Grow House Was Using 10 Times Average Energy – June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jennifer Marie Upton

City of Arcata




Officers from the Arcata Police Department served a search warrant at a residence at 2383 Sherri Court on Thursday morning.

The operation consisted of over 150 growing marijuana plants utilizing 12 1,000-watt grow lights. The home was consuming nearly 5,000 kilowatt hours per month, nearly 1,000 percent above the 500 killowatt hours used by an average California home.
The house is owned by Jack Kolshinski of Arcata.
Jennifer  Marie Upton, 21, of Arcata was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Jail on the following charges:

• 11358 Health & Safety (H&S)- Cultivation of Marijuana

2383 Sherri Court

• 11359 H&S- Possession of Marijuana for Sale

 City of Arcata building inspectors discovered numerous building code violations at the residence which necessitated the immediate disconnection of electrical service. Arcata Fire Protection District Investigators also responded to the scene to assess potential fire hazards.

If you suspect illegal drug activity in your neighborhood, please contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428.

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13 Responses to “Grow House Was Using 10 Times Average Energy – June 21, 2012”

  1. Anonymous

    A little check of that math, 500KWH X 1000 = 500,000KWH, 500KWH X 10 = 5000KWH. So that's ten times the normal use, not one thousand.

  2. Um… The Hoov's math is flawless: One Thousand PER CENT, not 1,000 times.

    Praise the Hoov!

  3. Um, Dave, read the press release. The Hoov didn’t write it – APD did.

  4. It doesn’t say that there was 1,000 times normal use. It says 1,000 percent.

    Where n = 500 kWh = 100 percent, n x 10 = 5,000 kWh = 1,000 percent.

  5. Yeah, I caught it right after I posted. Darn … and it looked like such a great place to sneak in a Firesign Theater reference, too …

  6. Darn, that went right past me. I like to think I usually catch FT references.

  7. Matt Steele

    a little check of that math reveals that 1,000 percent is ten times the average, not one thousand.

  8. Kevin Hoover

    That's what the story and headline says.

  9. Math…who loves ya…

  10. Math…who loves ya…

  11. No way the Meter reader for PG&E was able to figure that out? I thought they were fashion models and get lost without a cell phone strapped to their ear and somebody in an unseen office giving them directions.

  12. Anonymous

    As my 11 year old daughter will tell you,
    One additional multiple of a given number is the same as one hundred percent of that given number. (2 is 100% greater than 1.)
    Ten multiples of a given number is, therefore, one thousand percent of the given number. (10 is 1000% greater than 1.)
    Had you been paying attention you would have remembered this was covered in your fifth grade mathematics people! Silly Arcata People.

  13. I kind of doubt that Arcata has any exclusive hold on innumeracy.


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