Cypress Grove, Neighbors Settling Issues – June 6, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eye Staff Report

ARCATA BOTTOM – With the appeal of the Planning Commission-approved Cypress Grove Chèvre Cheese Factory expansion on tonight’s City Council agenda, the company and its neighbors may have reached a compromise.

The letter below, which has not been confirmed or fact checked, was sent out at 2:37 p.m. to members of the City Council, neighbors and others.

Regardless of any settlement, the City Council may still opt to consider the appeal. The council meeting begins at 6 p.m. and is streamed online.


June 6, 2012

Dear Mayor Winkler, Vice Mayor Brinton and Councilors Ornelas, Stillman and Wheetley,

I am glad to announce that our neighborhood group has successfully negotiated a compromise resolution to our concerns about Cypress Grove’s expansion plans and the Planning Commission’s approval. We worked hard to design the compromise to fit within the Planning Commission’s approval so the CEQA document does not have to be recirculated, and the Project has not been modified in such a way as to contradict the existing approvals by the Planning Commission.

Our request is that you accept our withdrawal of appeal and accept the Project as approved by the Planning Commission with no additional Conditions of Approval or changes to the Project description.

Tonight we will briefly explain the resolution, in which Cypress Grove agrees to:

·      permanently protect 8 acres of farmland and Janes Creek as the first protected parcel of the Arcata Green Belt

·      redirect truck traffic from Q and 17th Street to a private driveway off M St through the Reid and Wright Mill

·      grow an edible hedge three blocks long of fruit trees, shrubs and vines along 17th, an official Safe Route to School and a parcel in the Arcata Green Belt. We hope this planting can be used as an example of how to inexpensively improve the public parks of Arcata with fruit plantings

In return for these compromises, we are agreeing to withdraw our Appeal and not file suit for further redress of our concerns. Thank you for your attention to this matter and your willingness to accept our withdrawal of our Appeal.


Sean Armstrong