name it.

As best I can tell, she is referring to Creek Side Homes, a project that was roundly rejected by the Planning Commission and City Council three years ago. That project didn’t include any large buildings of Plaza Point’s scale anyway.

Consistent with her sloganization of issues, Karen completely misunderstands the proposed tax on excessive electricity use. She said that Arcata would “make $2 million by looking the other way.” It’s the kind of glib, smeary  catch-phrase that plays well with some, except that the projected $2 million would come from specifically taxing those who use extraordinary amounts of energy, not “looking the other way.”

Brooks says housing should be in single-story residences, but she opposes sprawl. She wants municipal general plans respected, but mocks Arcata’s General Plan infill policies. She promotes post-partisanship, which is great, but zealously jumped on the Tea Party bandwagon – something she now downplays.

There’s a certain lack of reflection, a fecklessness to Karen’s embrace of trendy causes and slogans that wouldn’t serve the Third District very well. It’s frustrating to see someone with so much interest in and energy for her community fritter it away on nonsensical non-issues.

In sum, Karen Brooks just hasn’t shown the good judgment and level-headedness required of a supervisor, and which Mark Lovelace has demonstrated over the long haul.

Regarding my question about mean vs. median which Mark struggled with and which made Karen walk out of the interview: that was suggested by physicist and former U.S. representative Vernon Ehlers (R-Michigan) during a recent Science Friday podcast advocating scientfic literacy by local and national candidates. Rep. Ehlers states that elected leaders ought to know what mean and median are so as to be able to interpret demographics and make tax policy in a knowledgeable manner.

Kevin L. Hoover



Solomon reflects progressive values

Arcata has long been a beacon of progressivism, environmental stewardship and local economic innovation. Unfortunately national, state, and even sometimes county politics can be out of sync with our priorities. In the upcoming election, forward-thinking Arcata voters have the opportunity to make our voices heard by voting for candidates and ballot measures that truly represent our progressive values.

Please join me in voting for Norman Solomon for Congress, Wesley Chesbro for Assembly, Mark Lovelace for Supervisor, Proposition 28 to reform term limits, Proposition 29 to fund cancer research, and Measure Y to continue an important local program that removes abandoned vehicles from our streets.

As Vice-Mayor of Arcata, this election is important to me because of its potential to affect our community. As Humboldt Regional Field Coordinator for the Solomon campaign – my “other hat” – I have been working since last year to raise awareness about this election and its importance. Turnout is expected to be relatively low, so please make sure your family and friends get out to vote.

Shane Brinton


Adams’ caregiving politics

Upon retirement, I was happy to take a break from the state and national politics that were essential to my work. But then a friend contacted me and strongly urged me to meet with Susan Adams, who was in a crowded field running for Congress in the newly created California2nd Congressional District. I was also told that she was a Registered Nurse . That managed to get my attention, the thought of having a nurse representing us in Congress was worth considering. I agreed to a meeting. That was about five months ago and I have been a supporter for Susan Adams ever since.

Susan’s knowledge of issues affecting our healthcare, especially in our rural area of Humboldt and Del Norte counties, was unsurpassed in understanding the complex subjects of access, cost and financing, especially for our community, local hospitals, clinics and other providers. But her strengths do not stop there, her views on protecting the social safety net, the environment, energy, jobs and the economy were born on the North coast. She understands the issues and how they affect you and me.

Susan’s standing in the polls has gradually risen over the last couple of months. This rise is in direct proportion to the number of people who have had the opportunity meet her, listen to her ideas and hear her answer the difficult questions. She is an extremely thoughtful and most of all, a problem solver who is willing to listen to other’s ideas. But most of all she, as a life long nurse, is a caregiver who is bringing that philosophy to politics. I personally find it to be very refreshing, I think you will too.

Please consider voting for Susan Adams for Congress.

Jerome Simone

Retired Health Care Director



Solomon Stands Alone In Upcoming Congressional Race

As a Southern California native, what drew me to the North Coast, and specifically Humboldt State, was not simply the beautiful redwoods or vast oceans, but the spirit of the people and the commitment that we as a community can do something greater. In my short life thus far, I have traveled all over this great nation, from the streets of New York City to the cornfields of Iowa, yet nothing I have experienced shows the true spirit of the American idea founded in the progressive policies that date back to the declarations of our founding fathers’, that “all men (and women) are created equal…”

We stand at a pivotal time in the history of not only our nation, but of the planet, its health and its inhabitants. The last 3 years have been filled with both accomplishments and disappointments, and too many times, the true intentions of the Obama Administration have been watered down by Blue Dog Democrats catering to the obstructionist policies of the Republican Party. We mustn’t stand for this anymore.

Twelve candidates are vying for the new seat in our unique 2nd District, but none have showed the commitment to progressive policies and the strength to stand up for what is “right,” or left, more so than Norman Solomon. Solomon understands the spirit of what makes Humboldt County one of the most beautiful and rare gems in the entire country.

As a recent graduate of the Politics Department of Humboldt State University, I studied everything from ancient political theory to the events that led to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which now hangs in the balance of the opinion of 9 individuals. We cannot afford to move backwards. We can no longer continue to bow down to the Republican Party when they attempt to prevent progress. Solomon is the only candidate running who has proven he will not cater to special interests. His campaign is truly grassroots, not taking any money from lobbyists or corporate political action committees, despite the opinion of the Supreme Court and Governor Romney that, “corporations are people, my friend.”

It is clear who Solomon is running for. Us – the 99%. He could continue to pen books, adding to the dozen or so he has already written or continue his work with the media watchdog organization he founded, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, but he wants to be out there on the front lines, using his experience as a pro-peace, pro-choice, pro-healthcare, pro-environment activist in the halls of the Capitol to bring true progressive change not only to the North Coast but around the country and world.

I have had the opportunity to meet with Norman on several occasions, and if there were one word I had to use to describe him, it would be “genuine.” A word seldom used in the world of politics, especially for those in the middle of a campaign. In this election we have the opportunity to send someone to Congress who is not a part of the “system” so many of us in Humboldt County are so skeptical of. Someone who will work to right the wrongs of the system. Someone who will stand with Democratic leaders when they are right and stand up to them when they are wrong. Someone who will reach across the aisle when the Republicans are willing, yet stand firm to his principles when they are not.

For once, we can send a truly independent progressive Democrat to Washington, D.C.; a reason to have hope for the progress of this nation. A reminder of why I chose to study politics in the first place, an inspiration for me to continue my career in pursuit of public service and a reason to believe that we can have a representative who is elected by the people and works for the people.

Take that step with me on June 5th. Vote Norman Solomon for Congress.


Hayden Thomas



Adams an innovative doer

We will be electing a new representative for the 2nd District. My vote is for Susan Adams.

A fourth generation descendant of a Mendocino ranching family that still owns and manages the ranch, Susan understands the issues affecting Humboldt County, spending much time here with a brother who lives in Carlotta.

Susan has spent 33 years as a maternity clinical specialist and women’s health nurse practitioner. She earned her Ph.D in nursing, has taught women’s health and maternity care, and is an adjunct professor in the Dominican University Graduate Nursing Department.

As a member of the board of supervisors in Marin County, Susan declined participation in the county pension program and car allowance, demonstrating her seriousness about sound fiscal policy and what community service means. At the same time she has racked up many accomplishments.

Susan championed the Marin Energy Authority (MEA), an alternative energy program administered by Marin. Susan stood up to PG&E which pursued an aggressive lobbying effort in a failed attempt to defeat it. Marin citizens now have access to clean energy under the MEA.

Other innovative programs Susan put forward have been the Marin Health and Wellness Center, an Emergency Medical Corps which assists in times of disaster, and establishing a “therapeutic justice” program that reduced recidivism in Marin’s jails by 85 percent and psych emergency visits by 55 percent.

Perhaps most impressively, she brought a longstanding feud between a bayside rock quarry and nearby neighborhoods to a resolution that both sides could live with, enforcing strict environmental regulations, improving the relationship between the quarry and its neighbors and earning the respect and admiration of all parties.

Some progressives are advocating for an “activist” to represent us in Congress. We don’t need an activist. We need a doer. Susan Adams’ bona fides, both as a progressive and as someone who can get things done are demonstrated through her accomplishments.

Her goals in Congress are Medicare-For-All, investment in our infrastructure, short sea shipping along the coast and redirection of funding from defense spending to domestic programs such as clean energy. To learn more go to susanadamsforcongress.com and see the “Adams Agenda.”

 Nan Abrams



Adams fights for progress

 We have a rare chance this year to elect a person to Congress who will help create the positive changes we need as a nation. Susan Adams is that person. In her 10 years as a County Supervisor in Marin she has proven herself to be an effective, smart and independent legislator.

She fought PG&E to bring a clean energy program to Marin County. She also worked with local residents and a mining company to create conditions that allow the company to prosper without endangering the health of its neighbors. That company, which originally resisted change, is supporting Susan for Congress!

A nurse and professor of nursing, Susan is dedicated to healthy communities. One of her first priorities would be to start working for real health care reform, not just insurance reform. In Marin County, she led the effort to use tobacco settlement funds to create the Health and Wellness Center in San Rafael.

She also helped launch a mentally ill offenders programs that provides help, not just jail time, and has reduced recidivism 85 percent. Marin County has empty jail cells!

Susan’s brother lives in Carlotta, and she has spent time here for many years. If elected, she will spend half her time here when not in Washington, so we will have a true representative.

Susan Adams brings legislative experience, a strong desire to make things better, and the perspective of a working woman, mother and nurse. We need her working for us in Washington!

Susan Penn


My choice, my voice, Susan Adams

 My choice as my voice is Susan Adams.  I met the top four congressional candidates this spring.  They have similar agendas, and many fine traits.  Jared Huffman ranks highest in political endorsements and funding, after years as state legislator. He’s another male lawyer.  (Isn’t Congress full of those, and we’re all losing?)

Norman Solomon, accomplished author and policy advocate, lacks legislative experience.  Stacy Lawson, a successful young businesswoman and fundraiser with major corporate backing, also has no public office experience.

Then there’s Susan Adams (PhD nurse/educator).  I kept encountering Susan–at the zerowaste workshop last August, at Wildberries meeting and greeting, at a get-acquainted houseparty, at an AAUW luncheon, giving an inspiring talk.  I heard positive comments from a wide variety of people.  I checked SusanAdamsforCongress.com, and her responses at the League of Women Voters forum and when interviewed by Peter B. Collins—a well-respected radio host and Adams supporter.

Susan has fourth-generation Northcoast roots, and understands our interests and needs. She’s committed to sustainable economic growth, affordable healthcare and education, and efficient government responsive to the people. She leads by bringing people together to resolve tough problems on a win-win basis.  Her 10 years of promoting jobs and innovation and handling controversial issues as Marin County Supervisor won her the admiration of friend and foe alike.  She has strength of character, integrity and vision. She can’t be bought.  We need her as our voice in Congress.  And we need to replace the retiring congresswoman with another woman.  Elect Susan.

 Jane Woodward


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