Organizational & Other Political Endorsements For the June Ballot – May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HDSO Endorses Mark Lovelace

HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs’ Organization (HDSO) announced its endorsement of Supervisor Mark Lovelace for re-election, citing strong leadership, a commitment to community safety, and a respect for the working men and women putting their lives on the line each day to protect the public.

“Mark has shown he understands public safety isn’t just a line-item in the county budget,” said Humboldt County Detective Steve Quenell, HDSO president. “Lovelace understands our members are also moms and dads, husbands and wives who want Humboldt County to continue to be a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of our deputy sheriffs, probation officers, district attorney investigators and other rank and file law enforcement employees,” said Lovelace. “These are the men and women who are on the front lines every day, protecting our community and our families – to have their support again for my re-election is a huge honor.”

Detective Quenell said his members respect Lovelace for his strong leadership on the Board.  “Supervisor Lovelace is always willing to dive deep into the details of complex policy issues without hesitation.  Our members constantly confront complex situations where hesitation could cost you everything – we respect that Supervisor Lovelace isn’t afraid to follow his gut instincts, works his way through thorny issues, and ultimately makes good decisions.”


Young Democrats Back Stacey Lawson

HUMBOLDT — Educator and small business owner Stacey Lawson announced the endorsement of the North Coast Young Democrats last week.

“Stacey Lawson was the only candidate to really address the issues we support in our policy platform. Our members are energized by a progressive Democrat who has a message that really speaks to young people,” said Patrick Sullivan, campaign director for the North Coast Young Democrats.

North Coast Young Democrats is affiliated with California Young Democrats and Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. Its mission is to develop, support and sustain a network of local young Democrats in their efforts to raise the awareness of pressing issues and help mold the future of the Democratic Party.

“I look forward to working with the North Coast Young Democrats to rebuild America’s middle class so that their families and every family in America can benefit from the opportunities that mine did,” said Lawson. “I am honored by their support.”

Lawson, the only candidate in the race with real-world experience creating jobs and helping small businesses grow, has published a detailed plan to create middle-class jobs – Making More in America: How Restoring America’s Manufacturing Strength Can Help Rebuild America’s Middle Class. The plan is available at, iTunes and

Lawson grew up in a rural, coastal community in Washington State and moved to northern California after college. She watched her father start a small trucking business from a single truck he drove himself and lift their family into the middle class. A student of public schools who became a chemical engineer and then went on to graduate from Harvard Business School, Lawson has started small businesses, run major departments inside large companies and created hundreds of jobs.

Lawson co-founded and teaches at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, and started a company that created technology to help U.S. manufacturers compete in the global marketplace — and keep middle-class jobs in America.

Learn more about Stacey Lawson and her campaign for middle-class jobs at


Friends of Mark Lovelace

Sierra Club Endorses Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace for Re-election

The Sierra club has endorsed Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace for his re-election.  The Sierra Club had previously endorsed Lovelace for his initial campaign in 2008.

“Mark Lovelace has accomplished a great deal on behalf of all his constituents in his first term as Supervisor, showing a commitment to transparent, responsive governance and to environmental stewardship,” said Ned Forsyth, political co-chair of the North Group Sierra Club.  “His past work on the Sunny Brae Forest and the Humboldt Watershed Council has helped to lead Humboldt County toward a bright future. Mark’s stellar record of responsible public service is in a class by itself.”

Lovelace has been dedicated to environmental issues in Humboldt County for many years, helping to protect over 50,000 acres of working forests across the North Coast.  He saved the Sunny Brae Forest and has continued to work with the City of Arcata to complete the Arcata Ridge Trail.

“I am very proud to once again have the support of the Sierra Club for my re-election campaign!” said Lovelace.  “I’ll continue to work hard to protect working lands and open space, to restore our fisheries and to bring down the dams on the Klamath River.”

Information on Lovelace and his re-election campaign can be found at


Susan Adams Campaign

Susan Adams receives endorsements for Congress from across the local political landscape

Mark Lovelace, the eco-friendly Third District Humboldt County Supervisor from Arcata and purse string-minded board president Virginia Bass representing Eureka and the county’s Fourth District don’t agree on every issue. However, both supervisors arrived at the recent Susan Adams fundraising event to endorse and offer their support to Susan Adams, Northcoast candidate for the newly created 2nd congressional district to the U.S. Congress.

When Susan Adams asked the packed crowd last Monday, “Are you ready to send a nurse to Washington to heal the House?” it was a very diverse gathering that stood to be counted for her.

Humboldt Fourth District Supervisor and Board president Virginia Bass, a fiscally responsible moderate, comes from an established family in traditionally conservative Eureka. Her father, OH Bass, previously served as Humboldt County Fourth District County Supervisor. When asked Monday about her support for Susan Adams, Virginia responded, “She can bring people together to get things done, something that is desperately needed in Washington.”

Mark Lovelace arrived in Arcata in 1989 and has served the community in one way or another ever since. He is now our Third District County Supervisor.

Mark spoke Monday regarding local political opposites supporting the same Congressional candidate, “I’ve worked with Susan and I’ve seen her stand her ground on tough issues while bringing others over to her side. She knows that the job isn’t just about taking a position; it’s about doing the hard work to actually get things done .”

Susan Adams seemed to grasp the moment Monday as she concluded her remarks, “The diversity in my support has more than one person in Humboldt scratching their heads. It is because I’ll bring to the job in Washington experience money can’t buy.”

To get more information, endorse, donate, or volunteer, go to


Higgins endorses Adams  

Susan Adams Campaign

Last week, Patrick Higgins, long time consulting fisheries biologist and Fifth District Harbor Commissioner for the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District, enthusiastically endorsed Susan Adams in her run for the Second  District Congressional seat.

“Susan has proven herself to be critical thinker who always does her homework and comes down on the side of good science in making policy,” said Higgins. “I’m impressed that she took the time to meet with the people trying to implement short sea shipping in Humboldt Bay. Susan understands the pressing need to develop a marine highway that links West Coast ports and will reduce traffic congestion on our highways, improve air quality, reduce energy consumption and create vital jobs.”

For more information go to or call 376.VOTE.


The Adams family 

Susan Adams Campaign

Supervisor Susan Adams, candidate for the 2nd Congressional seat, Sunday announced the formation of her new Advisory Committee for Humboldt County.

Many current and retired Humboldt County officials head the list including the following:

Virginia Bass, Humboldt County Supervisor 4th District

Mark Lovelace,  Humboldt County Supervisor 3rd District

Julie Fulkerson, Mayor Pro Tem, Trinidad

Brenda Goosby, Director of Mad River Community Hospital Home Health Services

Zuretti Goosby, State Senate Sr. Field Rep.

Richard Marks Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioner 4th District

Patrick Higgins, Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioner 5th District

Michael Winkler, Mayor of Arcata

Susan Ornelas, Arcata City Council member

Sally Tanner, former State Assembly-member

Pat Hofstetter, retired California State Judge

Bob Ornelas, former Mayor of Arcata

Pam Cahill, retired Eureka City School Teacher

Jerome Simone, Retired Health Care Director

Thea Gast, Former Mayor Arcata

David Bitts,  commercial fisherman

Bob Felter, general contractor





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